To get food to survive on the go



One of my favorite methods of finding food while honing survival skills — what I call "food on the go." This simple but effective way requires a little extra energy on the part of surviving, in exchange for a generous and nutritious reward.


You are going from point A to point B, perhaps, seek help. Seeking food should be right on your way, and take a minimum of time and effort to collect. You do not deviate from the course for the prosecution if production

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How to make fire by bow-shaped spindle


Let's say you go for a hike or nature and are fully confident that equipped with everything necessary. Unfortunately, you realize that you forgot the matches! The ability to make fire by friction can save your life in a situation of extreme survival.

Make fire by bow-shaped spindle

This article provides a detailed description of one of the most interesting and complex methods of making fire with bow-shaped spindle ("Indian Violin").

Training Find tinder. As a rule — it is dry, fibrous, flammable materials by sparks (lint from clothes, feathers of birds, fine wood shavings, dry moss,

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Extraterrestrial civilization and the planet Earth. Continued Part 3

— As it turns out, more true to the predicted changes, the term was predicted by astrologers. And, more, more accurate term would be the end of the study period in 1991. It is from this year, in the largest country of your planet, riots broke out in all areas of society and the people of this country. We are, after all, is also considered the leading power in your country on your planet in space exploration. Twenty years of the life of your country have shown — the psychics from the planet Ilma were right in their predictions.

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Do I need boards on the Web?

Something for you and you need to immediately start a search. Ring up all the friends and acquaintances, re-read a lot of advertisements in local newspapers and magazines and on city billboards. But at the moment there is another, more effective method — a message board on the Web. It is here that you can find what you need for a little gleam of time, in addition to your attention is invited to a couple of different options and you have a choice, and it is very fundamentally agree. Besides, you can not just find the desired, and place

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Unplanned pregnancy: personal aspects

Of course, perfect when everything in life is going according to plan — education, career, marriage, birth of a child … But, unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) the facts and then make our lives its own changes. And it is likely, such a circumstance may be, andpregnancy, The onset of "suddenly" came on, when nobody was waiting. Whether somewhere miscalculated, or relied on Russian random, and whether contraceptive failure (a rare case, but then it happens). Most likely, you've already made the decision to keep pregnancy, otherwise you are unlikely to be interested in our encyclopedia. Butstill a variety of

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Sleeping in hand hypnosis memory back




Author: Nikita Maximov, the magazine "Paradox"

Sultry summer day, Sokolniki, we come back with my grandmother through the wasteland home after a walk in the park. And suddenly I'm falling out of the blue. Strong knee smash and cry. Grandmother comforts me and she laments.

No more

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The norms of sleep: from 0 to 6 months

From 0 to 3 months

Typical sleep at this age

At this age, the newborn sleeps quite a lot — about 17 to 18 hours a day for the first few weeks and 15 hours a day to three months.

Children almost never sleep more than three or four consecutive hours, day or night. And that means that you too will not be able to sleep for hours. You have to get up at night to feed and swaddle your baby, and during the day you will be playing with him. While some babies sleep through the

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Portal Our Town. The program is the development of Moscow

Portal "Our Town. The program is the development of Moscow » — is a portal created on the initiative of the Mayor and the Government of Moscow in October 2011. The purpose of its creation — to allow residents of the city of Moscow to participate in the management of the development of the city, to monitor the timeliness and quality of work in the framework of the program for the integrated development of the city.

How does it work?

The authorities in Moscow are placed on the portal's plans

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The norms of sleep from two to three

Typical sleep at this age 

Two-three-year children need about 11 hours of sleep a night, and one-half to two-hour siesta.

Most children at this age go to bed between 19:00 and 21:00 and gets up between 6:30 and 8:00. It seems that your baby's sleep, finally, like yours, but the difference is that a child under four years of spending more time in the so-called "easy" or "fast" dream. The result? Because it makes more transitions from one stage of sleep to another, he wakes up more often than you do. That is why it is so important

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Nurse, governess

If you are planning to go to work or are just tired of "working mother", and there is no help, it makes sense to think about the nurse. Of course, the best — in fact anyone else you do not trust your child.

However, the nurse, excellent in all respects, it is extremely difficult to find. Is almost impossible. Ideal nanny — Is generally a mythical creature. Therefore she should know all the techniques of early development, taken together, be very young (because young irresponsible), not very old (able to run and jump with the child), the average

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