Eco-friendly toothbrushes and toothpaste

Toothpastes and brushes … Not exactly eco-friendly things, if we take into account their production and disposal. Rather, a very environmentally unfriendly, you get to know the truth, from what they are doing, and what damage they cause to the body, especially the children's. If toothpaste did clean and protect our teeth, as it is said in false advertising, that dentistry does not have flourished with each passing day more elaborate. After the queue in dentistry are not reduced, the number of "plug-Hollywood Smiles" grows, patients are getting younger every year, and dentists richer every time reminding us of the

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Look at what is happening in Alexandria

Man: "Our G. is going to plant a few ears of people. G., you’re in Last year were in their own native land. Look, makingsmiling in your agro "Alexandria". Burned 900 tons of hay. Nothing terrible! MOE came even extinguish did not take, because all the same no utility. Garden laid on 200 hectares. Prakultyvavali together with apple trees, 5 acres with a fence. Nothing terrible. Person charge these funds. Nothing terrible. In Kopys Tipo passed local battles: destroyed all the factories, no one takes out. Cost woodworking shop — no materials. That such things about everywhere. So it’s in

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What was stolen from you, son?

Manifesto Goblin (attention, profanity):

Internet hysteria swept. Pimply idiots screaming at each corner about crooks and thieves. Urge to unite and rock the boat, while not fancy themselves some cattle, and prenepremenno active minority, the conscience of the nation, the avant-garde thinking, the elite of society.

Reading the next convulsive repost beardless youth's no smell of gunpowder civil war, I want to ask:

What was stolen from you, son? Where is the product that you have created with their own hands, brought it to the market and its've stole insidious thieves?

Forget about oil

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What monstrous lie, the more will believe it …

"The Federal Space Agency, Ex. 08.12.2010 № AV-402/24

"The business newspaper" Marker "- the Internet Edition General Director of "News Media — Rus" Aram Gabrelyanov

I ask that you promptly remove you from the portal owned online newspaper publication "Starting GLONASS was insured by the company, which is close to the leadership of Roscosmos" as untrue and to make the necessary in this case an apology. This document qualifies as defamation (Article 129 of the Criminal Code).

Your article is written by the principle: the monstrous lie, the more will believe it. This is the

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Center for Social Assistance, Spread Your Wings was opened in Kaluga

December 7 in Kaluga open center of post support "Spread Your Wings" on the basis Azarovsky orphanage school.


The center was established through the joint efforts of the government and charity fund social care for children, "Spread Your Wings" to assist graduates of children's homes and boarding schools in the region. Center will be a key part of the social support of former inmates of these institutions. For each of them will develop a plan for individual assistance.

It is now running a similar system in the Smolensk region, established in 2008, through which

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While a beautiful smile

In anticipation of the summer we experience emotional lift — and wants to smile more often. The main criterion for an attractive smile is known to everyone — it's white teeth. Make them as specialists, dentists can help by offering, for example, to use modern methods of professional whitening teeth, in particular — conducting a desk hardware bleaching.

Methods ZOOM AP (ZOOM-3) allows for 1.5 hours to achieve excellent aesthetic results and permanently save the resulting effect. Opportunities ZOOM AP allows for one visit to whiten your teeth at 12-16 shades! A significant advantage of this technique is a

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Kozulin: Lukashenko panic fears coordination between the EU and the U.S.

"Der Standard": What are your current conditions in the slammer?KazulinWhere ever I go, I feel like a free man. Many people at large, in fact, generally not free. I’m talking about spiritual captivity.Conditions in the bullpen for the usual punitive system of Belarus. If people get here from the West, they would have been shocked everyone."Der Standard": Why do not you accept the offer to go to Germany on condition that there could cure your wife? Basically it was the right permission to leave your home to beg shelter abroad?Kazulin: Belarusian management has tried to make the most sacred coin

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I do not belong to a denomination or religion, and the Church

Interested in issues of religious freedom, freedom of conscience, inter-Christian dialogue, believing Belorussian Orthodox Church The capital of patriarchy, that has own view of the world, history, politics. Accordingly quote from Natalka: … The church was completely voiceless in the Russian era, and read lips new martyrs of the faith of Christ and devotion to the Holy Church, read their blood and suffering, but on the other side of the mouth of the official hierarchy touted Russian regime and Russian Alliance. Absolute surprise was that the Message of the Synod of the BOC to the 1020th anniversary of the Baptism

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Consider a landmark event for the destruction bullpen Volodarka

Pochetaemye listeners! We appreciate your ideas and suggestions. You make the our radio more meaningful and fun. The creator of the best call, messages, hints will receive a prize.Recall: phone "Liberty" in Minsk 266-39-52, 24 hours a day. Mobile Phone for SMS messages: 8-029-391-22-24.April 22 Tribunal Central district of Minsk sentenced seven activists of restraint of liberty for two years without sending them to penitentiary, two penalties, and Andrew Kim — imprisoned for 18 months. Young people accused of violating public order during a protest on January 10 businessmen.Now we have received feedback on the verdict in the "Case of

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The award named Vl. Katkovskaya — Web Site Your Style

The competition received more than 200 content of the web Belarusian projects in 12 categories. The purpose of the contest — enable new exciting project to declare themselves known project — confirm its own status, says one of the managers TUT.BY Cyril Voloshin: "Our primary goal — to those projects which are not yet publicly known, to push, to give a prize not only in the form of emotional support, diploma, and a real help, we can give this project — hosting or free marketing company."Leonid Katkovsky "Award we decided to organize to keep the memory of Volodya"In This year

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