The beginning of all beginnings

Our forefathers said, "Who does not know his past — has no future." "Knowing the past Knows future. Know the unknown, come to know the unknown. There is no greater evil in the world than ignorance! " The word "Veda" means knowledge. The word "Veda", "Confession", "sermon", "bear" (knowing honey) come from the same root. But Vedas means also the name of the oldest on the planet of the scriptures. Once on Earth was one civilization was one knowledge — Vedic. You can still find remnants of the Vedic knowledge, preserved in many countries, especially in Russia and India.

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Even today, Aug. 17


Abnormal weather

Expected thunderstorms, heavy rains and hail in some places. At night, 17-23 ° C during the day 24-36 ° C.

Do not pass:

The procession with the icon of the Mother of God will come Minsk to Borisov around 18.00 — 20.00.

Minsk hosts the first International Fair of school companies.


In Minsk, the Permanent Representatives of the CIS countries will consider a draft statement by the heads of states of the Commonwealth in connection with the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the CIS.

Meetings of the Integration Committee of

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I am here I will stay …




Here is what the head of the family Oleg Philippovich: — It was late in the evening. I'm sitting at home. I read a book. And then there's a knock on the door, a light but impatient.

Who could it be, I think. I'm not expecting guests.

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Erection problems

The statistics do not give an accurate answer about the number of men who have erection problems, first of all, because the concept of "erection problems" is too general. If rather, we should talk about erectile dysfunction or impotence.

Why did this happen?

Even a perfectly healthy man does not guarantee 100% success in this psihozavisimom process as sexual intercourse. Occasionally erection problems can occur in any person. And the reason there may be very different, for example, physiological — an excess of alcohol, the side effects of drugs, etc., or psychological — self-doubt, anger or stress.


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Two contacts …




-In May 1990, says Yuri Yakovlev — I moved to my passenger car on a pontoon bridge to the island and then rode away from the shore. And came here with the sole purpose — to unwind, relax in the tranquility of the city noise. Well, out

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Armageddon 2012: The Trail-Camping bring a good luck

Armageddon 2012 is much dimmer than the Albion in the autumn days. It is hard to guess where in the Earth can avoid these disasters. But many have already "pricked skiing" in the so-called places of power. For example, many believe that the Apocalypse will not affect Diveevo (village near Nizhny Novgorod, where the Orthodox sanctuary Seraphim Diveevo monastery).

It is said that St. Seraphim of Sarov, predicted that the Antichrist would crush a lot of churches, but can not do anything with Diveevo. In addition, thousands of mystics are going to wait out the event on December

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Figure indicates a partner




We are all born under its specific number from 1 to 9, — said the famous Italian numerologist Sylvia DiPietro. — Knowing your number and the number you are interested person, plus features specific to a particular figure, you can find a partner that will suit you

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The creator in you

Are you doing with the emotions and reasoning. But the "trigger", allows to realize your ideas about the world, are the emotions. It is their energy "animating" frames of images (your reasoning, that view of the world), and makes the images embodied in the physical world. However, not understanding the purpose of emotions and their real power, you often try to either destroy them or indulge them recklessly … Take courage and realize that you do …

  Regardless of what you think you are, you — the creator. Even if your creation — not huge galaxy, and only

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The development of a child’s speech from 0 to year

Your baby is still very tiny. At first glance, it seems that the development of speech too early to speak. What it meant, you say, if it can be heard only a resounding "y-a!"And in moments of calm and benevolent mood -" aga "yes" yeah ", not counting the other vague and unconvincing sounds. Many parents believe that before their child utters the first words (and usually it happens at the age of about a year) is useless to talk to him as he, they say, still does not understand anything, and yet can not learn.

However, the

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The reverse side of the Internet

"World Wide Web" connects hundreds of millions of computers and allows people around the world communicate with each other for commercial, educational, scientific, political, military, criminal and other purposes, but mostly just for fun … But let's not forget that the Internet was developed by the U.S. military, which, like the government, are increasingly interested in what we are doing on the web, who are looking for that we write to each other …

Monitored every step

Now everyone knows why there is a barcode on the product packaging. These strips and numbers are used to scan prices and

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