Catch of the day.

Cutting board.

Looking for a cutting board with character? How about one that can add to your woodworking skills? Our flounder design, based on a well-known resident of the Atlantic Ocean, brings form and function into the kitchen. Use the fish’s tail for a handle when serving cheese and similar snacks, then clean and store the cutting board on the wall for a decorative touch.

You’ll find machining the recess for the maple insert a lesson in working with guide bushings.

First, Rout a Recess For the Inlaid Cutting Surface


Rip and crosscut a piece of 3/4-thick stock to

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Capture a fantastic backlit macro photo.

Learn how to shoot nature’s fascinating level of detail by getting creative with light.

Macro photography involves shooting with your camera very close to your subject, and enables you to capture intricate details that you may not normally be able to see with the naked eye. If your macro subject is translucent, then you can capture even more detail by lighting it from behind.

Leaves, flower petals and even butterfly wings are all fantastic subjects for practising this technique, as the light shining through them will help their tiny patterns to show up even more in your photos.

You could

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Using a Gray Card for Setting White Balance

This issue, we’ll show you how to set your white balance accurately using a gray card. A gray card is just what it sounds like, a card that’s 18% gray that we use to help us set a really accurate white balance.

These cards are so handy that I include a perforated tear-out gray card in both my Adobe Photoshop C56 Book for Digital Photographers and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 Book for Digital Photographers books, so if you have either of those books, go tear out your gray card. If you don’t

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Relax in your very own backyard cabana and enjoy a holiday at home.

Cabanas are usually associated with being on holiday. In fact, travel brochures are full of them. You’ll see them dotting the bays of some of the most luxurious resorts around the world — think Tahiti, Fiji and the Maldives — and in settings such as poolside areas, over water bungalows and rainforest sanctuaries. With a large number of cabana options available, you too can have this holiday favourite at home and relax in your very own backyard luxury.

«Cabanas are the ultimate outdoor room, providing a weatherproof

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Bye-bye body hangups

Dr Linda Papadopoulos unravels the causes of poor body image

I hate my nose


When I was 10, my aunt told me I’d ‘inherited the big family nose’, and it’s crushed my confidence. I hate my picture being taken in profile and I’m convinced people are always staring at it. Why is her comment still affecting me?


The way we develop body image can be greatly affected by lots of factors: messages from some sections of the media, bullying, insults, compliments… and comments from friends and family. We stop seeing ourselves from our own perspective but rather, see

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Buying Secondhand

With a booming secondhand market, there’s never been a better time to grab yourself a bargain

With the exception of a couple of budget gems, investing in a brand new lens can be a serious investment, especially if you want to get yourself a nice quality optic. But that’s only one option when looking for a new piece of glass as there’s a whole world of bargains to be had in the secondhand market, with masses of choice for most DSLR systems, as well as a growing catalogue of CSC lenses.



If you do

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Building a car with Your child

Winning a first-place trophy with a car that speeds down the track, leaving other racers in the dust, is the dream of many Pinewood Derby participants. No matter how many modifications you make or speed tips you employ, it’s difficult to know how your car will perform until it makes that first run down the racetrack.

When my son and I made our first car together, we weren’t very confident in our ability to produce a fast car, so we felt the car needed to feature a cool design. Whether or not it was fast, we knew we’d have a

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Branching out

Fabulous faux bios brings nature’s everlasting beauty indoors. With its grainy detailing and good looks, this wood-motif trend is here to stay.

You can’t control nature.

Whether it’s wacky weather patterns or hard-to-keep plants, the natural world has a mind of its own. Leave it to tried-and-true trees to ^ work their way into our homes. The statuesque species with elongated stems and bountiful branches are blurring the boundary between indoors and out.

Faux boys—French for “false wood”—is the craft of imitating wood and its grainy texture. The elegant art stems from the Renaissance era and has become a staple

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Photographic Visions is an awe-inspiring collection of over 100 images by photographers from around the globe. Derived from photographers’ work on the website the book’s aim is to provide readers with background information on how each Image was created. So not only do the images inspire readers, but also the helpful tips, hints and advice mean they can also learn how to create similar pictures themselves. Subject matters ore broken up into a vast array of categories including landscape, nature, people, street and documentary.

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Blue edges

You turn on your high-speed grinder. You offer up the bevel of your carving tool to the spinning wheel. Sparks fly. All’s going well, then — oh no! Suddenly, before you can react, a part of the cutting edge turns blue…

Bluing edges is a calamity: the blue colour marks where the temper — the hardness that the manufacturer imposed on the blade — has been destroyed. The blued part of the cutting edge is now soft; it will dull very quickly, even bend, next time you carve.

What can you do?

Other than re-temper your carving tool, nothing —

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