Hardware Expressions

Giving your home an image enhancement or personality boost is quick, easy and fun — just avail yourself of the large selection and professional assistance at Hardware Expressions.

Owner Patricia Welch specializes in unique decorative door and cabinet hardware; from classic to contemporary or in dazzling designs studded with semi-precious stones and crystals, she has over 55 lines on display in the store. Many of them, in fact, are new additions or carried exclusively by Hardware Expressions. That bounty also includes a large array of one-of-a-kind hard¬ware and several lines of budget-conscious options, as well as bath and decorative gate

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Handmade in Britain

Brothers, Matthew and Andrew Galvin, design and make functional hardwood furniture with a twist in their Yorkshire workshop.

Have you always loved making things?

It’s just natural to us. Our dad has been a joiner/carpenter for 62 years, and he had his workshop with all his tools and machinery in our garden. However, we probably spent more time breaking things rather than making them – and then we’d have to find a way of mending them again before dad got home and gave us a rollicking! I remember prototyping a pair of football boots once when I was about four

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As a longstanding reader of G&B, having read with interest some of your letters, I thought you might be interested in me. I am 66 years old and have played the guitar since I was 10. I’ve been in various bands along the way, although purely self-taught. For the last 20 years I have suffered from osteoarthritis that has affected various parts of my body. About four months ago, it spread to my fingers and caused me a lot of pain and discomfort. I went to my GP and explained this, and told her that I am a guitar player.

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Gripping Stuff

Put your safety first with Michelin Primacy 3

Michelin has made it its mission to ensure that all of its tyres are designed to minimise road risks. As a result, Michelin takes great pride in Primacy 3 — a tyre that enhances road safety in unique ways.

‘Like many other women, I spend a lot of time in my car, so I want to make sure my driving experience is as safe as possible,’ says Michelin Tyre Company SA communications manager Sharon Trengove. ‘Primacy 3 tyres keep me safe on the road with proven excellence during dry braking, wet braking,

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The elegantly designed Momi Momi Massage Lounger EP-MA70 transports you to total relaxation and looks great in any interior

Contributing to your overall wellbeing is the Panasonic Momi Momi Massage Lounger EP-MA70. The “Heat Massage» programme is a new addition to the massage lounger, providing a warm massage experience for the entire body. Body pressure and optical sensors allow the advanced 3D body sensor to measure body shape, thus determining target massage areas more accurately than ever before.

Akin to a masseur, the real squeeze kneading function helps loosen deep stiffness in the shoulders. You can also customise


Grand stand for China.

It’s a shame to hide fine china in the cupboard, showing it off only on special occasions. Instead, give your heirloom dinnerware a chance to stand up and be counted, WOOD® magazine’s Jim Boelling, inspired by the shape of an artist’s pallet, set out to enhance the elegance of porcelain with the richness of finely crafted hardwood.

For Starters, Let’s Make The Plate Rests.

Note: Our china display will accommodate a five-piece place setting. You can build it as shown or reverse the cup/saucer position by reversing the pattern. Before you proceed, we suggest you make some mockup plate rests

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I truly sympathised with Derek Troutman in his letter last month, where he simply had to tell someone he had mastered the F chord. Having decided to take up slide guitar when my youngest left for university, my sausage fingers have struggled every part of the way as I’ve battled with the basics. One of the hardest things has been to keep going, not helped by the fact that I don’t know any other guitar players, and that my family aren’t really interested in anything to do with what they jokingly call ‘my mid-life crisis’. I know that being able

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Global Warming


With her own design firm and a season of reality decorating show HGTV Design Star under her belt, Danielle Colding is no longer a rising star in the interior design world. It’s safe to say she has already risen. Her style—a little global, a little modern, with just a touch of the traditional—transforms spaces in a way that’s much deeper than just hanging artwork or adding a coat of paint.

You’ll often find Danielle mixing old with new, metallic shades on mattes, and neutrals with brights. And it’s this play

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Give It Your Best Shot

Want to bust more clays? Then you need to master these five critical areas of wingshooting.

Fall is already upon us and millions of wingshooting enthusiasts are preparing to take to the woods and water to hunt their favorite feathered quarry. As opening day approaches, many hunters will pull their favorite shotgun from where it has been stored since the previous hunting season to get a bit of practice in at their local clay target facility. Unfortunately they discover quickly that shooting clays is a bit tougher than shooting birds. It’s not quite like riding a bicycle after taking five

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Getting into hot water

Domestic solar energy comes in two forms: electricity from collected light and heat from collected light. One excites electrons until they warm up, die other pops them down a wire. You use those electrons arriving at the other end of your wire to excite others until they warm up. Bodi methods will heat a hot water cylinder.

Whichever way you collect solar energy, you need to store it until it’s wanted. In a passive-solar house the store is the thermal-mass which holds the excited electrons in an insulated floor or interior walls. With solar-electric panels — which I’ll hereafter refer

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