LightBomber. Let There Be Light!

Is LightBomber as fun and unique as it claims to be.

You can do wonders with slow shutter speeds. Create long trails or even conjure up a ghostly portrait. Cameraphones usually do not allow you to control shutter speed manually and use long exposures… until now! An iOS-only app, LightBomber may change the way you use your iPhone camera.

Control Your Shutter

Since this app uses a slow shutter speed, you need a darkened room for best results.

In case of ambient light, the app lets you set the amount of light coming in, using a slider, which is quite

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I rarely have down time as I am usually working or playing with my two boys, so when I do sneak off for a little «me time,» my secret indulgence is Erewhon on Beverly Boulevard. While rushing around town, I slip in for a quick 100-percent organic cold-pressed juice, and for those few moments of pure bliss, I feel completely rejuvenated. Choose this over coffee in the

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Life Hacks: Over clocking Your Productivity

RECENT RESEARCH HERE AT LIFE HACKS LABS suggests that it’s creative people like yourself who seem to have the worst time staying focused on their work.

For most garden-variety procrastinators, just removing a few strategic distractions can reclaim focus. Chances are. you already know your distractions better than you’d like to admit. Maybe it’s AIM. IRC. talk radio, or that scrumptious stream of KEXP. Start by dumping anything that proves to be an attractive nuisance for the part of your brain that needs to think just about the work at hand. You’re the best judge of what you need to

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LG 50PH660V £630

This plasma is the cheapest TV on test, and unfortunately, it feels it. For a start, it looks cumbersome, all thick shiny black plastic and chunky stand.

It is at least the only TV on test to include a satellite as well as an aerial input — a real plus point if you have an old Sky dish you don’t use any more.

So, down to business. We’ve seen plenty of strong plasmas this year, with particular strengths in black levels and contrast. Yet this is where the 660V is weakest. Even when calibrated, the performance from the Freeview HD

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Letter from the Editor:

‘ many design enthusiasts (myself included), the less-is-: mantra can be a bit of a struggle. We simply love to collect beautiful things. Moor croft pottery or flea market finds line shelves until they threaten to cross into hoarding territory. Vintage handbags and little black dresses multiply in closets. But how do we choose which items to display and which pieces to put away (or, gasp, give away) Creating can be a daunting task.

The same concept applies to editing a magazine. Take this issue. Each spring, we honor a fresh batch of “New Trad” designers. And, each year, the

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Lets get spiritual

Eyes Open

So what was I doing differently? Basically I was getting connected, looking, seeing and feeling the landscape but reacting to it visually. Sometimes I would sit for hours in one place just watching what was going on, the way the sun flashed over the hills or how the clouds accelerated above my head or the way the wind and tides left patterns on beaches’ sand.

Landscape photography had become a truly emotional experience.

The Best Spot

I would encourage all, or at least more, of you to try this approach. I’ve been out shooting so many times recently

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Lens accessories

There’s a variety of add-ons you can buy to modify your lens’ behaviour or specification

There are many accessories that have been developed to alter the characteristics of your lens, typically to increase focal length or enable macro shooting, and as they’re available from several manufacturers the choice usually caters for all budgets.

So rather than having to invest in additional lenses, you can adapt an existing optic to mimic the characteristics of another lens. Not only is it a more affordable solution, but they will usually also weigh far less and be less of a burden to carry around.

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Last-minute luxury

AS SUMMER HAS SIZZLED ON, with all the relaxing or working, you may have forgotten to take a diversionary detour. There is much of Texas that needs to be explored when it comes to finding fun, tranquility and romance. Simply spin the compass and seek out these locations.

If you enjoy the picturesque Texas Hill Country, visit the Marriott Horseshoe Bay Resort. This establishment is spectacularly placed overlooking Lake LBJ. The Bayside Spa is waiting to soothe and deliver decadent rejuvenation for those in need of pampering. If you desire your getaway to involve floating on or flying across tranquil

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Land See & Air

For less than £40 you can equip yourself with a top-of-the-range lens that suits your favourite summer activity

Summer is upon us, and with it comes a sprawling choice of photography opportunities. Head to the coast for the National Watersports Festival, for example, and you can combine the fun of your favourite water activity with some perfect, close-up shots of surfers riding the waves. A long telephoto zoom lens such as Sigma’s 50-500mm f/4.5-6.3 can zoom right in on the action no matter where you’re situated on the beach, ensuring the surfer pops out nicely from the foam and waves

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Laminated Bud Vase.

If you like the kind of woodworking project that teaches a technique, you’ve come to the right place. While building the eye-catching bud vase shown here, you’ll learn how to laminate contrasting woods for an exciting visual impact. For the waterproof container within the vase, we used a piece of copper pipe and cap. Later, try these techniques on a creative design of your own.

Form the Core Of the Vase


Using tubing cutter, a hacksaw, or a band-saw fitted with a metal-cutting blade, cut a length of 3/4 I.D. (inside diameter) copper pipe to 7 3/4 long. Solder

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