Evolving the Laser Printer




An evolution of the MFP(Multi Function Primer), the new HP TopShol doesn’t just print, scan, and copy to regular paper, but comes with TopShot Scanning technology. Л high-resolution camera produces professional 3D scans of objects directly on the printer itself. With LAN and Wi-Fi support, it can operate without a PC. posting your 3D scans directly to the web. and with its range of integrated business apps, enhances your productivity with cloud-enabled printing. HP ePrint and Apple AirPrint features let you print from virtually anywhere.


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Morning Freshness

Apart from being called the golden hours for photography, early mornings are also the best time to capture the liveliness around you. People are more energetic, the city is engulfed by an organised chaos and nature is lively and lush. From cheerful portraits on the streets to magnificent dew drops on the leaves, everything becomes a great subject for the camera. If you are familiar with the location, choose a vantage point that allows you shoot into as well as away from the sun.

Afternoon Sun

If you have avoided venturing out in the afternoon because of the


Ethereal butterflies

Now’s the best time of year to capture beautiful butterflies in all their glory. Add a touch of Photoshop to create a dreamlike image…

Ross Hoddinott

Camera: Nikon D800E

Lenses: NIKKOR AF 200mm f/4 Macro

Software: Photoshop CS5

NO SUMMER’S countryside walk would be complete without a few butterflies flitting about. Even those not keen on bugs and little critters can’t help but like ‘flutterbys’. They add grace, beauty and a splash of colour to our gardens, meadows and woodlands — they also prove irresistible to outdoor photographers! However, being small, active and very mobile, capturing good butterfly images can

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Equine elegance

Jade Price sought out equine photographer Emily Hancock’s three-day Training Barn workshop in the New Forest for a crash course on pony portraits

* Leica S2 and Nikon D3

* 70-200mm and 180mm f/2.8

* Card space and backups

* Spare batteries

* Folder of contact details in case your client cannot find the location

* Assistant with Polo mints, nuts and grit to shake

It’s probably safe to say that I am the animal enthusiast of the PMteam, but for all my knowledge and love of beasties great and small, I actually had no idea how to go about

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Tiger Woods has his name etched on the hosel of his Nike Method putter and his initials on the back of his VR Pro blade irons. So too has fellow Nike staff player Charl Schwartzel. Rory Mcllroy has RORS stamped on each of his Titlist Vokey wedges. The Mitsubishi Rayon Diamana shaft on Rickie Fowler’s driver once featured the Oklahoma State Cowboys mascot.

But it’s not just famous tour players who can have their golf clubs personally customized. The average golfer represents where the golf- equipment business is heading.

The future of golf isn’t about

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Enhance your images with PhotoPlus X6

Discouer the new features in this powerful image editor

Serif’s PhotoPlus X6 software falls over itself to provide you with as much help as possible, which is incredibly reassuring if this is your first venture into editing software. There is a useful How To panel that sits in the interface, which can be clicked on to access walkthroughs and tool explanations. The Help menu also transports you to more tutorials (including video guides), meaning you always have the backup you need.

Feature-wise, PhotoPlus is packed to the hilt. There are tools for fixing the common photo problems we all have

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Weaving yourself a safety net of insurance is one of the smartest things a photographer can do, especially if using the Photoguard Pro insurance.

Imagine you’ve just turned up for your shoot at a prestigious wedding, or even your first job, and you realise you haven’t charged your camera or forgotten to insert an SD card. Your professional reputation could be at stake, as could the job. Not having professional insurance can have the same devastating effect on a photographer, so it’s time to make sure you have all the right cover.


Accidents can befall even the most

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Reflecting on the Edge

Trained in common sense, Elizabeth Opalenik was raised on a farm in western Pennsylvania and left home to the sound of peace marches and her mother saying, ‘I knew you were different from the time you were two.’ She evolved as a photographic artist from former lives as accounting manager for a major corporation, manager of a jazz club and as ‘A Ms-Placed Lady’ created her own construction business.

After a two week photographic workshop at The Maine Photographic Workshops in 1979, she sold everything, changed careers and never looked back. No regrets. Her art,

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Let’s get something straight: small spaces don’t have to be boring. In fact, they are often more interesting than bigger spaces. As you can see from this month’s bold cover*, it’s about thinking big and using your imagination.

As we see it, a small space gives you license to have fun. You need to be creative in how you work with the size and the layout — this tends to lead to unique design solutions that would never have come into being in a larger space, where it’s easy to be lazy and follow the same old formula.

Case in

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Easy Cocktail Parties

Tips for Hosting a Successful Gathering

We both love to entertain. Whether it is a full-blown event that has been planned for weeks or friends coming over on the fly, we really enjoy inviting people over. Having back­grounds in cocktails, wines, and food, we’ve learned quite a few things over the years for hosting nearly any style of cocktail party. Here are some tips and techniques for mak­ing your next event a huge success.

Who and What?

The first order of business for a successful cocktail party is to create your guest list and theme. When developing a theme, consider

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