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Exceptional color InkJet All-in-one printers for the home and office


Canon’s PIXMA Black series of inkjet printers arc the epitome of print sophistication; the new PIXMA MG2I70 all-in-one photo printer doesn’t just look good and perform great, but is also designed with an array of creative features intended to bring your still prints to life. With an enhanced Full HD Movie Print function. you can edit frames to tweak resolution quality or reduce noise before printing. It has new features that allow you to merge multiple video frames into one printout to show the flow of motion,

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Add style and colour to your outdoor area with fabulous fabrics.

When decorating outdoor living spaces, as with indoor areas, just as much thought and co-ordination goes into making them ideal havens for relaxation. What better way to stamp your personality and style on your outdoor room than by adding a splash of colour in a cushion or lounge setting? Fabrics are also a great way to create a connection with your interior spaces, making the transition between indoors and out even more seamless.

When choosing soft furnishings for your outdoor area, it’s important to look at the durability of

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Loft conversions can be as simple as adding Velux windows and a pull-down ladder (although a temporary staircase means it won’t count as an extra room when you sell), or as dramatic as extending out of the original roof, effectively providing an extra floor. Start by getting acquainted with the area — if your loft has a ceiling height of 2.3 metres or more, it has the potential to be converted.


Even small lofts can work effectively as a self-contained guest suite, nursery, office, music room, etc. Before you decide on the extent of the works,

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Black & white photography relies on composition more than anything else for its artistic and aesthetic success. Lee Frost looks at the factors we should consider when constructing an image.

If you take a dozen photographers to the same location and ask them all to make one image of it, chances are every image will be different. Why? Because we’re all different as human beings so it’s natural that we’ll all see the world in a different way.

The books we’ve read, the movies we’ve watched, the places we’ve visited, the music we enjoy, the clothes we wear, the way




SET UP A READING NOOK. An empty, quiet corner is the perfect space. Make it cozy by placing an upholstered chair, a good lamp, and a side table for your books. Add floor pillows so that your child can join in on the reading, too.

MAKE A SIDE TABLE OUT OF STACKED BOOKS. No space to store your large, hardbound books? Stack them up high to create a side table to hold your coffee cup and even more books!

WRAP IT. Don’t know what to do with books that you’ve already read?

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Adam Scorey sneaks out of the office with a black box under his arm, inside is Fuji’s latest CSC X-Trans-sensored offering, the diminutive, 16MP Fujifilm X-M1

When I heard that the X-M1 was in the office I jumped at the chance to get my hands on it. I’d tested the X-Pro1 and adored it, and this has the ‘same’ sensor and general gubbins inside but in a smaller, lighter package. So I was highly confident that image quality was going to be good, and what I was going to concentrate on more was general usability and functionality. Fuji is definitely

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I am an interior design student and love working with innovative designs for my assignments. I love testing new styles of wallpapers and of course am always on the lookout for great ideas on space management. However, until recently. I had never taken a look at Good Homes and so had no idea what I was missing out on. My father of course is a big fan and I thank him for the introduction.

The magazine particularly came in handy a few months ago, while I was working on my project. So, when I asked my father for suggestions, he


From angels to heaven.

Patrons do not happen — they are all in their own good and helpful. Some accompany us always, to the help of others we use from time to time, and someone watching us and makes itself felt in special cases. We offer you a dozen reliable defenders and assistants who get along fine, as neither one of them there is no evil or something dark. You can appeal to his aid even all at once. They will not argue and quarrel, whom and how to help you, and the great divide their powers. And mind you: not one of

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FRAME within the frame

If you’re simply using branches to frame a landscape, or a doorway to frame a portrait, your compositions aren’t realizing their full potential. More complex framing devices can add compositional power to your pictures. Here are three examples:


Create a focal point. The mirror in this photo acts to focus attention on the center of interest—the reflection of the model’s face. In this case, the frame is particularly effective because it outlines the mirror with a lighter tone, and our eyes tend to go to the lightest part of a photograph.


Establish context. This picture would still work

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I’m glad you gave Paul Kossoff the credit he deserved in your cover feature (June 2013). He was my hero growing up and I spent many, many hours learning his parts rather than doing my homework. Every weekend I could make it I would head down to Denmark Street, and my admiration for the man increased tenfold when he turned up in the same shop as me on a couple of occasions. Although he might not have been completely sober, he had a good word for anybody who wanted to talk to him, and he would happily while away the

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