Onlaynredaktor — photo books with their own hands.

Website, thanks to an innovative interface designed by Russian designers and programmers, allows any user on the network to make out their photos in the form of books, albums or photo-quality printing. Ease of communication with the interface opens up tremendous opportunities for creativity in creating their own unique photo books. The site is made in a way that is editing your photo albums from anywhere where there is a computer with Internet access — at home, at work or on vacation.

Upload photos and edit photo books come to life in the browser on

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Aura: Natural Energy




Esoteric boom happened at the end of the last century, is clearly on the decline, and the word "aura", contained in a conversation today, the interlocutor can only cause boredom … But from the point of view of common sense and practical application here is pretty simple.

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Psychology of Space





The interior is able to stimulate the creative process and stop him, set up for success, peace or activity, remove or exacerbate internal problems of man and of the whole team. In the end, how well decorated office, depends on the quality of our work.

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Shopping for a first grader

Gather in the newly created school first grader — it is not as simple as it seems at first glance. Of course, this pleasant chores, but even they need to think and calculate. What is most important in this difficult process?


In all departments of children's stationery stores and bookstores usually in the summer, a list of items included in the "set of first-graders." Inexperienced parents take it on board, honestly buy everything on this list, and in September, it appears that the school be sure to bring a wooden ruler, Spanish clay or some mysterious thing called

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Postpartum Depression

So, you become a mother. Otshumeli enthusiasm relatives have long wilted flowers with which the happy dad met you out of the hospital. Began severe everyday life, filled to the last child crying, washing, ironing, cleaning and cooking.

You spin around all day like a squirrel in a wheel, and it still does not have time. Do you bad, everything goes wrong, you will not understand, and have the patience to the limit. What's going on? It looks like you have postpartum depression.

Symptoms of depression Your eyes are constantly on the wet spot — are you crying

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Dying Veteran’s appeal to George Bush and Dick Cheney

Iraq war veteran Tom Young, 10 years after the invasion of Iraq, wrote a letter to George W. Bush and Dick Cheney

  George W. Bush and Dick Cheney By Thomas Young

I am writing this letter on the 10th anniversary of the war in Iraq on behalf of my colleagues — Iraq war veterans. I am writing this letter on behalf of the 4,488 soldiers and Marines killed in Iraq. I am writing this letter on behalf of hundreds of thousands of veterans wounded in the war, and on behalf of those whose wounds, physical and

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M.Skenlan: Progress in Human Rights is softening sanctions

Company's offer you the translation of the text of the interview.

SAT: Do you think it is still an urgent task — to defend its independence and sovereignty, or in today's world where there is Internet, the huge multinational corporations, where states are united in international organizations and create supra-national bodies, it is already outdated values?

Thrive is a country where people are free to realize their potential and aspirations.

Scanlan: I'm sure it's enduring values. The United States is too dependent on other states. The question is how the country can best protect their independence and

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General cleaning in the nursery

Children, in contrast to other rooms in need of general cleaning more often. This can be explained not only by the fact that a growing child needs a clean, but also the feature that it is evolving very quickly, so in the nursery things are constantly emerging, no longer needed by your successor.

Considering all available in the wardrobe, be sure to remove the part of his clothing, which the child had worn out or out of rose. Bookshelves also need frequent revision. For the harmonious development of the child should be on the shelves of books that match their

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Feast of disobedience, or a crisis one year

What's going on? Your year-old kid if substituted. More recently, he was so obedient, affectionate, sweet, and now — it's just a small typhoon, rushing his way and does not want to listen to your exhortations. In the street he comes out of your hands and runs into the deepest puddle or, on the contrary, all the while asking for pens and from the height of his mother's wishes to the growth of the whole to consider a walk-on in the district of the birds. Home he will certainly need all to open, disassemble, break down, flip and spill

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The beginning of all beginnings

Our forefathers said, "Who does not know his past — has no future." "Knowing the past Knows the future. Know the unknown, come to know the unknown. There is no greater evil in the world than ignorance! "

The word "Veda" means knowledge. The word "know", "confession", "sermon", "bear" (knowing honey) come from the same root. But Vedas means also the name of the oldest on the planet of the scriptures. Once on Earth was one civilization was one knowledge — Vedic. You can still find remnants of the Vedic knowledge, preserved in many countries, especially in

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