5 tips for using filters

Improve your shots by attaching a filter to your Lens

Getting professional-looking shots in camera is easy when you know how. Most photographers get a little bit of help in the form of filters. These attach to the front of your lens and help to balance exposures, increase contrast and more. Read on to make the most of these handy tools

Choose your filter

Square filters require a filter holder, but can be used with lenses of various sizes (you’ll need several holders, but these are cheap). Circular filters screw onto the end of your lens, but only work with

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5 tips for learning from bad shots.

Use editing software to Learn from your mistakes.

While you are getting to grips with photography, it is inevitable that you will make mistakes. The important thing is that you learn from those errors and correct them next time. Editing software is really useful for working out what you did wrong, so here are a few things to look out for.

Check the data.

If your image isn’t quite right, check the EXIF data to see which settings you used and find out where you went wrong. For example, your f-number may not have been low enough to blur the

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5 tips for a great photo gallery

Showcase your shots with digital galleries

Many of us are guilty of leaving our photos hidden away on computers or memory cards where no one can see them. Instead, why not create a digital photo gallery to display your best images in? This is a great way to organise your shots and get feedback to help you improve your skills.

Don’t duplicate

If you’re looking to create a strong gallery of your shots, be picky with the ones you upload and only include ones you’re really proud of. Don’t include very similar images either — pick the best out of

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5 secrets for sharing shots on Facebook.

Top Facebook photo tricks you may not know about.

Facebook is great for sharing your photos, as you can let all of your friends see, like and comment on them. You probably already know how to upload your photos and tag your friends, but there are also some handy lesser-known functions that you may not know about.

Share with friends.

When you upload a photo to Facebook, you can select who you want to be able to see it. Make it completely public, share it with just your Facebook friends or upload it so that only you can see it.

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To realise that the chilly season isn’t so bad after all, singing the praises of hibernation — for plants, animals and humans, too — and the importance of desserts.

THE NIGHTS ARE CLOSING IN and the mercury is falling. It won’t be long before the whipping wind is rattling the windows and Jack Frost is nipping at our toes. (Unless you’re north of Townsville, in which case stop looking so smug — it rains in your summer and you have box jellyfish!) Let’s face it, for most of us this is a depressing time, but follow my rules and you’ll



1. It took us about 15 minutes to set up and 45 minutes to shoot. We typically don’t storyboard any of the Vines we shoot. Instead we decide on a visual effect we would like to achieve and then figure out the rest of the stuff — dialogue, sound effects or camera techniques -during the shoot.

2. I have an Olloclip, which has been the staple of almost every single Vine we do, and I just recently bought a telephoto lens. I do have an assortment of lighting equipment, but haven’t dug too deep into lighting Vines yet. As Vine


4 quick weekend updates

Fall has arrived and, with fewer weekends spent on the beach or at the cottage, it’s the perfect time to tackle some projects around the house. Here are some of my favourite easy home updates you can take on now.

Lighten UP

If you’re like me, you spend a lot of time in your kitchen. Valance lighting is a quick fix for dim kitchens, allowing you to highlight your workspace and create ambience at the same time. Just choose between fluorescent, halogen and incandescent lighting and whether you want hard-wired or plug-in. Fluorescent strip lights that plug into an outlet

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3GS Wi-Fi Woes

I gave my daughter my iPhone 3 so she could use it as an iPod. It works great, except I cannot get it to switch on the Wi-Fi. When I go into the settings, the Wi-Fi switch would not switch from off. Any ideas?

If you are experiencing an issue where the Wi-Fi switch in settings is greyed out or dimmed, then you should be able to fix it with one of these three resolution steps:

1. Verify that airplane mode is turned off. You can do this by tapping Settings > Airplane Mode.

2. Reset the network settings. You

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No one else is as familiar with how you really smell as you are—and no amount of cheap cologne will cover the pungent manliness emanating from your pores. Sure, chicks say they dig yung amoy lalaki but damn, she has no idea what that really means.


That chrome-and-glass behemoth mounted on the wall of your otherwise bare bachelor pad is your ideal life companion. It brings amazing things like NBA games and the blood and gore of your RPG to life-and all it requires of you is to assume a comfy position before it, sans clothing



1. When you were born you did not own any towels. How did you accumulate so many that the only way to close your linen closet is to take a running start and hip check it with your full weight? Rolling your towels saves space and makes selection easy.

2. Every piece of electronics you own comes with approximately 50 different cords. You fear throwing any away, because one day you know you might need that one special cord. Meanwhile you now have a box of random cords and electronics that are threatening to gain self awareness and take over

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