Correct distracting lens distortion

Restore perspective in warped images of buildings and monuments with these simple steps

Lens distortion is when subjects in an image appear to lean backwards, or the straight lines look like they are curving out. While it can happen with any subject, it’s very noticeable on a structure, where your eyes naturally expect walls and pillars to be perfectly straight. Perspective distortion, or the leaning effect, is caused when you shoot at an extreme angle. For example, if you’re photographing a tall building and pointing your camera directly up, the resulting image will show the building leaning back. Shooting straight

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Coral propagation: Preparing for the big day

Once your reef aquarium has been running for a while, a question that pops up very often is, how do I cut/trim my corals that are to getting too big? This is often out of necessity due to a coral growing too big for the space available and they need to remove a part of the coral, but sometimes the reefer wants to sell some of the cuttings/frags to help pay the aquarium’s maintenance.

Well, the answer to this is not “one size fits all”. We need to look at the different types of corals and then discuss them in

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Cool is such a tricky thing to define that we’re not even going to try. Instead, we’re going to show you. Here you’ll find some gadgets, apps, cars, digital services and technologies which encapsulate what it means to be cool in 2013. So the next time someone asks you for a definition, you can just show them this.

#1. Buzz Aldrin’s speakers (possibly). PHILIPS Fidelio PS1 There’s something about Space Age design us geeks find irresistible. So for the Philips PS1s. grabbing a spot on the Cool List was like shooting interstellar fish. Its tweeters are suspended on chrome stalks

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Conversation with Dryzie

One of South Africa’s top Avian and Wildlife photographers, Mark Drysdale, chats to PiX about his photography and his journey in becoming one of the most respected photographers in this field.

Who is Mark Drysdale?

Mark has had a camera and a love for photography from a young age. He chose to indulge his passion more thoroughly approximately five years ago and subsequently left the mainstream of «industry» to make a go of it With the support of his wife, he studied further to gain a better knowledge of photography, the industry, its many genres and the technical aspect of

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How to recognize a true friend, and not become a victim of betrayal

My little elves and fairies! You probably, like me, it is hard to imagine what our lives would be without friends. Without their support and participation in the difficult moments, and without their warm words and smiles in times of joy. But sometimes, our once strong friendship with the people comes to a standstill, then the question arises whether it is necessary to continue dialogue with those or other person. Therefore, we’ll try to figure out how to find harmony in relationships with friends and learn how to choose them.

I am sure that in your life’s journey across

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Company of Heroes 2

‘Reveille’ for the multiplayer; ‘Taps’ for the solo campaign

To BE honest, we really wanted to dis­like Company of Heroes 2. As is tradition whenever we have a new strategy game, we immediately fired up the game’s skir­mish mode and cracked open a delicious can of soda to accompany (what we as­sumed would be) a short march to victory.

Although we weren’t playing as the Germans in this match, it sure felt that way. Specifically, German soldiers at the turn of the 1940s, whose bravado-filled failure march into Russia as part of Op­eration Barbarossa so greatly opened up the Eastern

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MARRYING STYLES. A sweet girl and a macho guy can be the perfect romantic match, but what happens when they have to move in together? Here are a few tips for tying the knot between husband and wife’s decorating styles.

1. Designate your areas. She might want free reign over the living room, while he may want to be in charge of the kitchen. If you’re willing to forego your “rights” to the kitchen, allow the major decisions to be made there

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Claudio Silvestrin

London-based polymath Claudio Silvestrin spoke to hinge during a fleeting visit to Hong Kong.

hinge – First of all, what brought you to Hong Kong?

Claudio Silvestrin – I was invited by Minotti Cucine to come to launch the new kitchen I’ve done for them called Pietra. It was launched in Milan this April, and Ms Lau saw it, loved it. and wanted (to launch) it here.

You do a lot of product design?

I do products. interiors and buildings. depending on how lucky I am, and how many clients I have I dо have some principles. which I apply.

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Changing seasons

Without wanting to wish away the summer, follow this simple guide to give your images amber autumnal tones ahead of their time…

JORDAN BUTTERS: The grass is always greener on the other side, right? As photographers we often find ourselves looking forward to the change of seasons purely because they offer an exciting change in the mood and tones of familiar landscapes.

Winter offers the opportunity for crisp, frosty scenic sand chilly mist-blanketed vistas, spring brings forth new life, growth and vivid colours as flowers start to bloom and summer offers blue skies (when we get them!), green foliage and

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Catwalk to curvy

Laura Puddy has the new-season trends all sewn up

When London Fashion Week rolls around, I always watch the shows envisaging how I’d wear whatever’s coming down the catwalk. Some styles I know won’t be great for my figure, but other ensembles catch my eye and I start styling in my head.

So, with the new season almost upon us, it’s time to think about getting sorted with some hot wardrobe updaters. From belted coats and head-to-toe leather, to chic tailoring, winter florals, tartans, checks and scarlet red, the scope is amazing and all can look great on curvy girls.

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