Your Own Toy Story

Remember the time when you were a kid and would create your own worlds with toys? Photography is the perfect way to bring them to life once again.

Juxtapose your toys with the surroundings to create interesting tales in the real world. Use superhero figurines, action characters or even your dolls to create whacky photographs. You can create more interest by including other miniature items such as vehicles, furniture and replicas of animals.

You can even turn these images into a cartoon series by choosing similarly styled images and creating a cohesive narrative.

Make It Look

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IT In Emergencies

An Education Resource from the RAF, free to educational institutions.

NOT ANOTHER flight simulator this month, but an educational resource from the RAF themselves. Like many government departments the Air Force have decided to share some of their expertise with the nation’s schools and offer this package free to any genuine educational institution applying for it. Unlike most freebies, which are worth pretty much what you pay for them, «IT In Emergencies* is worth a considerable amount. Leaving the content aside for the moment, nothing has been stinted in the presentation. A high grade cardboard sleeve opens to reveal neatly

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Wallpaper is a big trend now, and the papers, inks and glues used in their manufacture are all very important.

Building from scratch is always a great place to start when considering the layout and positioning of your home in relation to sun, wind and land size, but we aren’t always in that position. You don’t have to be a hippy with a mud-brick home to be sustainable and you can go further than changing all your lighting to fluoro and LED and putting your appliances on a timer. Consideration is the key — each time you go to redecorate

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INTERNATIONAL Ink Aleksandr Pashkvov

Among the numerous realistic tattoo experts that come from Russia today, thirty-five-year-old Aleksandr Pashkov who is from Barnaul, Siberia, truly stands out. His highly elegant nature-inspired images in color and black-and-grey are lovingly composed and executed and are unsurpassed in their technical perfection. His versatility and relentless pursuit of perfection have let this quiet man from the Altai Mountains become one of the top masters in Russia. Enough reason to exchange a few words with Aleksandr Pashkov, tattoo virtuoso!

TM: Aleksandr, how does someone from Siberia become a tat-tooist—and such a good one on top of it? Did you have

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Inside the box. Affordable Makeovers.

7 do-overs that won’t un-do your bank balance.

Brilliant observations are sometimes also the simplest. Years ago, a very successful architect countered the observation that his clients had unlimited funds to spend on their home «Everybody’s on a budget,» he said. «It’s just a matter of how generous it is.»

Obviously, Scrooge McDuck or Jack Benny would present a different budget than, say, the Kardashians. More than just money, there would be a difference in approach, values, requirements and expected results, but all those issues are as important, if not more so, than the actual dollars in creating a budget.

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INSECT your work.

The completed bottom Atari 2600 housing should resemble the one shown here. Now we can move on to the top half of the Atari housing.

1a. Enlarge the case to fit the new power jack. First, the original hole in the back of the case intended for the power jack needs to be enlarged. The new power jack that was soldered on during the control panel preparation is slightly larger than the original Atari one. Simply use a small, flat file to enlarge the square hole in the back of the case (left image) until the new power jack fits

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Written by Hal Van Man Photos by Frank DeBlase

I’ve got a lot of different wounds to lick. That’s for sure. But more often than not, I end up pouring salt on them. Still, I’m trying to loosen or unleash my grip on the past and all that it once meant to me. One month you’re rolling in dough and the next one, you don’t have a pot to piss in.

I don’t deposit my money in banks—but rather in racetracks all over this great country of ours. Which is interesting, ’cause there is usually no payoff! I never had

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Infrared eye

Stunning effects are yours, no Photoshop required. Instructions.

Step 1

Get your infrared capture device.

Option 1: Convert a DSLR, ILC, or compact to infrared capture. Some firms that will do this are Lifepixel, MaxMax, or Spencer’s Camera.

Option 2: If your camera «sees» infrared light (see main text for how to tell), get an infrared filter such as the Hoya R72 or Cokin P007.

Option 3: Scour the used market for an infrared-sensitive camera such as the Fujifilm IS Pro or Sigma SD10.

Step 2

Choose a subject. The best subjects for color infrared are foliage and people,» says

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In the long run, your value-selling strategy will help you climb out of the price-only sinkhole.

Price-only customers like Sergio Lins can be brutal. But Bosi e Faora shouldn’t abandon solutions selling, no matter how daunting the path forward might be.

Many U.S. medical device companies face similar pricing battles. In the old days, a salesperson simply told the medical director that prices would rise, say, 5% next year. The physician typically did not argue, because he knew the sales rep well and trusted the products. This type of “relationship selling” was routine.

But the Affordable Care Act and the smaller reform initiatives that preceded it have ushered in the practice of measuring costs against health

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In the Speed of Flash



One of the best upgrades you can gel for a notebook is probably a SanDisk Extreme SSD. Not only is it designed to withstand shocks and vibration from traveling, it operates silently with no moving parts, and helps save precious battery life through lower power consumption compared to a regular mechanical HDD. It boosts application performance and load limes with lightning fast read/write speeds and SATA 6Gb/s support. Also gone are the days where storage is sacrificed for speed as the SanDisk Extreme SSD comes in

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