Plane with a human face

Release of the city is Russia's new cartoon "From the screw!". It is believed to critics, our answer to Hollywood's "Cars", and even the film's tagline "From the Screw" — "And our cars are flying!"

So, to replace the familiar heroes of domestic cartoons — zveryata came appliances, namely, aircraft, and the Su-27.

It seems that the correct choice, because of piloting skill of our pilots have always been on top, and we have every right to be proud of them. Heard the opinion that the cartoon was made for the 100th anniversary of the

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Are popular free utility for communication on the Web

In the days of IT-technology, web, social networks and copious amounts of personal pages, and do not forget about the fundamental factors linking the world's population — communication.

Communicating with different people, a person can markedly expand its own horizons and area of expertise. Web provides an opportunity to talk with at least what people who are in at least some part of the world. Why, then, to miss such an opportunity?

Using search engines, you can find out the best utility for communication are:• ICQ;• Skype;• QIP.What are the advantages of each?


Good and time-tested

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Happy spring!

Lovely Ladies!

Football club "Lokomotiv" congratulates you on the holiday of spring, new hope, and love. We are convinced that to give you the care you need and the joy of not only this day. Therefore, we promise to do all we can to make you feel our love and attention throughout the year to be proud of the home club, with the guys in the red-green uniforms!

We believe that this spring your life will blossom with new colors, your heart filled with summer sun and heat, and in the fall we all be one big reason to

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How to treat hair

For competent and effective hair care is important to determine your hair type, since otherwise there is the risk of worsening their condition. The hair is divided into normal, dry, oily and mixed. Hair normal type well reflect light shimmer in the sun. If your hair elastic, almost whipped, easy to fit and comb have a live view and retain these qualities for a few days after shampooing, then you are competent and properly care for them with suitable means to you and your hair healthy.

Unfortunately, the hair without problems are rare. Greasy hair have a characteristic

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Remedy obsession swamp demons

Ivan S. Aksakov

Right …, perhaps better, without any particular problems, just give an immediate impression of Russian roads, Russian nature, with the eye-opening and ear yawning — look, look, see, hear. Needless to disperse the haze will disappear and the ghosts created by city life.

There, in the capital, the noise of our own voice seems to us quite often echo throughout Russia and obscures for us immense silence immeasurable Russian space; hum hum sometimes our joyful cries of the capital over the quiet sighs and complaints of the people, are sometimes groan our bitter complaints,

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How to self-assess whether you are in control of asthma?

In accordance with current guidelines, the goal of asthma therapy is to achieve and maintain long-term control of the disease. With proper treatment, many asthmatics may not just improve your condition, and completely free of symptoms and signs of asthma. Of course, this is possible if carried out regular basic therapy. Achieving and maintaining asthma control for a long time — actually, more than that, almost every asthmatic can improve your control the disease.

In order to evaluate whether you achieved asthma control test can be used to control asthma (ACT). In Russia test approved by leading experts:

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Eco-friendly toothbrushes and toothpaste

Toothpastes and brushes … Not exactly eco-friendly things, if we take into account their production and disposal. Rather, a very environmentally unfriendly, you get to know the truth, from what they are doing, and what damage they cause to the body, especially the children’s. If toothpaste did clean and protect our teeth, as it is said in false advertising, that dentistry does not have flourished with each passing day more elaborate. After the queue in dentistry are not reduced, the number of "plug-Hollywood Smiles" grows, patients are getting younger every year, and dentists richer every time reminding us of the

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Christmas Party

This is quite clever, though a bit sad, the article is written as a series of advertisements being given on behalf of the organizer of the corporate Christmas party — Patty Lewis, Chief of Staff of some firms that decided on the current, multi-year tradition to entertain their employees a holiday party, and at the same time More and rally them around his employer. However, this is, in general, it is a normal and useful event right on the stage of organization is facing strong opposition from certain forces, as expressed in the best traditions of democracy hysterical. Of course,

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Squealer SEX EDUCATION Ltd or Thugs

Oleg Vereshchagin

Marvelous, brothers, cases prosecutors.

They will trace in folk embroidery Nazi symbols. That alienated some of the prosecutors is that the people giggle, "And you, in blue uniforms …" Then announce the promotion of nationalism … Pushkin’s poems. Then be charged with the whole city of xenophobia. In general, does not know she got tired in the zeal of the affairs of the people. Is that wolves and foxes — as in the Middle Ages — not yet officially judged.

But the focus of the prosecutor’s office last steep as Mount Ararat. Even for her, my homeland. [Cut]

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Nanometrology — fad of the faculty of physical and quantum electronics MIPT

Nanometrology — "fad" of the faculty of physical and quantum electronics MIPT

14.09.2011 14:45

Interview with Andrei Sergeyevich Baturin, deputy dean of the Faculty of Physical and Quantum Electronics, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University)


(Photo from the 2008 article "Nanotechnology — a breakthrough in the future")

— Andrey Sergeyevich, what nanoprojects implemented at the Faculty of Physical and Quantum Electronics?

We have two main projects, the two structural units. This is — Center the and Research and Education Center in "nanotechnology" (REC). They are funded primarily by the federal budget.

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