The web is spreading rapidly letter to Putin from RUSSIAN nationalists

The web is spreading rapidly letter to Putin, in which the author has put quite fair and correct, but not new questions, which, however, until there is no answer. Politicians do not like direct questions on the merits …



An open letter to Putin on Russian nationalist

Author — Yuri Averyanov

Mr Putin, you are drawn to a Russian citizen of Russian nationality. Yes, thatRussian, instead of "Russian" as you would like. Despite all your efforts set up by the roots of the Russian nation, it still exists and calls itself

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Arithmetic of love




The numbers in our lives unimaginably play an important role. Well, when it comes to love — the magic number makes itself felt in full. Do you want to learn how to navigate the arithmetic of tender feelings and manage their passion with numbers?

Unit A man

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Secrets of the old Cossack

The one who does not respect the customs of the people do not keep them in your heart, the shame is not only his people, but above all do not respect themselves, their family, their ancient ancestors.

1. Cossack can not consider himself a Cossack, if does not know and does not comply with the original ancient traditions and customs of the Cossacks. Cossack! Desire to know their ancestors out of pure love, and your efforts will be crowned in the end self-knowledge.

2. Knowledge — something very individual, and is not transmitted as many words as action, but you

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Exercises to develop feelings of energy

Energy can be felt in some way by anyone. The following practices are aimed at the development of this feeling.

The initial phase Pose for training: sitting in a chair or reclining. Important: The person should be focused on learning — not to smoke, to be sober and rather hungry — that under these conditions the consciousness is best adapted to the perception and, therefore, to learn.

  First, the easiest to give yourself the opportunity to feel the energy in your hands, you just need to warm up your hands, and the student concentrates on a particular context, which

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Art of Relaxation




Today, hardly anyone need to explain what is stress. We know that stress can cause a deep dissatisfaction with life and the many health problems. We know that in order to avoid stress, you need to learn to relax. However, we are lacking practical knowledge in this

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Point of view, self-esteem …


"When people choose to believe, and do not know — it's time to charlatans …" Do not believe a word I say!

If you really want to be useful, the fight against ignorance, poverty servility, slavery, bigotry and hypocrisy. Litsemerovi bigots did the elite of society — actors, singers, politicians, Fin. oligatory. You yourself hold forum where they will lie, so do not be surprised what is happening and just angry at myself. Only by changing yourself you can change the space. All the problems of ignorance, which is the essence of all fanatically imposed

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Slavic calendar for September 2011

September — the fateful month, because the goddess Mokos, Fates, goddesses Doomsday will give each decision judgment. Before September 11PERUNremains the chief steward. And because PERUN exhibits the strongest qualities in a person, imagine all the best that you have, so it was fixed on the line of your destiny. Especially for 2, 9, 17, 25 September. No observance of the code will lead to certain difficulties, emotional, inadequate emissions, and it will be noted negatively Makos.

Therefore, let us recallCODE PERUNA.    

— Keep your honor and the honor of others. — Protect family. Conserve

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Saved or Alive

A little background …

There are three known states of the human body — waking, dream and trance.

Wakefulness is of two types — active (work) and passive (rest).

Son also is divided into two phases — fast and slow. But in a trance state is now known only passive phase — hypnosis and OS.

So, by analogyAlive — is the active phase of the trance.

Example. It is known that the head can not jump higher. But if there is a situation when an angry dog behind and in front of a two-meter fence, a person includes the

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Hearing Aids

It is very difficult to admit to yourself, especially if you're young, that the hearing is not the same and will have to wear a hearing aid. However, people who use this device in one voice say that it is still better than without him hearing loss is not depriving a full active life.

How to choose a hearing aid apparatus?

On what grounds can determine that a hearing to which you applied, trustworthy?

Minimum guarantee of quality — it's a license to trade in medical equipment. The company has a license, cherish it, and tries to

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Forge happiness unconventional methods




The simplest of all possible means of wish fulfillment — it's only a wish. But — certainly at the right time and the right place. Fallen eyelash? Guessing! You sit at the banquet between Tatiana? Guessing! From the sky falling star? Guessing what your time to lose!

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