Get off. Experience shaman: Laws of the Otherworld

October 9, 2011 8:25

Give me the sky, and I will ascend! It is human nature to strive to create a system of rules that are not only a universal description of the existing order of things, and then be able to have in and of themselves to maintain this order, adjust ….. and if necessary, reinstall it. At the same time, the desire for freedom, including the inside, so it is valued harm magicians, too, ideally, should be granted. In other words, the rules should be, but these rules are to be distinguished one: versatility. Whether you are

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Nanny: trust but verify!

Gone are the days when the nurse was only in the families of the new Russian. Now in every tenth Russian family has nanny. This means that every tenth parent thinks about how it feels baby alone with a stranger.

How not to make a mistake in choosing a "second mother"? After all, at stake is not only the safety of property and apartments, but most importantly — the health (physical and psychological) of the most expensive man.

It would seem that agency recruitment of domestic staff — a good way out of this situation. After all, it

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Parallel world. Issue 29

June 5, 2012 0:41

We use music or music using us? Is it possible to gossip with impunity and who harm the rumors in the first place? Each mole on your body — an open book of your destiny. How to read it?

10 things you need to do to survive in 2012

No one predicts that in economic terms, 2012 will be positive. All major financial analysts predict, at best, stagnate.

In 2010, China and Russia agreed to stop trading with each other for dollars, and Japan and China have agreed on this recently. Such steps are major economic players only add gloom to those who hope for a stronger dollar.

While commodities like food and oil traded for weakening dollar, it puts further pressure on the prices of essential goods. All signs point to the fact that the cost of living in countries whose economies are based on the dollar in

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Yoga for colds

December 9, 2011 15:48

1. Asana — posture of the child. We sit on the heels, toes combined, and we place the knees. Lowers his head and touches the mat forehead, put his hands in front of him, and elbows separated in different directions.

2. Asana — posture dog. Posed as a child. Hands extended forward and presses his hand to the floor, drew ahead. Head is lowered down to the support, and the pelvis lift as high as possible and tighten the thighs. Hands do not bend.

3. Asana — Tilt forward with legs apart. From the position

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My second body


Posted on 11/13/2012 by user euronewsru

Control by thought, blurring the line between human and robot to merge with the machine to return to an active life avatar leaving cinemas to take place among us. While it is mainly a laboratory, but the day is near when the new items can really improve the quality of life of people — mainly those whose physical abilities are limited.

At the University of Barcelona in the European research project, scientists bring together man and machine, using, in particular, skin electrodes and stereo glasses. Thanks to this symbiosis actually feels connected

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Food delivery: new time — new opportunities.

It's no secret that the days when the main purpose of every conscientious citizen was the creation of a new unit of society — the family — have already passed. Now men are in no hurry to get married, women, in turn, is also not in a hurry to get married and have children. To the fore career and fewer women, even married, consider hours of idling at the plate his sacred duty. Food preparation is simple and requires very little time. Moreover, increasingly began to occur need to order food to your office or home.

There is a demand

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Home projector

Today many people are familiar with devices such as projectors. But most of us have met them only in business — during the exhibitions, seminars and conferences. And few people know that the projector will allow you to create your own home cinema. And even a plasma screen can not become a worthy competitor to the projector the size of an image. In addition, these devices are universal and can be easily connected to a computer, VCR, DVD-player or a camcorder. The main advantages of 3D models can provide an opportunity to "dive" into a virtual 3D world, the

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The legend about the appearance of the werewolf

In the old days, in the same village lived a very pretty girl. Her parents were very rich, every day of her suitors came and offered to get a girl to marry, but she flatly refused. But one day she met a guy whom she immediately fell in love, he was extraordinarily handsome, but he was very poor.

For the sake of his love, he finally decided to take a chance and go to the father of his beloved, to ask for her hand in marriage. The girl's father listened

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