How lens choice affects perspective

WHEN TAKING PORTRAITS that include the location as well as the subject within the frame, it’s important to understand how the scene looks completely different depending on the focal length of the lens in use. While many beginners are concerned only with ensuring the subject fills a particular area of the frame, experienced photographers look to use a focal length that gives the perspective they desire in the image.

By using a wide-angle and moving closer to the subject, they are set against a wider view of the general scene that boasts far more depth. By using a telephoto setting.a

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The first step is an array of field sobriety tests, which includes sniffing your breath. If your performance is at par with a baby learning- to walk, either through intoxication or a God-given lack of motor skills, then you will go through a breath analyzer exam to determine the alcohol content of your blood. However, the legal limit is not yet set. The Department of Transport and Communications, Department of Health, and National Police Commission are still banging their heads together to figure it out (which is anytime in the next three months).

If there is cause to believe that

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How can I brighten foregrounds?

I have been following your magazine’s tip to include foreground interest in my landscapes, and managed to find this statue situated in front of a river. However, it kept coming out really dark. How can I make it brighter?

Clark Brooker, yia Facebook

Getting the foreground and background of your photos properly exposed can be difficult, especially in tricky lighting conditions. If the sun is behind your main foreground subject then it can often appear underexposed, yet if you try to expose for the foreground you run the risk of the background being overexposed.

Correct the exposure

Bring out the

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Not long ago, the idea of hosting your own website from home would have seemed hopelessly optimistic. Ten years back, most of us went online using dial-up—a painfully slow technology that made home-hosting impractical.

It wasn’t only the hardware that put a damper on things, either. The software that underpins a home server was both expensive and tricky to manage.

How things have changed. Always-on connections are widely available and relatively cheap, and you can recycle an old Mac for use as a home server

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Bass shakers are like the rumble packs in a Playstation or Xbox game controller. They make whatever they’re attached to rumble when they get a signal from the LFE (low frequency effects) channel of your audio system. That means when the T-Rex puts its foot down in Jurassic Park, you don’t just hear it… you feel it.

You can buy an $800 shaker system from a commercial outfit like Buttkicker or Clark, or you can put the components together yourself for as little as $30. I’ve done it both ways, and I like the $30 results better. That cost assumes

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Keep It Airy

Big and wide windows encourage you to use natural light more often. They also give you a wider view of the outdoors.

Use Neutral Colors

A natural color palette, especially for your furniture, leaves room for more eye-popping adornments.

Get Interesting

When choosing fabrics, remember that a variety of textures add visual appeal. From woven, canvass and cheesecloth fabrics to plaid, batik and gingham patterns—create beauty within your home.

Opt For Round

To further highlight the easy, comfortable approach

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Hire the right candidate without any fuss

You have four people applying for a job. You’ve just finished the interviews. Or, rather, you spent most of the time telling them the company’s strengths and why they should want to work for you. Now you must decide which candidate to choose. But you have no notes in front of you and each individual seems a blur. In fact, you hate this part of the process and are thinking of deciding by pulling a name out of a hat.

Maybe there’s a better way.

Before you begin advertising, consider your expectations and requirements. Whether you are hiring someone to

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Having run with Instagram

Instagram is not just about taking selfies and shots of your food. 10 things about this super fun app, that may take you by surprise.

Shoot. Select photo. Crop. Add filter. Tag. Share. Done!

In a matter of seconds, I have shared my day at the beach with my friends. With photo sharing, in just a few easy touches on Instagram, these simple tweaks could make your stream even more exciting.

1. It’s Different!

Do not compose the way you would with a regular camera. The images are usually viewed on a phone screen, so keep it simple.

2. You

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Have barbecue — will travel

Barbecues have come a long way in the past decade — and portable ones are the latest trend.

Alfresco dining, outdoor kitchens and even wood ovens have become the norm in countless backyards, with many Aussies cooking several meals outside each week. Likewise, barbecues themselves — and what we cook on them — have changed dramatically.

One of the biggest barbecue trends right now is the portable barbecue, with models such as the Weber Q and Heatlie Mariner leading the charge. This means we are no longer restricted to the backyard, so more people are packing up the barbecue on

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Despite the huge number of software synths available, there is still a massive market for more expensive hardware synths. This is in part due to the gratification of instant feedback when tweaking knobs and sliders, along with circuitry and operating systems that have been optimised for a single job. It ’s much easier to get lost while sound-designing using a piece of hardware, as you’re not so easily distracted by other effects and plug-ins, and touching controls directly feels much more intuitive than using a mouse to fine-tune parameters. You may also be buying a hardware synth for its analogue

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