Make every 4-footer.

These tips will help you sink all the shorts ones.

First, I have a confession. I didn’t make every short putt I attempted on the PGA Tour in 2011. From five feet and in, I made 1 006 out of 1 024 (98.24 percent). So if you don’t want my advice, I understand. Joking aside, the reason I make most short putts is that I stick with some sensible fundamentals and never deviate from them. If you routinely miss the ones you should be making, my advice should help you, too.


The biggest thing I work on is

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Make a quick and quirky photo flipbook

Bring images to life with a creatiue sharing project

Flipbooks were one of the earliest forms of animation. They use a series of pictures that vary slightly from one page to the next so that when they’re turned quickly, they appear to be moving. Flipbooks are still great fun to play with today, and they also make a thoughtful, personalised gift.

You can make your own one quickly and cheaply just by taking a series of pictures, printing them off and binding the stack with string or staples. It can feature anything from family and friends to a stationary object

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The hosting add-on for Mountain Lion, made by Apple

OS X Server used to be a distinct, separate product from the regular operating system for standalone Macs. That all changed with Lion and Mountain Lion, and it’s now merely a $20 add-on. The current version is available exclusively through the Mac App Store and requires Mountain Lion, which you have to install or update first.

Where MAMP (see p52) is a dedicated web platform and nothing else, OS X Server rolls in a broad selection of complimentary services, such as calendar sharing, an integrated wiki, a group update server, and

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Jim Madden, Thomas Jacques

Uses humor not just to rub your inexperience in, but also to make light of awkward situations when you’ve g’ot nothing1 better to cook but instant noodles. This comedy cookbook helps salvage whatever culinary skills you may have, pairing each recipe with a song 1 dedication, and an unusual fixation for ’80s pop music and hair bands.


It’s the musical

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Log-home: planning

Dream to Reality

Understanding what’s involved can clear the path to log-home ownership.

EVERYONE THAT NOW LIVES IN A LOG HOME has overcome two major obstacles:

(1) the log-home buying process itself and

(2) their budget. While the obstacles may seem obvious, methods of surmounting them may not.

If owning a log home were as easy as walking into a sales representative’s office with a floor plan and a checkbook, the hillsides and meadow’s of America would be blanketed with log homes. Unfortunately, obtaining a log home is more complicated than buying a conventional home.

Buying Reality

When conventional-home buyers

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Log-home: buying

Choosing a Company

There’s a system to how log homes are designed and built.

THE FIRST STEP toward buying a log home almost always is to choose a company that sells the logs. This seems like an unusual arrangement to many people, who reasonably expect the process of buying and building a custom home to begin with either a builder or the designer not with the company providing the primary building material After all, if you’re building a Stud-framed home, you wouldn’t start at the lumberyard.

Of course some people do begin their log home by first contacting a builder

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Localised Adjustments

Take localised control of Raw files by using the Adjustment Brush and Graduated Filter

Raw files are incredibly versatile, allowing you to push them much more in processing than you can a JPEG. Two tools allow us to do lust that in Camera Raw: the Adjustment Brush and Graduated Filter. Both are found at the top of the interface in the toolbox and the best thing about them is that they’re non-destructive, meaning that if you’re not happy with the effect you can retrace your steps back to the original image very easily. We’re going to study both in detail

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When you want ultimate MIDI control, sometimes you have to venture off the beaten track.

Livid Instruments is a US-based developer of controller hardware and software and its latest release is Base, a touch- and pressure-sensitive control surface that aims to provide adventurous users with a totally configurable, hands-on MIDI device that can be adapted to any task. Made mostly of metal yet lightweight, it has no moving parts and so is fairly safe to throw in a backpack on the way to a gig. It feels sturdy and well made, and powers via a single USB connection through which

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When Emma Elwick-Bates was diagnosed with a hearing problem, a lifetime of miscommunications suddenly made sense.

«She’s going to call the police.”

It seemed a little extreme, and certainly not your average remark at the law-abiding Vogue offices. This was clearly one seriously irked contributor. “Is there a legal problem?” I enquire. My deputy editor is first puzzled, then amused by my question. She repeats herself. “Not call the police — she wants to pull the piece.” This was not the first time one of my colleagues, friends or family had come out with rather random, off-hand assertions — or

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Lighting for Video

I enjoy shooting video on my DSLR, but often feel the need for extra lighting. Is there an effective fill light option for video, the way one would use a flashgun for stills?

If you are a Canon or Sony user, these companies manufacture flashguns that have an inbuilt video light as well. Third party manufacturers provide LED light options too that can be mounted onto a camera’s hot shoe.

If you are on a budget and feel ingenious, try this out. There are several mounts available that let you attach a smartphone onto a hot shoe. The dedicated ones

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