The method of access to the astral plane to the astral Kanata

November 6, 2012 4:42

This technique is so named because of its key component is the imaginary invisible rope attached to the ceiling of your room. He used to have a pulling effect on any point of the astral body and thus cause it to separate from the physical body.

This technique is more effective than other, passive and indirect ways — in anticipation of a relaxation of vibration or visualize yourself outside your own body. As for the vibration, they are a side effect, not the cause of astral projection. When the astral body is enough pressure to ensure

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The text record of 1.29.94. Continued from Part 5

And again … with your help provide answers to our questions. We ask questions on anomalous phenomena. At the time of the last contact, January 25, you have no warning was interrupted contact. Why it happened, if I may?

— We are talking about the translator.

He was a bad thing?

— No. We gave him too much.

And this is not related to the level of our questions?

— And, yes and no.

That is, they were not interested or unqualified for you?

— No, you set the direction and meaning of the question does not matter.


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The text record of 1.25.94. Continued part 4

Do you feel unworthy of human civilization and other intelligent communication?

— We told you: you kids and we will never humiliate you.

If we assume that your mind is wholly owned, what is the percentage of the average scientist in the world?

— We do not think so. Your brain — the brain — is the first. And the second — your concept of 3%, in our — you're just using a piece of it.

And there is a possibility to increase the percentage of use of the brain?

— There comes a time.

It will be soon?

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The transition to the Other World

March 14, 2012 6:44

Can you describe how the transition, or death? Exactly where we find ourselves, when we pass into the next world?

Person feels as if slipped into a pond or a warm bath. At some point, you leave one environment for another. When you step out, for example, in a hot bath, you are dry and do not have water, then you are covered with water and the body becomes wet. When in a new environment, you will be more comfortable than the old, you may decide to enter into it, or stay on the doorstep.

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How to make a magic mirror to develop clairvoyance?

January 15, 2012 17:44

In this experiment, we will create own magic mirror for the development of clairvoyance. Careful contemplation of the flame, now are making next to the mirror in which we clearly see the reflection of your face. The exercise is performed in the morning or in the evening, in the twilight in a calm atmosphere, turn off the phone in advance and ask relatives to you during this time did not bother …

Magic Mirror

Prepare pre-mirror is best to buy a new full-length mirror, but if this is not possible, fit the old. Try

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Ability to retire

Dismissal often creates some problems for future careers. The ability to go through this stage with minimal losses, and maybe even with acquisitions, greatly facilitates career breakthroughs. In recent years, employers are less likely to occur, evaluating new specialist without an analysis of his professional past and believe that a good person must have at least a few years of experience in the new reality.

Therefore, the requirement to provide advice to the candidate with previous employers has become the norm. It is clear that the former head of a great recommendation will only be, if you broke

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Electric wizard




One real shaman told me: "In your head does not have enough air. And your heart is "breathing" to the left ". Later, a real doctor confirmed the hypoxia of the brain and cardioneurosis.

I was born left-handed, and the heart of the matter "breathes the left."

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Lessons interest

Do you remember the day when your daughter went to the first class? White bows, a huge bouquet of flowers, the first call, the first five … It seems that it was only yesterday. And today she is almost an adult's place of bows and dresses took ripped jeans and colorful t-shirts, and she has a lot of different and, of course, very important things. Where here to think about school? Loss of interest in learning — the problem, of course, a serious, but still there are several ways to solve the puzzle on the top five.


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Space saboteurs

Why are children being born crying? Because they hurt and scared and they just want to back but still have the courage to stay. You certainly do not remember but present yourselves to what it was you, helpless expression of the soul to be in the world of psychotronic slavery landfill disposal systems, operation and control?

In a world where rasschitany for a thousand years, the human body produces its life for several decades, and your perception of the world is limited so that you do not know who you are and where you are. Remember the experimentation

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Want to know a person? Look how he sleeps

October 19, 2012 20:30

Posture in bed sleeping outstanding character.


Posture during sleep and give our relationship to ourselves and to the world. Climbing into bed and under the covers, we excuse the pun, is disclosed on a subconscious level. And expresses the true attitude to a given situation much sooner than it already sort out intelligently. As explained by psychologists, behavior during sleep is impossible to forge and control. Even if you're deliberately trying to sleep in a certain position, you wake up still in the one that matches your personality. The last "sleepy" study

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