Young Belarus Milinkevich

Society Today in Minsk office of the Belarusian Popular Front constituent congress of the youth movement "Young Belarus". The delegates also decided to support in the upcoming presidential elections the leader of the movement "For Freedom" movement Alyaksandr Milinkevich.

The congress began with almost an hour late due to the fact that the waiting delegation of three areas — Brest, Mogilev and Grodno — who have not been able to come to Minsk. At the beginning of the Congress was not able to contact them by phone. Elected leader of the movement Artur Finkevich noted that the next time will

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Straight out of the mirror




How to protect yourself from the fact that it did not cause irreparable harm to you? By creating a mirror, and people had no idea that came up with one of the most mysterious things in the world. As time began to come to understand that it

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Savings on transport of goods

Now the city limits the introduction of the crane arm was actually a mass phenomenon. This is explained by so many factors. In 1-x is a whole encompassing system for loading and transportation. In-2, the manipulator immediately replace a couple of other machines, such as auto and truck crane. B-3, modern cranes cranes have higher mobility and are able to pass even where more languid and massive machines across on its way insurmountable obstacles such as electronic wires, narrow driveways, small parking lots). B-4, it means real savings in both time and money the customer. And in the fifth,

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Secret properties of water

December 13, 2012 3:27

Eugène Scribe, the famous French playwright XVIII-XIX centuries., Whose plays are successfully today, showed the famous "glass of water", the water is likely to have an extraordinary effect on people's lives and world history. I want to show you that a glass of water can have a miraculous effect on your health.

What was not treated people. But before taking the "armor" pills and stuff, try the most simple and true — what nature gives us. What is this? Plain water. This method is based on the belief in the ancient mystical properties of water. Believe

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How to get to the astral

February 27, 2013 21:26

Yspeshnogo for "output" must have sledyyuschee:

1) Will 2) Desire 3) Place 4) The time of

DURING otsytstvii any of the components do not polychitsya. The desire of most y depzhitsya on curiosity and with temporal ymenshaetsya. Desirable to have the will to excess. Define whether the required number of I suggest some mogy sledyyuschim, CL: Put modeled from a clock smotpite on them and stop all thoughts are … what that Chepez Quaternary you find yourself on the fact that what we thought for a long time has finally arrived

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Typical complaints of pregnant

Everyone knows that pregnancy not a disease, but one of the normal physiological conditions in women. And to treat pregnancy not necessary, you only need to watch carefully. However, almost no woman in the position is not comfortable for nine months. As well as the sick, pregnant women often complainstate their health. And no significant hormonal changes, the growing belly, a noticeable weight gain, changes in the psyche can not help but reflect on the state of health of the expectant mother.

The most common complaints of pregnancy — nausea and vomiting, constipation, back pain, insomnia, cramps, stretching,

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Want to change the world — start with yourself!

Welcome, Friends! I want to tell to you important information … I have to say that my opinion may differ from yours and there is nothing "bad", just that you perceive the world differently, and I — in their own way … In short, each of us lives in his own reality that is different from how the world sees every other man and it is wonderful!

So, I think "society" conditionally! divided into two types of people:

1) There are those who are dissatisfied with their lives, those who are dissatisfied with government, politicians, the

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Mobile phones: the killer next to us …


Perhaps in your hand now — your possible killer.

The World Health Organization has just released figures representative survey, the figures are quite convincingly draw the following picture — mobile phone use increases the risk of cancer of the brain.

Classification according to which the level of risk identified — 2V, which means an average degree.

Experts say they have collected enough information to point the finger at the culprit …

The research was conducted in 14 countries, participated in them more than three dozen experts.

Cause cell changes elektromagnityne powerful waves that the

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The essence of the talisman. What is a guardian?

The essence of the charms are exactly what their names imply: their vocation — to protect people, especially during hard times, in times of conflict, terrorism, and other ills. In other words, to protect the owner from any intentional negative influence, whatever it may be and wherever may come. Negative impacts can be purely physical effects — such as disease (caused by the way, are often not only by natural causes, but we overcame the evil eye or due to damage).   Amulets can protect its owner and of any impact on his psyche, the soul, the emotional sphere.

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Working with Images

Good health to a friend! I decided to share my experience, formed on the basis of his thoughts on working with images. I think it will be interesting to you. And also would like to know about your experiences, dear, for this section of spiritual practices.

As I understand the process of obtaining information. Information in a simple and natural in nature supreme store, or rather is (it is constantly changing, when it comes to living the Vedas of land) in the form of images. The man picks up the images at once soul. Ie should he come into contact

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