When it comes to water efficiency, this range of outdoor showers has an environmental conscience.

With the ongoing concern for drought conditions and water restrictions, Rainware has developed a range of outdoor showers to save you water. Built to withstand the harsh conditions of Australia’s climate, Rainware products are designed and manufactured on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast and are available worldwide.

The Noosa Pool Shower, with its graceful curve, freestanding construction and unique hot water option, makes it easy to appreciate what sets this outdoor shower apart from traditional outdoor showers of the past.

With its clean architectural appearance and easy



One staffer has found a way to cure her acne for good — but it comes at a cost…

For as long as I can remember, I’ve struggled with my skin. What my mum promised would be a temporary case of teenage acne was still there at the age of 26.

People can be really cruel when it comes to your face. An ex once told me quite bluntly that, despite my best efforts at coverage, I wasn’t fooling anyone. And at a party one guy approached me only to ask, «What’s that on your face?» Prick.

It gets to




We’ve all done it. Wobble out of the liquor store, arms full of empty boxes, cozy up to even a vague acquaintance who’s got a truck, and start wrapping our possessions in newspaper with the hapless aplomb of someone clearly in over their head. Moving is one of the top ten most stressful life events. Gather your wits in advance and make moving easier.

Spread the Word

Express Address.com is a free online treasure that lets you tell multiple businesses and organizations all in one shot that you’re about to move.This

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What your vagina wishes it could tell you

What would happen if your vagina could talk? Well, you’d probably get some weird looks, and you’d be a shoo-in for Britain’s Got Talent. But aside from that, your bits have a few home truths they’d like to share. Women’s-health expert DR ADAM KAY speaks fluent Vaginese, and is here to translate…

«Check me for lost property»

Like a cheap club on a Saturday night, your vagina needs to operate a strict one-in, one-out policy. Whether it’s a condom, a tampon, a diaphragm or a love egg, you need to make certain it comes out when it’s done its job.

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What is your level of stick-to-itiveness?

little complicated. You need to find the weight of the solids from a material safety data sheet or contact the manufacturer of the coating for this information. It’s usually between 20 and 40 percent, with the rest being solvent that evaporates.

Transfer efficiency became an important measurement when HVLP spray guns were introduced in the early 1980s because it defines the purpose of HVLP — to produce a soft spray that bounces back much less than the spray from high-pressure conventional guns.

It’s bounce-back, not overspray, that is important. Bounce-back is the amount of solids and solvent that bounces off

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What if you could go online and order your new house — pick out the layout and all the fixtures, the styles of doors and windows, and then have it delivered? A century ago you could, through the magic of the Eatons catalogue.

A History — Eaton’s Houses

This was the pioneer equivalent of buying online. You could buy just about anything out of the Eaton’s catalogue, from farm equipment to children’s toys. You simply checked off your order, mailed it in, then picked it up down at the railway station. Buying a house by mail was no different, albeit a bit trickier than ordering a sewing machine or a suit. For one thing, what they sent you was essentially a big pile of wood and some nails, so a certain amount of assembly was required.

How much assembly depended on from whom

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What does effort look like?

Going the extra mile is the difference between success and failure, and it’s do-able, says business guru CATHERINE CONNOR

What does effort look like? The recent Aspire Bespoke attendees have been the inspiration behind my motives in sharing these thoughts.

I have just spent two days informing and educating some fantastic photographers. All are determined to take the brave stride into the marketplace with style, the right answers and confidence. But even when you have the right answers, the confidence has to develop with you at a timely pace which comes with experience.

All on the course were inspired to

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Well-equipment shop

Price-Cutting Saw

Got $100? That’s about all it takes to buy Deltas MS250 compound miter saw—a saw that recently sold for as high as $170. Miter saws are great for the shop and as fix-stuff-around-the-house tools, and compound miter saws provide even more versatility. On a compound saw you can angle and bevel the blade. This is especially useful when installing crown molding.

With its 10-in. blade, the MS250 will cut through 2×6 and 4×4 (nominal) lumber at 90 degrees and at only 28 Ib., this machine is a breeze to move around.

A 13-amp motor powers the MS250. This

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Building a photographic website needn’t be a complicated and costly affair, as long as you stick to some basic guidelines and use a good hosting site — as Elizabeth Roberts discovered when she asked Tim Clinch to help her achieve the impossible…

Hi Tim…it was the boss. The Editor of B+W Photography magazine. ‘I’ve got an idea’ — always a bit worrying this — ‘I need a website, and I need a good edit of my pictures to go on it and, if possible, I need it done in a day. Oh…and I’ll need a blog set up as well.’

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Welcome to this seventh Instalment of Master Your Camera, brought to you from the experts at What Digital Camera.

With an increasing 9 number of cameras offering the option to shoot n the versatile Raw format, it’s time we covered everything there is to know about Raw. including what it Is. how It works and why it’s so valuable when we’re edit rig our photos m our software.

If you’ve heard of the term Raw, but you’re unsure of what it is, it’s essentially a different type of file format that holds a lot more information then a JPEG The

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