Oblako@Mail.ru tested. In the beta version — 100 GB

Mail.Ru Group announced the launch of the closed beta service "Clouds Mail.Ru». Test participants are free to get up to 100 GB of cloud storage.

In "Cloud Mail.Ru» You can store photos, videos, presentations, and other files and share them with other users. You can use the cloud not only through the web interface, but in a desktop (for Windows and Mac OS), and mobile applications for Android and iOS. Also made a special client for Linux. Files in a personal cloud automatically synced on all devices. 

"People are more and more different devices

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In Perm, a table opened up orders farm products.

In the shopping center "BAZAR" at st. , 88 opened a new, the third order table virtual market natural products "Your Farmer".

The "Your Farmer" for more than 1.5 years of experience in the active promotion of the products of farmers Perm region. Withow on the portal are actively selling 36 manufacturers of 12 districts of the Perm Territory.

One of the first customers at the new store has now become the Acting Minister of Agriculture and Food Ivan vegetable garden. According to him, in the province develops the theme of sales of farm

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Academy with Diaper opens its doors!

Already, for parents in the city of Novokuznetsk opened a great opportunity to address the development of your baby from an early age! 9 months, your child can go to the Academy with a Diaper under your personal supervision and understand the first steps in life, together with the Academy with Diaper!

Valid rightful place, which employs a great team of professionals!

"The Academy is the cradle" creates the conditions for the emotional, physical, intellectual and creative development of children from 9 months to 12 years. Early development of your child will be coordinated by

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Onlaynredaktor — photo books with their own hands.

Website http://fotoknigi.ru, thanks to an innovative interface designed by Russian designers and programmers, allows any user on the network to make out their photos in the form of books, albums or photo-quality printing. Ease of communication with the interface Fotoknigi.ru opens up tremendous opportunities for creativity in creating their own unique photo books. The site is made in a way that is editing your photo albums from anywhere where there is a computer with Internet access — at home, at work or on vacation.

Upload photos and edit photo books come to life in the browser on

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What monstrous lie, the more will believe it …

"The Federal Space Agency, Ex. 08.12.2010 № AV-402/24

"The business newspaper" Marker "- the Internet Edition General Director of "News Media — Rus" Aram Gabrelyanov

I ask that you promptly remove you from the portal owned online newspaper publication "Starting GLONASS was insured by the company, which is close to the leadership of Roscosmos" as untrue and to make the necessary in this case an apology. This document qualifies as defamation (Article 129 of the Criminal Code).

Your article is written by the principle: the monstrous lie, the more will believe it. This is the

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How to cheat Russian tourists abroad?

Not all the travelers returning from abroad happy holiday. And they can understand. Taxi drivers wring exorbitant fares to attractions, waiters in restaurants discharged astronomical bills, and staff accommodations "just in case" takes the collateral value for the towels and then stealing them. The fact that our visitors make a fool abroad — not news. But the industry of deception is not in place, and year after year, "Grifters" invent something new.

This article describes the most common ways of cheating Russian tourists.

Method one

Most scams involve credit cards. In

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As trained advocates troll

Author:Yuri, Chelyabinsk

Do not have time to go first lecture bloggers School Patriots (http://nstarikov.ru/blog/9793), As it became clear that the trolls-advocates work is long and earnest. Here is the text Manuals for "trolls" on the forums. Where are clearly described, and what to do and say when communicating on the forums. Link to the material:http://informachina.ru/news/429-pamyatka-agentu-gosdepa.html BLOG where information was posted:http://www.movements.org/blog/ So, the actual material.

Memo troll (instructions for the soldier and the (work on the forums).


To convey to the audience thought the best way possible, you need to follow

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Tourism in Evropy.vezde-risk …

If you are going to relax and enjoy the beauty overseas, we tend to think about the least possible trouble. But for every kind of scam operating in tourist areas, summer — the most "hot" it is time …   In Paris afraid "valentines", as in Istanbul — ATM You may encounter a rogue immediately upon arrival — as soon as you go to change money. After all, we’re taking the old fashioned way with a dollar, hoping for a place to exchange them for euros or any other national currency.


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DESTRUCTION OF OUR CHILDREN! On the whole territory of Russia.

UNDER THE SEA "A NEW VACCINATION" in 2011. Vaccinations will be of two kinds. 1.Privivka is designed for women of 12-30 years. Will be administered under view of prevention, ostensibly to prevent cancer of the breast or uterus. This vaccine will be mandatory in school. Contents: Coincides with vaccinations, which were sterilized girls in Mexico, Nicaragua, Iraq. Effects on the body: Create a permanent body, the so-called "false pregnancy "and the rejection of the fetus at 3-4 months of pregnancy. Except direct action, this vaccine has a huge mental effect, unnecessarily numerous abortions late in pregnancy create panic and fear

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Friends! I write in detail (at the request of one of the readers of the site) about their experiences. I rested in Lloret 29.05.2010 to 05.06.2010 at the hotel Rosamar & Spa. About the rest I will not write, I will describe only how someone stole my bag, because it will be very useful information to all travelers. On Saturday, at 9.20 am, I was standing at the entrance to the hotel Rosamar & Spa, next to me were two more Russian.

Our things were standing next to us. Almost no one around, it is sometimes

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