Order a dream

November 24, 2011 23:25

Dreams for a man can be a treasure-trove of the answers to the questions. Use your mind in a dream as a search engine or as an individual assistant could almost everyone. To do this, just order the desired dream … Here are some tips scientists a sleep (dreaming study at a scientific level).

1. Tune in remembering dreams We need to develop the habit of recalling a dream upon awakening. Skill remember dreams well secured with the help of such a notebook and pen to write down immediately after waking

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Mirrors — healers

October 23, 2011 13:35

Mirrors connected hundreds of thousands of superstitions. Spaniards believe that by hanging mirrors on the shoulders of young children, they will save them from the evil looks. We Indians, Tajiks and Persians known wedding ceremony, when the bride and groom should look into one mirror to mirror twin relationship strengthened earthly marriage. Moreover, in some cultures the bride and groom can see each other for the first time is reflected in the mirror, but not directly. That is, knowledge is a mirror twins.

Legend has it that in ancient mirrors entered the souls of

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How to manipulate our minds: 10 simple techniques and equipment protection

October 29, 2011 16:03

The wounds is the title? How they are used by unscrupulous people and, most importantly, how they make it?

About this in the book "Safe chat, or how to become invincible!" Tell therapists Dmitry Kovpak and Andrew Kamenyukin.

Manipulation and manipulators

Manipulation — a kind of psychological warfare that is used to flush the introduction into the psyche of the victim goals, desires, intentions, attitudes, or facilities of the manipulator, which do not coincide with the actual current needs of the victim. The victim of manipulation … people can be only if he acts as a

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Precise and correct concept of philosophy of Feng Shui

According to the rules of Feng Shui the most favorable and suitable location of the front door is the south side. Only in this case, the people living in the house will be happiness, health and well-being in life, they will live in peace and harmony for many years. But equip the entrance on the north, east, or west side is not necessary. You can do everything right, only if building a house themselves.

You bought a new Disposition in the new building, and is now going to do its

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To the broken mirror did not bring disaster

December 12, 2012 16:09

To the broken mirror did not bring disaster

It is unlikely that a broken mirror can cause at least someone positive emotions. At the same magic to break the subject goods is considered a very bad omen. But how to avoid the negative consequences if such a dangerous event has occurred? Do not glue the same pieces … So what advice experts give bioenergy.

Mirrors have the ability to store energy — both positive and negative, experts say. Therefore, it is believed that they can see the other world, or people and things

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Numerological horoscope for 2005




The next year, year of the Magnificent Seven. After all, if you add up all the numbers of the year, just a seven. Seven — the number that carries good luck. For example, according to the system of Pythagoras believed that the seven symbolizes God's

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What to do when the male menopause?

In principle, there is no reason to take hormonal changes the body as the disease. In men, it usually happens very smoothly. In addition, in parallel with the fading of the reproductive glands are effective special internal mechanisms that ensure the gradual adaptation of the body to change. Therefore, the vast majority of men hormonal changes the body shall not affect the state of health or the health.

Especially as being in violation of the male menopause — the condition is temporary. It usually lasts from 2 to 4 years. With respect to the respective male menopause leaves

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What to do with sibling rivalry

It seems, there is not now such a publication for parents, which would have addressed the topic of children's jealousy. And, nevertheless, questions continue to arise.

Everywhere says that an older child to be prepared for the appearance of the baby, talk about what a newborn looks like a pipsqueak, offer feel his palm as yet unborn baby kicking in my mother's belly. All this, of course, absolutely necessary, but do not forget that your offspring, which is preparing to become a brother or sister, there is another, equally important way of understanding the world — game. It

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Who among us does not dream to reside in the beautiful intellectual form, while possessing a clear and mobile mindset enables you to easily "cut one" in new problems? Besides being branded an interesting conversationalist and wit? But all of the above features does each of us. At least, so says the famous Canadian psychologist Tom Vudzhek. Just these abilities must be able to implement, and this, in turn, need to learn to control himself.

Fundamentals of management simple. So why are we not using appropriate techniques? — You ask. Because, as a rule, act spontaneously: the habit, according

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Yoga in the air

I've never flown in a dream. Not afraid of planes and kindly envied those with a tremor in his voice told of how, during take-off and landing in all contracts and pushes you into a state bordering on syncope.

The only time I was able to experience something like they were young, when my lot to take video as newcomers paratroopers jumped out of the helicopter.

Hum …, wind, will open the hatch … and I "leash" — tied a rope to the floor, you do not accidentally take off after the others. Stranglehold grabbed the camera, and to

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