Astral Travel: unbelievable but true!

March 22, 2012 15:02

This is an interesting and very promising esoteric practice has only one drawback: a prerequisite for the success of development are accessories (crystal ball, lighting, etc.), as well as the ability to enter into a certain state of consciousness, which is to force only the most stubborn and persistent of the students. But there is a method by which you can achieve at least the outstanding success in clairvoyance and knowledge of unknown worlds much less effort and without any kind of aids. As you probably already understand, we are talking about astral travel: the industry

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Risk factors for stroke

Morbidity and mortality from stroke remain in Russia among the highest in the world. In Russia each year about 400,000 strokes. Among them are more common ischemic (cerebral infarction) — about 80% of all strokes are fewer hemorrhagic strokes (bleeding in the brain) — about 15%, and subarachnoid hemorrhage (sub arachnoid brain) — about 5%.

Stroke prevention is the actual problem, not only for medicine, but also for society as a whole, because the mortality of stroke is high (20-40% die within the first month of the disease), and among the survivors, more than half have persistent disability.


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In each house lives a residential area

January 20, 2012 18:58

It is a bunch of invisible energy. Depending on the contamination of the apartment house — either being positive, benefiting or negative entity from which continuous damage.

What will be the one of your home depends on you. Brownie a thinking. Not only is it easy to read your thoughts What does the house? It monitors the cleanliness of housing. In contrast to the man he sees the whole energy debris scattered around the apartment, and it is very frustrating. Brownie it gets dirty, his mood worsens.

The bathroom houses do not go. And in

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Avatars leaving cinemas to take place among people

January 22, 2013 2:45

Control by thought, blurring the line between human and robot to merge with the machine to return to an active life avatar leaving cinemas to take place among us. While it is mainly a laboratory, but the day is near when the new items can really improve the quality of life of people — mainly those whose physical abilities are limited.

At the University of Barcelona in the European research project, scientists bring together man and machine, using, in particular, skin electrodes and stereo glasses. Thanks to this symbiosis actually feels connected "in

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Parallel World — issues 41-45

June 30, 2012 2:41

Parallel World — Issue 41 (20/06/2012)

How do I know whether it's time to save a loved one? Why do parents feel their child at any distance? Can sweet improve your relationship?

Parallel World — Issue 42 (06/21/2012)

As with a needle can sew to the man in trouble? Who, when and how to borrow money? And who controls the leaders and governments? And also: what light is right for you? Which day your tryst with success? And where to go to find the meaning of life?

Parallel World —

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What is mental magic?

December 28, 2011 3:48

Each definite thought produces a double effect — emits vibrations and floating form. The very idea is first opened clairvoyant sight as vibration of the mental body, and it can be as simple or complex. If the thought itself is simple, there is only one frequency, and only one type of mental matter is subjected to strong impact. The mental body is composed of matter of several degrees of density, which we usually divide into classes, sub-plans accordingly.

Each of them in turn has many divisions, and if we can conventionally delimit the degree

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The Central Bank of the Russian Federation must belong to the Russian Federation!

Now The Central Bank RF is independent and not subject to even the Russian state. Those who does not know this, just this fact can check by looking in the Constitution of the Russian Federation (Article 75), and the Federal Law "On the Central Bank of the Russian Federation (Bank of RF). " Most of the "independent experts" from the "free" media, when it is on the Central Bank, are beginning a long and tedious to explain that, but not being controlled by the Government, the Central Bank will be effective, will ensure low inflation and the growth of Russian

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Avatars or surrogates are already part of our reality

April 27, 2012 18:50

The scientists of the Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne have developed a robot controlled by thought. Enough to wear a special helmet with sensors and mentally tell the robot to do anything. The sensors transmit impulses to the robot brain. While there is one drawback — the robot control requires your full attention. Once a person is distracted, the robot will expire. "It's tiring, — said one of the patients the test — because you can not relax, no extraneous thoughts in your head should not be."

To circumvent this problem, the

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Transition — a change-energy change in the frequency of vibration

December 5, 2011 0:51

Transition — a change-energy change in the frequency of vibration. Everything vibrates, and these vibrations are amplified, and we should too — if we get this frequency, we enter into a new world where everything is possible, everything is happening — because our vibrations respond — What is inside, then the outside — and vice versa. Indigo children and adults and hundreds of thousands of these can all — bending iron, read heels, ears and armpits not see the eyes, the ears do not hear, smell, not the nose. Change the structure of materials, travel ideas

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How to learn to see the aura

December 2, 2011 15:30

Aura of the person. Photo from:

If you really want to see and understand the aura, I suggest that you read a couple of books on color therapy.

Military train some of its special forces to see the aura, because then, by looking at someone, they know exactly what they think and feel — obviously, the military is very profitable. A special teaching technique I'm going to give you.

Take the colored construction paper and a large piece of white paper, about the size of 60 cm to 1 meter. You will

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