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If Kohli and Oli asked that day: "What is the shortest month of the year?" — They would not hesitate to answer: "Honey." Only four months after it began, when Oli finally for the first time there is a need to dress (at least on the weekends), they came out with Nicky out of her room in a hostel, holding a segment of crepe de chine, bought the young to the wedding by clubbing all the students and native teachers college, and went to the ladies’ tailor Perel’muter. On that day, Nick knew that his wife — the most beautiful

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Versatile all-terrain vehicle Snowstorm

If your machine to remove the wheels and put it on the track, you get something entirely new, unprecedented — terrain vehicle "Snowstorm". This off-road vehicle to travel over snow of any depth, marshes, soils with low bearing capacity and to overcome water obstacles (with quick-installation of pontoons). And at the same time, this is your usual car with the usual level of comfort! After the raid on the road your car gets back his wheel and drives off the track to re-roll on the asphalt.

Analog "Snowstorm" anywhere in the world! This is a purely Russian invention:

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If you were a kid in the 60’s, 70’s or 80’s

If you were a kid in the 60’s, 70’s or 80’s, looking back, it’s hard to believe that we have managed to survive to the present day. As children we were driving in cars without seat belts and airbags. A trip on a cart pulled by a horse on a warm summer day was indescribable pleasure. Our beds were painted in bright colors with a high content of lead. There was no secret caps on the bottle, the doors are often locked and not locked cabinets ever. We drinking water from the column at the corner instead of the plastic

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If our kids had a forum, which would have been the theme in it?

"Try to feed me cauliflower: how to react?" "Kaka is not just 2 days, how to escape from the tube, Duphalac, enemas, etc.?" "SOS!! Mom sleeps through the night!" "How do you chair Chico Polly?" "I do not give a tear wallpaper!" "How to sneak up on a cat?" "Going to the district hospital. Boiling" "Do not give scatter cat filler. How to respond?" [Cut] "put to bed at 9 pm. How to deal?" "My golopopye photos online. How to deal with these?" "Staying abroad. Is it worth it to take with your parents?" "What has to be able to

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This Indian Chief Seattle in 1854

Great Chief in Washington announces that he wishes to buy our land. Great Chief also sends us a message of friendship and goodwill. He is very kind, for we know that our friendship — too small price to pay for its location. However, we think over your proposal, because they understand that if you do not sell the land, paleface come with guns and take away its power. How can you buy a sky or ground heat? This idea is not clear to us. If we did not manage the freshness of the air and splashes of water, how can

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The case of survival, make sure you survive or die (Made in Russia with pride)!

About the Company

The company «Survival Corps» (literal translation from English — Body of survival) was established in 1991 — a year of dramatic changes in the Russian state. The possibility of new prospects in Russia and is also reflected in the development of the military market. With pride we want to note that our company was the first to equip the Russian special services the best gear and military clothing ever produced in Russia. Together with professionals from the Federal Security Service and Interior Ministry FSO model we created Vests, holsters, military equipment and clothing for

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If you decide to have a baby

Try first to pass these simple tests and then you decide whether you are ready for it. 1. Take the supermarket with you to the store a couple of small animals, such as goat and pig. All the time keep them in sight. Before leaving, pay for everything they ate or broken. 2. Dress Up Take a live octopus, big and angry. Shove it into the net marketplace, making sure that the fact that all the tentacles were inside. [Cut] 3. Breakfast Take a large plastic bottle. Fill halfway with water and hang from the ceiling. Swing the bottle. Now

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Nastiest things from the point of view of children

Dress in that, in what makes mom. To clean clothes in the closet neatly. Cabbage soup is almost one boiled onions. Face of the Web. Wash your shoes after a walk. Tidy up as you killed a cockroach. [Cut] There in the garden soup, in which your eyes drowned fly. Standing in the corner when mom and dad are looking pointedly cartoons. All came to the matinee dressed knights and musketeers, and you — last year’s bunny. Lying in the garden all the quiet time around the sleeping sweetly described the neighbor. Cut your toenails before going to the theater,

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Rastishka or call the office Danone

"Rastishka" or call the office "Danone" To believe or not to believe the advertising — everyone decides for himself. But the fact that it is firmly entrenched in our lives — will not deny anybody … — Hello, the company "Danone-Bolshevik", I listen to you! — Good afternoon. Tell me, what about "Marshmallow Froot Loops" with whom you can talk to? — With me. What are your interests? — I am interested in dosage. — How do you know? [Cut] — I have a boyfriend of 5 years, it is this Rastishka how much to give before going to bed?

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Open letter to President Putin of the American pastor Scott Lively

August 30, 2013 President Vladimir Putin The Russian Federation 23, st. Ilyinka Moscow, 103123, Russia

Dear Mr. President, On behalf of millions of Americans and Canadians are concerned about the spread of homosexuality in our countries and at the international level, which seems unstoppable, I would like to respectfully express my heartfelt gratitude for the fact that your people has taken a firm and unequivocal stand against this scourge, prohibiting in Russia the promotion of homosexuality. You have revealed an example of moral leadership to shame the governments of Western Europe and North America, and inspired

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