The child gets tired

The fact that he's tired, wants to tell you your child when for no reason, no reason, apparently, he begins moods and tantrums, because he simply can not handle the bulk on his emotional stress.

From what our kids get tired? From the large crowds

In kindergarten and school children all the time in the collective. And sometimes I want at least a little time alone. Give him the opportunity. Children love to arrange "houses" under a desk or in a closet. Let it sit for a while there, rest, and then he'll come back to you —

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Krasnodar Krai. Our Bermuda Triangle?

Do you often have a headache, and always a bad mood? Do you know what was there before, which is now built your house? Does not surprise you that your neighbor in the cottage ripe harvest, and you have — all the plants died? Why is this happening? Perhaps to blame the curse? In this series of "mysterious Russian" film crew tries to work out whether there is energy storage land, as the curse of the ancestors actually act on the human body, can prove their existence from a scientific point of view and are protected whether they are those

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Magic Numbers will help in love




The numbers in our lives unimaginably play an important role. Well, when it comes to love — the magic number makes itself felt in full. Do you want to learn how to navigate the arithmetic of tender feelings and manage their passion with numbers? Unit

A man

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What books or writings …




"I thought, that you have established themselves, but you still pagan customs hold on — you believe in witchcraft?"

"… And why do you burn witches? Better pray for them, pray sorcerers, honor their sacrifices and bring them, let rule your community, and let them send

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History of gray people

Grey (Greys) — Slave Koshcheev whisspiritual spiteful people out of the dark worlds, who goes by the technocratic way of development (Imperial laws, the power of the slave-owners, etc.). This TVandrhenium God (Genesis 2), a name which Statanail [Secret Jn]. Gray — the inhabitants of the Earth Eden and Nod with Galactic East (galaxy under named Sunshine, ie baked life, infancy), where he was a bio-cloning to the creation of Adam, Lilith and Eve, "And the Lord God planted a garden in Eden (Mountainous giants) in the east, and there he put the man whom he had formed"(Genesis 2:8).

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Or Jesus Christ?

Throughout the existence of our civilization, of earthly humanity constantly born, those who choose the path or the White god, and those who "hits" on the side of its antipode — Chernobog. Sorry for all the "chosen people", the Vedic tradition and Islam are not in the history of collisions. Does not know them and "Book of Veles", despite the fact that Islam is already rattled by the whole "old" world. It should be noted that it is in the Slavic lands undergoing Islamization pravedizma preserved a living tradition.

"Veda Slavs" was recorded in the Rhodope Mountains in Slavs (Bulgarian

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Belarus spread rot for what she did not destroy their industry and agriculture

Yes, he fought on Belarus entire "civilized world", because Lukashenko — the dictator and dare to win the election, but did not give power to a candidate who scored as much as 2% or so.

I can not help thinking that Belarus spread rot for what she did not destroy his "ineffective" industry and agriculture. But if you would have done, as in other post-Soviet countries, then they would have praised. And what would they be living? A preferential loans to take and so on trifles. And why would they give them? And for hosting NATO

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Methods of purification of space and energy security

If you want to succeed in personal relationships and business, you need to create in your home and in the workplace all the conditions for a good flow of qi energy, have an unlimited life-giving force.

Upgrade the space where you spend a lot of time, energy magically change the entire room and promotes success in all matters. Cope with stagnant negative energy in the room allows inflows of young and fresh energy that fills the house and supports chi energy indoors healthy and strong.

One of the most effective ways to enhance

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Confessions of a superman

20 years ago, in January 1991, even before the collapse of the USSR, the Russian newspaper "Free Speech" published "Confessions of Superman", which then could be perceived as a confession schizophrenic. But now, after more than 10 years, it is perceived quite differently — as a rabbi E.Hodos writes in his book "The Jewish Syndrome 2 1/2" — as the greatest tragedy of the content and results of the confession …. One of the last documents "mystery of iniquity" was published in the newspaper "Evening Kiev" September 28, 1992:

"Our time is returned. Yes it from us and not go

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Good Home Perm Weird Sisters




Irina Cherepanov, a professor of Perm State University, studying spells, prayers and incantations of different nations, has opened a way to turn a loser in the lucky

In Perm, where Irina Cherepanov led scientific and practical laboratory "Vedium" and where it is made and is making the

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