How is life in America

Fans of the west are often fascinated by the statistics of income in the United States and, like, low prices for clothes, cars and products.

Trick here is a fundamental difference between the Russian and the American economy. The fact is that in Russia all your expenses are obvious. You've come to the store to pay as much as indicated on the price list, then bought drugs for a certain amount, well, maybe you pay any more credit, for a car, for example.

In the U.S., it's different. Expenditure on food and clothes — this is only the

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Country reports: Evidence Russian man pozhivshego in the United States.

All suspicious activity and shapes, creating the danger and discomfort in the United States, should be immediately exposed, disarmed and punished! "- Is the motto of each indicative of a U.S. citizen.

From early childhood, all U.S. citizens instilled the thought of having an anonymous means of state executive and judicial authorities. In criminal cases vigilance and care, really, are essential. However, when it turns into obsession, it becomes just scared to walk the streets …

In the U.S., I am constantly aware that the sea is hidden eyes and ears watching my

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85 signs that you may be a terrorist

Lati publishes a list of 85 characteristics for which the FBI can bring you to the list of people requiring special attention and observation:

1) You are using the Google, to find their way in an unfamiliar city.

2) You are using Google Maps to view photos of stadiums.

3) On your PC you have installed the software for online data protection.

4) Are you trying to hide your computer screen from the looks of strangers.

5) You have shaved his beard or hair colored or changed your way of dressing.

6) You are sweating.

7) You avoid eye

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Why to buy mice repeller Grad A-500?

You have tortured the mouse? They often raid on your vegetable store, garage, or live chat at the cottage? — Enough to indulge them and contribute to their development and reproduction, providing them with food in the form of fruits and vegetables grown with their own hands! Mice have to leave your area, and now you will be able to force them to do so immediately!

In the broad market entered a unique device repeller mice Grad A-500, invaluable for at least some gardener or gardener. It will also help the owners of databases and garages that are

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Tale of the mole, who wanted to know who relieve themselves on his head

Continuing the theme of the achievements of Western culture on child education should recall the German book for kids that's about this mole with feces on his head. The Internet got its popularity Czech translation. The text is placed without censorship.

Early one morning a mole stuck his head out of the hole, and he fell down a lot of shit.

— What kind of garbage??? — Angry mole. — Who shit on my head?

— This is your shit? — He asked the pigeon that flew by.

— Mine? I shit like that. —

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New invention, which can occur only in Asia


Edible Case for iPhone


Edible Case for iPhones, as you can easily guess, came up with the Japanese. It is made from rice crackers and costs 85 dollars. This case is incredibly fragile, but pieces do not need to throw away — they can eat. Although chew up a handful of stale rice for $ 85 … a rather dubious pleasure.

Pears in the form of children's sleeping figures

These pears can be bought in supermarkets Beijing and they are very tasty. The problem is that not everyone will

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Apartments for rent in Minsk

Guests of the Belarusian capital often have a choice of where to temporarily tormoznut, arrived in Minsk. Hotel accommodation is always connected with the implementation of the rules and regulations established at the hotel, has certain time limits reception. For you will inevitably have to comply with the terms of hotel accommodation. Way out of this situation is the rent apartment day or watch in Minsk. Pretty easy to open ad in section "rent apartment day Minsk "and choose the right option for you. Contact directly with the owner of the apartment, the apartment can book in advance to your

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The Apotheosis of American propaganda (Red Dawn)

The moment of the film Red Dawn (Red Dawn), in which the Soviet colonel says his best in life speech.

Schmirn! Sit down, comrades. The point that I despise all this upvainiya ipokriziya. About lisanizm hear that we pobedaem. As we cast sectarianism part of Budva is growing larger. Comrades — is a fraud. And the smell of death and deception porazheniem! War you pobedaete only istreblyayat enemies. And you know what we bemsya? We bemsya for zaldamiri! This is a small, very wild animals. And to them we need a hunter. And, you know? I ohotnik! Now, from

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Nastiest things from the point of view of children

Dress in that, in what makes mom. To clean clothes in the closet neatly. Cabbage soup is almost one boiled onions. Face of the Web. Wash your shoes after a walk. Tidy up as you killed a cockroach. [Cut] There in the garden soup, in which your eyes drowned fly. Standing in the corner when mom and dad are looking pointedly cartoons. All came to the matinee dressed knights and musketeers, and you — last year's bunny. Lying in the garden all the quiet time around the sleeping sweetly described the neighbor. Cut your toenails before going to the theater,

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How to survive the separation from a child

Sometimes in life there are situations where parents and children have to leave for a while. The reasons may be very different — trips, trips to visit relatives, education, hospital …

How to prepare for the separation, experience it and to meet again?

Mom on vacation or business trip

The hardest hit are experiencing separation toddlers up to three years. The whole world for them concentrated in the mother, and her disappearance they take quite seriously. After three years of baby become more independent, and my mother's absence will not be so traumatic for him. Although, of

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