Energy force of purity




Clean energy house — not just a fad, it's your health and happiness, your longevity. Our ancestors did not just keep the house clean, they were able to construct and decorate it in such a way that every square inch of the surface of the walls and

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Sources of energy in Feng Shui




Every home has items that cause only positive emotions. In psychology, it is called "anchor", they can be not only thing, but the smell of the combination of colors, ringtone, touching a particular area of the body. Every time you turn the "anchor" returns us to the

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The surgeon, who refused the scalpel and antibiotics




MD, a surgeon with more than 50 years of experience Vasily Nikitivich corporals never chased for no loud glory, not for high ranks and awards, for no widely known. Meanwhile, the cause to which he devoted most of his life, deserves the highest recognition. However, because of

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Do not waste your life


Do not waste your life on those who do not appreciate, For those who do not love you and not waiting To those who are without doubt you will change, Who suddenly goes to "a new twist." Do not waste your tears on those who did not see them, To those you just do not need, To those who, apologizing again offend, Anyone who sees life from the other side. Do not waste your strength on those you do not need, To dust in his eyes and a noble bluff, For those who have a cold wild jealousy, For

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Quotes Indian Chiefs


"Love the earth. It is not inherited from your parents to you, she lent you at your children. " "In the first year of marriage, the couple looked at each other and thought, if they can be happy. — If not, they said goodbye and look for new spouses. If they were forced to live together in opposition, we would be so stupid as the white man. " "Strive for wisdom, not knowledge. Knowledge — is the past. Wisdom — is the future. " "We do not want churches because they will teach us to quarrel about God." "A"

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Open letter to President Putin of the American pastor Scott Lively

The mainstream of modern life

Modern life — it is a very dynamic structure, in which the main role is played by time, information and money. In order to get into the rhythm of modern life, we must be able to control your finances, be savvy in terms of information and save time. However, not all modern people, it turns out, so to live and so they do not always get on track.

In order to get the person into the modern mainstream, there are special tools. One of these tools are the Internet sites that offer discounts on various products, the best of

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Exercises to Relieve Stress




Who has not been in the situation where cases of throat, pressed for time, and upset you talk with the chief, the conflict with colleagues or bad news. Or is there such a "wave" of work that you obviously do not have time to do everything and have already started to panic. How to

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Ltd. Alcaeus — the company to develop and manufacture cases and coffers.

Ltd. "Alcaeus" — privately owned company operating in the market since 1998.

Now, except for the manufacture of furniture and joinery company has mastered a new activity — production of cases for German models for different purposes (for medicine, fishermen, barbers, under a variety of tools and equipment).

On demand, the production of case studies of various colors and sizes.

The main components in the manufacture of cases:

1. Plastic2. Plywood3. Aluminum Profile4. Accessories imported

All of this allows us to give the product reliability, ease, elegance destination.

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Most harmful products


Rating of the most harmful products

Nutritionists ranked the most harmful products. Surprisingly, the list got even the most seemingly favored by nutritionists products. The fact that the damage is determined based on the products of their ability to cause severe disease and not just those extra pounds. For example, many products that fall in the ranking, often causes severe poisoning and allergic reactions, but for healthy people are quite safe. Experts of the rating also point out that it all depends on the dosage. Small amounts of receiving such food can be quite harmless and even

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