Russian developers created an online picture frame with the voice control for iPad and iPhone

The idea of combining Voice Search images and view them embodied in a mobile application «Voice Image Picker» of Russian software developers device from Apple. An application for iPad iPhone and allows the owner to view the images in superb quality on a given topic.

Simply say the phrase, and the application will arrange for you a nice view images of the popular web resources. Never before searching and browsing was not so simple and interactive!

For children it is exciting live chat with your iPhone or iPad with a display of found images. Talk with your application,

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COMMANDMENT (Rudyard Kipling)


Control myself among a crowd of confusion, You swearing for all the confusion. Believe in myself, in spite of the universe, And faith, let their sin. Let the hour is not broke, do not wait for tired, Let the lying liars, does not condescend to them Learn to forgive and not to seem forgiving, Generous and wise friend

Learn to dream, can not become a slave of Dreams And to think, thought not to deify; Meet equal success and a taunt, Not forgetting that their voice liar. Stay quiet when your same word Cripples knave, to hunt the fools

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Samarians voluntarily surrender fingerprints


11.10.12.Gorozhane voluntarily surrender fingerprints. Free fingerprinting procedure takes less than an hour

— Law providing for voluntary fingerprinting, was adopted in 1998. In the Samara region in all this time voluntarily surrendered fingerprints around 50,000 people — said Chief of Operations of the MOI of Russia in Samara region Alexander Alakin press center "KP". — Be sure to pass the military prints and foreigners wishing to obtain citizenship.

The Interior Ministry convinced that fingerprints can be invaluable, such as memory loss or other emergency. Deposit them in any branch of the police department, or FMS, such as obtaining a

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St. Petersburg scientist attacks hepatitis and AIDS. Continued Part 2

— What is the scope of your wonderful designs?

— With this device can stop the heavy tread of irreversible neurological diseases. For example, lends itself to tame virtually incurable multiple sclerosis. If the device was bought up by the Americans in time, the suffering of former U.S. President Ronald Reagan was not as painful. And then to say which of sciatica patients refuse treatment quickly to a completely harmless laser? Laser declassified after 1960. They can treat injuries, wounds and abscesses of the skin. I had to take note of all the materials and lasers in medicine to

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Save energy balance




Very often we do when we do not have time to do something — breaks down when it was necessary to keep silent — not panic when you do not have the strength to think — we complain about the circumstances and fate. We do it, not

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Christmas Party

This is quite clever, though a bit sad, the article is written as a series of advertisements being given on behalf of the organizer of the corporate Christmas party — Patty Lewis, Chief of Staff of some firms that decided on the current, multi-year tradition to entertain their employees a holiday party, and at the same time More and rally them around his employer. However, this is, in general, it is a normal and useful event right on the stage of organization is facing strong opposition from certain forces, as expressed in the best traditions of democracy hysterical. Of course,

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What can go to the compost?

What can go to the compost? It is interesting

At the mention of the word "compost", most immediately have an association with waste food. The remains of fruits and vegetables quickly decompose, and thus will be a good nutrient for your soil. But this is not the only thing that can be thrown into a pit.

Hair is also good for compost. Hair with combs, hair and your pets nails trimmed without varnish saturated with nitrogen, which is so necessary for fertilization.

Almost any net (not processed) paper will find its place in your well is dry material will help

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This Indian Chief Seattle in 1854

Great Chief in Washington announces that he wishes to buy our land. Great Chief also sends us a message of friendship and goodwill. He is very kind, for we know that our friendship — too small price to pay for its location. However, we think over your proposal, because they understand that if you do not sell the land, paleface come with guns and take away its power. How can you buy a sky or ground heat? This idea is not clear to us. If we did not manage the freshness of the air and splashes of water, how can

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Strange meeting


He seemed to be waiting for me on the trail. Neither young nor old. Not tall, but sturdy. Beautiful Slavic face. No beard and amazing clear blue eyes that express the infinite freedom and infinite love. From it came to me some unknown force. I tried to consider it his own insight, but saw no light and darkness. Then how such a force? — You are trying in vain to see me — he said, when I caught up with him. — I can not see. — But I can see your body, your eyes … — What is

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Facebook in the fight for power savings

Facebook in the fight for power savings Facts

Stop you wash clothes in hot water, if your best friend will say that it is effective? If your friend will make your home resistant to weathering, reducing heating bills by 30%, you follow his example? And if your parents will get a power strip, which reduces power consumption devices that are "energy" vampires, then you do the same?

Research in the field of behavior change have shown that no knowledge of the facts, as, for example, tobacco or carbon dioxide emissions from the use of electrical appliances, influencing behavior change, and

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