Easily compress shots using JPEGmini.

Make Large files smaller without losing any quality at all.

The size of an image refers to how large it is in dimension, as well as how much information it has.

Digital images are made up of thousands of tiny dots, otherwise known as pixels. The more pixels you have, the better the quality of the image and the bigger its size. If you’re working with images in print, it’s vital to use pictures that are of extremely high quality. When using them on the web, for example uploading and sharing images via Flickr or Facebook, or even sending an

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Dont be stumped by hardwood flooring.

Cozy oak, durable hickory, modern cork and exotic bamboo — what flooring do you envision when considering a home remodel? Often this important surface material stumps homeowners, and sometimes ends up as a confusing afterthought.

Flooring covers a vast amount of your home’s square footage, so choosing the right product can truly make or break a room’s design. And with so many quality natural products from which to choose — varying from classic to modern — picking the right flooring for your home can be a challenge. A little direction can help make your home uniquely yours.

Hardwoods comprise a

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Do your tunes a service and do yourself a favour

Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro

£170 ★★★★☆

When a product has ‘Pro’ in its name, it’s a fair bet that it’ll be a no-nonsense looker. And so it has come to pass with these Beyerdynamics.

But only if you want: the company sells interchangeable earcup covers and headbands for pepping up their look. There’s also an optional boom-mic for gamers, Skype users and those who want to look ludicrous on the train.

But for all their businesslike looks, they feel plush on the head. They aren’t the lightest on test, but they don’t feel heavy or insecure.

Analysis and detail top

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Do I get the Canon 70D, or 7D?

Q: l’ve owned a Canon HOOD for a couple of years and feel my photography has progressed to a level where I need a camera that shoots faster and is more responsive. I was about to buy a Canon EOS 7D to use with my EF-S lenses when the Canon 70D was announced. Now I’m not sure whether the 7D or 70D is best for me?

A: The 70D shouldn’t be looked upon as a replacement to the 7D but as a strengthening of Canon’s line-up between its enthusiast DSLRs and professional models.

The areas where the 7D outshines the

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DIY Reupholstering

A new interior might be cheaper than you think

WE ALL WANT OUR airplanes to fly faster, go farther, and, for some of us, navigate safely through more challenging weather conditions.

But we also like the innards to look sharp. After all, it’s the part of the airplane that we spend the most time looking at. And we surely want the seat of our pants to be comfortable along the way. Still, I admit, in the overall mental checklist of priorities, redoing the interior of my vintage Bonanza has lingered pretty low on the list.

But a shoddy interior is

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Want to add a shallow depth of field to your picture? Tim Clinch shows you how to do it simply, quickly and effectively…

For the first time since starting this column, I have to admit the little trick I’m about to show you is possibly better done with Photoshop. Lightroom does it, but in a less sophisticated way. However, if you’re in need of a quick-fix, Lightroom does it brilliantly.

It’s adding shallow depth of field to your images.

I’m choosing an image I shot on my iPhone. It’s a jar of terrine en gelee on a rustic table in


Digitally frame your photos

Learn the basics of scaling photos to fit frames and show off your family portraits.

Adding a photo frame to your image is a great way to make your photos stand out. In this tutorial you will learn a simple technique for adding a decorative photo frame to your images using Photoshop Elements. We will show you how to work with layers and also use layer styles for that extra creative touch. It’s a very handy technique for making photo albums and scrap books; first you will work with a very simple frame to get familiar with the process. You

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Many amplifiers are simply wooden boxes with metal boxes screwed inside them. The Acoustic 150 here only needed four screws taken off the top. and the metal box of guts slid right out. Make a diagram if you need help remembering where the parts go.

Look inside the amplifier, checking for burn marks, loose wires, and structural damage. Burned up components usually indicate trouble. If they are resistors, use the multimeter to check that the resistor values are still correct. Broken hardware can usually be fixed or replaced. Rotted plastic can be replaced with hard metal.


Delivering your message to men. Guest commentary.

Today’s Dietitian editor Judith Riddle accepted my suggestion to write a guest commentary for this special men’s health section because … well, because it’s a guy thing, and I am one.

Several times over the years, I’ve read something in Today’s Dietitian that made me pause and think something like, «That information is terrific, but it’s not how I’d present it to a male audience.» That thought would be followed in short order by this one: «Jim, it’s not a male audience.»

As editorial director at Great Valley Publishing, I’m certainly aware that Today’s Dietitian readers are predominantly female, which

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Decorating Den Interiors

A stunningly designed entryway. Furniture and accessories custom-tailored to the unique way your family lives day-to-day. A dream room that makes you feel as great as it looks. What homeowner doesn’t have grand visions like these to get done «someday“? But how many of us have the time, professional design expertise and exceptional resources to make it perfect?

It’s a problem Denise Smith solves all the time. The award-winning Certified Interior Decorator tackles all the hassles of home make overs and lets you enjoy the fun parts — the creativity and the exciting anticipation of fabulous new surroundings.

Denise collaborates

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