6 steps to improve the nature

We start from afar: the great and mighty minds of the last century, Richard Bandler and John Grinder was invented NLP — neuro-linguistic programming. This trend in psychology and psychiatry is a heap of disputes, the academic community does not recognize it, but the fact is that NLP is actively used in the various psychological training. With NLP you can learn how to manipulate people (which, it should be noted, is harmful for everyone), as well as to identify their shortcomings and get rid of them. Auditory training, through which you can at least try to negotiate with a

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A succulent read

What to do with a tattered, old book that you just keep for the most sentimental of reasons? Transform it into an unusual plant pot that can double as an objet d’art for your desk or coffee table. The unexpected marriage of a succulent plant and old book pages makes for a good conversation piece.


Hardbound book (must be at least 2 inches thick)

Elmer’s glue

Cutter or X-ACTO knife


Small succulent plant

Garden soil

Small plastic bag


Choose a thick book with a beautifully bordered title page or frontispiece, like an old dictionary or map book.

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Before we can do anything, we’ve got to cover the basics. Here’s what you have to know before you can get started.


For this article, we’re going to use a fairly narrow definition of pro­gramming, and say that what we’re talking about is the process of creating software on a computer. That process involves writing out a series of commands for the computer to execute, which will create our desired behavior. We write those commands using a program­ming language.


There’s an incredible variety of programming languages available


A Heady Simphony!

Well, then how about an utterly delicious weekend at Pride КС Hotel & Spa, in Panchkula, which is just 10-minutes away from Chandigarh Railway Station. Situated in the heart of the planned city, the Hotel and Spa has a classy ambience, which is made more beautiful by its sheer simplicity! And yes, this is a haven for golf lovers too… Explains the General Manager of the property, Sabyasachi Chatterjee, «The inspiration was very simple. And we were sure that we wanted to give a contemporary look with the best of modern amenities to guests. The aim has been to create

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A foodie guide to Barcelona

Barcelona is probably one Europe’s most underrated cities. As the proud capital of Catalunya, Barcelona combines Spain’s cultural depth, Northern Europe’s progressive thinking and a dynamic Mediterranean vibe. A casual stroll through the city’s seemingly endless array of pedestrian zones will confer upon any visitor a simple truth — Barcelona offers visitors a window into what it truly means to love living life.

But in nothing is its zest for life more evident than in its culinary offerings — a city made famous for its molecular gastronomy perhaps, but with so much more to offer. Whether it’s cutting-edge culinary theatre,

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A fistful of dollars

Back in the day, or at least back in my day, the way to make money from your music was to send a cassette out (yes, I know I don’t look it but I am older than 35) almost at random, hope someone would sign you on the strength of it and become a superstar pop diva overnight. That’s what we did back then, but it didn’t work for me, nor did it with 99.99% of the rest of the poor sods who tried it.

Nowadays, thank the Lord, there are a stack of other ways to make money from

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A cinema for under £500

Samsung HT-F65001 Home cinema in a box £430

One-box home cinema systems have always represented value and simplicity. But finding just five speakers and a sub for £430 is tricky — let alone a set that includes a surround amp, 3D Blu-ray player and all the cables. It’s with that value in mind that we unbox the HT-F6500.

The speakers are fairly stylish and well made. Plastic dominates, but it’s solid and glossy. Less effort’s been made with the sub, which is an (admittedly relatively slim) MDF box with a sticky-out grille on the left.

Loads of on-demand content


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5 tips for using props in portraits.

Get creative with your model shots for standout results.

Using props in portraits can make your shot that bit more interesting. It can also help your model to relax if they are surrounded by objects they are familiar with, or if you get them to interact with some fun, silly props. Read our tips to find out how best to use them in your people pictures.

Personal selection.

Try and choose props that are personal to your model, whether it’s something from a hobby of theirs or their favourite flower. This will make the portrait speak more about who they

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Few photographers desire to be less organised, but Michel Rajkovic believes greater experimentation could improve his work. Here he talks to B+W about improvisation, imagination and blue sky storms.

Edited by Tracy Hallett.

What is your favourite photographic book?

It has to be Above Zero by German photographer Olaf Otto Becker (published by Hatje Cantz). I love Becker’s minimalist approach and when I look at this book I feel removed from reality.

What is your worst photographic habit?

I don’t use a notebook as often as I should. When I visit a location, I hope that all of the conditions

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6 instant upgrades

Savour every second with these short hop essentials…


With luggage space at a premium, you’ll want something a little more discreet than a bulky. £300 pair of noise-cancelling headphones. These stylish on-ear cans come in a handy zippered pouch and are ideal for small doses of most music types, thanks to the warm mid-tone reproduction and deep bass. Comfy leather ear cushions keep your shell-likes happy, while sound isolation is on hand to help take the edge off engine noise, city bustle and that important departure announcement. Oops…

£80 / ue.logitech.com



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