Secrets of Health in Chinese




Feng Shui and health.

Ancient Chinese physicians, perhaps, the first to hit upon the idea does not treat the disease, and its cause — the imbalance of energy in the human body. Each of the five elements (Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood) is responsible for

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The idea — the energy


We extract energy from everywhere. When we eat, we take out the energy to power our cells. We breathe in the air and get a breath of energy from the sun, planets, plants and all living things. When we have something hard and continuously think that a lot of energy and information stored in our mental images.

There comes a time when the amount of energy reaches a critical mass, mental images begin to live your life, attracting the events and circumstances of which we thought we were dreaming, or, conversely, which feared. Implementing a

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Awarding of the 393rd Air Force Base Russian Order of Kutuzov

Vladimir Putin handed the 393rd Air Force Base Russian Order of Kutuzov.


VLADIMIR PUTIN: Hello, fellow pilots!

Fellow officers, fellow sergeants, soldiers! Dear veterans!

I congratulate you on the remarkable event — the presentation of the 393rd Air Base of the Southern Military District, Order of Kutuzov. You deserve this award. Earned Ratna affairs and exploits flawless execution of the most complex challenges throughout its illustrious history department.

For the past 60 years, your part in the fighting ranks in the service of the Fatherland. With victories passed really legendary, heroic way. Your predecessors, the pilots 807-Attack

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Reiki energy — charge of their own hands

September 9, 2012 4:26

Ancient art of healing the sick through the transfer of energy through the hands of every year is gaining popularity across the globe. The Japanese character "Ray" can mean something comprehensive, absolute or god. "Ki" — generic term for life-force energy. Thus, the "rails" (Reiki) is approximately translated as "healing energy that exists in nature." The easiest way to use the energy of Reiki can be noted, when we put a hand to any sore spot for himself. The ancient Taoist practices argued that by doing so, we unconsciously direct the flow of energy "ki" in

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A new disease: sex sleeping with strangers




Sleep. The mysterious and still no definitive study of the state of the soul and the body. What did we just do not sleep — who snores, who speaks, who even walk. And there are people who are engaged in a dream most real sex.

At the

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Night raids lesser demons




Lucky Fong

I remember as a child my grandmother constantly grumbled: "Do not put a pillow on the table — this match will be … Do not methylated in the house, after seeing guests, the road they will be bad. " What nonsense, I thought then. Today,

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A person can compress and stretch the time

June 3, 2012 7:05

Psychological studies have shown that the best way to slow down your biological clock — is to go on a long journey.

Stop, instant!

Almost every one of us suffers from "the syndrome of constant rush" — that psychologists call the phenomenon when a person thinks that he will not have time. Do many things simultaneously and always in a hurry. But it does not leave us obsessive feeling that the time runs away and slowly steals our lives, moment by moment. However, almost everyone notices one amazing paradox: time slows down whenever

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I do not want to live in the country, Hey, how you got there?

I do not want to live in the camp — "Hey, how are you there?"

Our planetka themes and gorgeous that is diverse! And where in the islands high in the palms of screaming cockatoo loves ladies burly, a kind of three-wrap, then in Paris, 21 century, only to regret these poor things! Different color and shape of the eyes, one religion and endless — but … for centuries here and there sotsiuokulturnaya has developed a system of relations, where some of her eyelids were bonded human blood, spreading those cases which at that time were at heart the stateliness

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Want to change the destiny — take a second name

April 16, 2012 12:20

It has long been observed that the name somehow influences the nature and destiny of man. Some names give their owners the energy, drive, determination. Others — meekness, gentleness, shyness. The name can bring success, health and happiness to its owner, or vice versa — an obstacle to the implementation of plans.

Famous aliases

Is it possible to distinguish yourself from the crowd?

In studying this phenomenon, the researchers highlight the different concepts of science and history to intuitively esoteric. But so far there is no consensus on the reasons a communication mechanism between

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Lukashenko praised the company Riko

Society Belarus is ready to cooperate with the Slovenian company "Riko" "for any project on a commercial, market-based."

This was stated by President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko during a meeting with the leadership of the company.

He noted that the Slovenian company sent a "more specific" letter, which outlined its proposals for cooperation with Belarus.

"I was interested in all points of your suggestions, and we are ready to work on all counts."

The President of Belarus said more than over ten years of work in Belarus company "Riko" has established itself as a reliable and honest

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