Aspect2i and the Epson Print Academy are dedicated to black and white print making and who better to lead these courses than Paul Gallagher who is a Master Black and White photographer and printer with over 30 years of experience. Our course, “The Perfect Black and White Print” covers all the aspects of the black and white printing from converting raw files, tonal and post processing techniques and of course making exhibition quality prints. “Post processing software will never make a good image for you. A fine black and white photograph has to be crafted by the photographer who took

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Ask Mr. Roboto.

Tap into the sum of all human knowledge and get your questions answered here! From software algorithms to material selection, Mr. Roboto strives to meet you where you are — and what more would you expect from a complex service droid?

The summer heat is over. Let the fall and winter robot competitions begin! October sees lots of things happening in the Rockies where I live. Being a total geek, it is time to make cool Halloween costumes about scientists and robots. None of that mamby-pamby sparkly vampire stuff for THIS guy! High tech, rockets, and even steam-punk are the

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ask Harvey Norman

Is there any routine maintenance needed for my washer?

Most washers require a routine maintenance. One of the many ways of doing it is to leave the washing machine lid open when it is not in use. This allows moisture to escape, preventing the growth of mould and mildew. Follow recommendations given by your washing machine’s manufacturer when loading your unit. An overloaded machine will not work efficiently and can be damaged by the extra weight. Furthermore, keeping it level helps reduce noise and additional wear and tear. Every once in a while, give your machine a good wash by

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Animate your Stills

The latest trend for photos online is making parts of them move. We’ll show you how to do it.

Cinemagraphs are in. If you haven’t heard the term, a cinemagraph is a still photo that has some part of it animated. These images are meant for web dis­play, and they’re a great example of how digital means for displaying images are bringing new aesthetics and possibilities. A cinemagraph is differ­ent from a video clip in that only a por­tion of the frame is in motion, and often that motion is subtle. Think of a photo of a model wearing a

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ANANTARA Dubai The Palm Resort & Spa

On the east crescent of Dubai’s iconic Palm Jumeirah lies Anantara Dubai The Palm Resort & Spa, a 5-star luxury resort that effortlessly blends the classic opulence of the Middle East, traditional Far Eastern design and the modern West. The resort is home to the first Overwater Villas in the Middle East.

Anantara’s unmistakable architecture borrows from its Asian family roots, but this hotel is far from ancient. Inside, Anantara Dubai The Palm Resort & Spa is ultra-luxurious, taking the most lavish elements of its Far Eastern influence. Its position on the Palm ensures there are spectacular views in all

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Talk fashion or his other favorite pastime, decorating—with Andre Leon, and the conversation is packed with superlatives. “Marvelous! Extraordinary! the Over-top!” exclaims the larger-than-life fashion personality, whether he’s discussing the latest couture shows or the world’s c h i c e s t homes, where he is a regular guest. Last spring Andre Leona protege of Diana Vreeland and sartorial consultant to the Obama family—left Vogue’s staff after three decades (he remains a contributor) to become international editor at large of Russian style magazine N u m G r o Russia. His latest project, I. “In the fashion world,” Andre


AmpKit LiNK HD

Manufacturer Peavey

Price £85

Contact Peavey 01536 461234


Mobile interfaces are plentiful these days thanks to IK Multimedia’s early confidence in the iOS platform and its first iRig interface. Interfaces have since been released by numerous manufacturers, and Peavey has finally updated its AmpKit device to bring it up to the standard of its most prominent competition. The most significant change is in its ability to use a 30-pin docking port rather than the headphone/mic socket to connect to your phone. The previous solution was no doubt cheaper to implement, but such devices often exhibit problems with crosstalk,

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This, of course, wouldn’t work too well in sunny Singapore, where humidity hovers around the 90 per cent mark! If you’re torn between using air-conditioning and resolving to guzzle less energy at home, get the most efficient cooling system available and keep it in tip-top condition.


Modern-day air-conditioning systems mounted on your wall/ceiling/window cool your space by running the air in the room past pipes filled with refrigerant in the fan coil unit (which removes the heat), and then dispensing the cooled air

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AIR Flair

Kick out the blahs

My assignment? To capture Michael Jai White, a martial artist and Hollywood actor, in mid flight for Muscle & Fitness magazine. This was back in 2006, and it wasn’t exactly an easy shot to bag, but I bet most Pop Photo readers could pull it off with equipment they already own. Here’s how:


Find an athlete. You need one who’s accomplished and fit enough to strike a clean pose repeatedly. Besides the perfect form, an accomplished athlete will minimize the chance of someone—or some thing, like your lights—getting hurt.

A skateboarder flying through the air,

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Action photography

Learn to keep up with moving subjects and capture sharp shots of the action

Cameras can capture spectacular shots of moving subjects, as long as you know how to master the settings. By changing your camera’s shutter speed, you can freeze seconds of action or capture motion blur to demonstrate speed and direction. The autofocus systems on many cameras have vastly improved in recent times, and will help you keep fast-moving subjects sharp and in focus. Even so, it helps to be familiar with the different focusing options, and focusing manually often produces great results.

Whether you are shooting sports,

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