10 gold quotes Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was a great physicist. He opened a lot of physical laws and was ahead of many scientists of his time. But people call him a genius, not only for that. Professor Einstein was a philosopher who clearly understood the laws of success and explained them as well as their equation. Here are ten quotes from a huge list of his remarkable speech. Ten golden lessons that you can use in your everyday life.

1. A person who never made a mistake has never tried to do something new.

Most people do not try to do anything

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Women’s revenge

and "impenetrable" men so difficult to prove, as it may be painful, and even more difficult to take revenge! But sometimes so want it! Well, any way! At least a little! Though just a little! Read the continuation few tips can be useful 😉 — If a man socks scattered around the room, then pour into soup kitchen. — If he turns away after sex and snoring — zahrapite during sex. [Cut] — If a man does not like your stupid and ugly girlfriend, then get yourself a beautiful, smart, rich friends. — If a man does not like your

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Happy spring!

Lovely Ladies!

Football club "Lokomotiv" congratulates you on the holiday of spring, new hope, and love. We are convinced that to give you the care you need and the joy of not only this day. Therefore, we promise to do all we can to make you feel our love and attention throughout the year to be proud of the home club, with the guys in the red-green uniforms!

We believe that this spring your life will blossom with new colors, your heart filled with summer sun and heat, and in the fall we all be one big reason to

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Manuals activists from all sides of the fence

I looked on the internet, which only metodichek not found. And to expose the "agents of the State Department-navalnintsev" and "how ruthless expose" totalitarian sect. "The most fun I decided to collect specimens. They write with humor, fun and fun. Suggest assessed not in terms of political intrigue, and easier. As literary opus. Enjoy.


lecturer, activist, the hawks in the vast headings with the totalitarian regime of Putin


More and more often fall into a dead end at professional online resources? Ridiculed by your one true position — Once again you could not answer the question of

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Plane with a human face

Release of the city is Russia’s new cartoon "From the screw!". It is believed to critics, our answer to Hollywood’s "Cars", and even the film’s tagline "From the Screw" — "And our cars are flying!"

So, to replace the familiar heroes of domestic cartoons — zveryata came appliances, namely, aircraft, and the Su-27.

It seems that the correct choice, because of piloting skill of our pilots have always been on top, and we have every right to be proud of them. Heard the opinion that the cartoon was made for the 100th anniversary of the

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Awarding of the 393rd Air Force Base Russian Order of Kutuzov

Vladimir Putin handed the 393rd Air Force Base Russian Order of Kutuzov.


VLADIMIR PUTIN: Hello, fellow pilots!

Fellow officers, fellow sergeants, soldiers! Dear veterans!

I congratulate you on the remarkable event — the presentation of the 393rd Air Base of the Southern Military District, Order of Kutuzov. You deserve this award. Earned Ratna affairs and exploits flawless execution of the most complex challenges throughout its illustrious history department.

For the past 60 years, your part in the fighting ranks in the service of the Fatherland. With victories passed really legendary, heroic way. Your predecessors, the pilots 807-Attack Regiment received

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Portal Our Town. The program is the development of Moscow

Portal "Our Town. The program is the development of Moscow »gorod.mos.ru — is a portal created on the initiative of the Mayor and the Government of Moscow in October 2011. The purpose of its creation — to allow residents of the city of Moscow to participate in the management of the development of the city, to monitor the timeliness and quality of work in the framework of the program for the integrated development of the city.

How does it work?

The authorities in Moscow are placed on the portal’s plans

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Who is Mr.Putin?

6. If you remember, in 2007, Putin signed a decree according to which the quota of foreigners in drug stores, markets and stalls are cleared, many thought it would be cleaned up. But in reality, nothing has been done. How are all over Moscow stalls with Asian and Transcaucasian sellers and stoyat.Kak traded on the New Cherkizon Chinese and Vietnamese traders and traded as Tajiks working illegally on building sites, janitors, porters, etc. and work. Worked as the diaspora and create chaos. It is a pity that some irresponsible citizens all the same will go for this

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Moscow hosted the final of the competition Miss Russia-2012 (photo)

Elizabeth Golovanov from Smolensk was the winner of the twentieth anniversary of "Miss Russia-2012", which took place on Saturday evening at the concert hall Barvikha Luxury Village.

The first runner-recognized Christina Gonter from Moscow Railway, and the third place was taken by Alain Shishkov of Tyumen. The winner in the category of "People’s Choice" as a result of Internet voting was Anastasia Pominova from Voronezh. In the contest was attended by 50 girls.

Exclusive crown valued at $ 1 million Golovanov Elizabeth received from the hands of "Miss Russia-2011" Natalia Gantimurovoy, as well as holders of the title "Miss

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What was stolen from you, son?

Manifesto Goblin (attention, profanity):

Internet hysteria swept. Pimply idiots screaming at each corner about crooks and thieves. Urge to unite and rock the boat, while not fancy themselves some cattle, and prenepremenno active minority, the conscience of the nation, the avant-garde thinking, the elite of society.

Reading the next convulsive repost beardless youth’s no smell of gunpowder civil war, I want to ask:

What was stolen from you, son? Where is the product that you have created with their own hands, brought it to the market and its’ve stole insidious thieves?

Forget about oil

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