DISCIPLINES RANGING FROM ARCHITECTURE TO FANG SHY explore the power our surroundings exert upon our moods. Jonathan Adler’s latest addition to his “Happy Chic” series wonderfully bends this iron rule to one purpose: cheery ness.

Adler’s “100 Ways to Happy Chic Your Life” engagingly elucidates the Happy Chic’s beaming outlook on interior design and its benefit for hap¬pier living. As the potter, designer and furnishings entrepreneur explains…

“The essence of Happy Chic dwelling is that informality and comfort will set you free.”

The book’s imaginative illustrations, remarkable photography and snappy writing perfectly reflect the Happy Chic aesthetic — so much

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Focusing techniques


FOCUSING IS MADE all the more difficult with action photography because as well as dealing with a subject in motion — moving targets are always harder to hit — you’ll often be using a telephotolens at its widest aperture, which means there will be limited depth-of-field and hardly any room for error. Depending upon the type of subject you’re photographing, there are two commonly used focusing techniques that can be used to put the odds of successful focusing in your favour — prefocusing and follow-focusing.


Prefocusing involves

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Focus no more

Has this tube-shaped gadget just obliterated the purpose of your favourite hobby? Kathrine Anker finds out

I’ll start by dispelling any fears that we’re dealing with a tube of doom; just because the Lytro lets you pick your focal point and adjust your perspective AFTER you’ve pressed the shutter, doesn’t mean photography as you know it has become pointless; rather, the world’s first consumer light field camera offers a new way to go about it.

The oblong tube is a little under five inches long — a good handful — and needs to be held like a mini telescope. On

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Flying Visit.


Rich Goodwin is a former RAF Tornado GR.1 pilot who flew 21 operations in the first Gulf War.

Currently an airline pilot, he is also now flying G-EWIZ both on the air show calendar and for competition aerobatics. The aircraft is a Pitts Special S.2S that has been modified so extensively over the past few years that it is truly one of a kind in the UK — fulfilling Rich’s lifelong dream of flying a modified biplane on the UK circuit. He recently spoke to GARETH STRINGER about his aviation career

What is your first aviation memory?


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From the idyllic and sheltered Rodney Bay at Sandals Grande St. Lucian to the sunset-backed Seven Mile Beach at Sandals Negril in Jamaica, these are the perfect spots to say ‘I do’. So perfect, in fact,that Sandals invented the WeddingMoon — a destination wedding and honeymoon in one, because we’re sure that once you arrive for your wedding, you’ll never want to leave.

For over 30 years, Sandals has defined and re-invented all-inclusive luxury in the Caribbean. Their resorts have been named the ‘World’s Leading All-Inclusive Resort’ for 17 years running so you know your wedding and honeymoon arc in

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Go full throttle with a full-scale renovation! Change the flooring, revamp your furniture, and create a whole new style for your living space.


FRAME YOUR SPACE. Along with repainting, re-decorating, and re-arranging your layout, don’t forget to replace your old flooring, walls, and ceilings if they’re dated or damaged. Updating the main frame of your room will help create a fresher, more clean-lined look.


1. Measure the room’s width and length. Bring these measurements (and perhaps a rough sketch of a floor plan) to the home depot or hardware and compute how much flooring you



Tired of your Mac’s look? Change it any time you wish with Flavours

Jonathan Ive’s giving iOS a radical new look, but why wait for someone else to get bored with your Mac’s graphic user interface to come up with something different? Third-party developers have always offered up novel ideas for customizing the Mac’s interface and giving it a more individualized look. Flavours (no, it’s not a typo) is one of the latest apps that aims to do just that, allowing you to quickly change the look of your Mac by building custom themes.

With Flavours, you can change any

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Many photographers underestimate the qualities of flash and never explore its true potential

MOST photographers only ever use flash to get a decent exposure in challenging conditions. These same photographers see flash as a last resort and rarely take the time to learn how to use it correctly. But by exploring how to modify and control a flash, you can take your photography to another level.

Light from a flash can be modified easily using household items, to give you maximum control. With paper, a simple flash bounce or snoot can be made, and a cigarette paper over a pop-up

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Released in October 2002

Genre Levorezbovoy sim / strategy / puzzle

Developer / Publisher

Empire Interactive

For the first time in months I think I am ready to believe that there are still people in igroindustrii soul. Judge for yourself: Empire Interactive offers our atten-mania, a mixture of genres completely unconventional ambassador.

Imagine the most terrible situ-ation: you are the master of a certain ghost, quiet and peaceful there myself for many centuries abandoned Mr. mansion. But once in your possession for the horse-invaded vile sim’bi, began to wander around korido-frames, to sing in the bathroom,

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Fast and Filmic

Try this plugin for quick, editable transformations.

Alien skin Exposure 5 is a great plug-in for adding film and film-like effects to your images. As serious software, it’s more than just filters. It starts with a huge array of presets, both black-and-white and color, to transform your photograph according to preset film types and processes. There are archaic ones like calotype, cinematic ones like Polapan, and more recent (discontinued) favorites like Kodachrome.

The software can be used as a standalone or as a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Lightroom, and Apple Aperture, and works essentially the same way no matter

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