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Services service purchase and sale of real estate

Every man dreams of his own home. Someone already lucky, and he became the proud owner of an apartment or a suburban house, well, someone is still, tell them so, in the way of a long search.

If you're up to now do not understand where and how to pick up home, which will be more good for your family, then you should give advice to visit the multifunctional service for selection of real estate You can pick up housing that responds to your needs, not only in terms of their distribution and the area, and the

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Vladimir Nyaklyaeu. Portrait against a lattice

Society Well, Dad, and we will communicate with you. Or on TV through "Belsat", so here is a Radio Liberty. At the turn signal fires, telepathy and letters written in the margins of books milk prison library. Thank God, all know how to make the ink of the crumb. I've been planning to have a dovecote on the roof, just as long as the neighbors do not give the plan the go. You know, after all that has happened, the prohibition of even a phone conversation at first seemed a trifle. 

But time passes, and the fact that I can not hear

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Shamanic breathing practices

August 28, 2012 18:35


Agim — breathing

The word "Agim" comes from the Turkish "ak" — "for", "flow". This type of breathing involves the operation of all parts of the lungs, which slowly moving air stream to compare with mystics Heavenly River. Agim-breathing action there in the sense of complete rest, satisfaction, and self-control. Cardiac activity is a little slow, the blood pressure goes down, calms the nervous system. In shamanic terms with Agim-breathing positive and negative flows that pass through the body, equalized, preserving the stability for a considerable time after practice. Agim-breath has no

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Parallel Omni-Earth — Kingdom of Fairies, Elementals, Dragons and Unicorns

July 22, 2012 8:50

Lands of other measurements. Image:


We have talked many channeling the amazing quality of life on Earth. And we tell you that no matter how you live and love in the world, you get the benefit, to develop, thanks to the greatness and wisdom of Gaia. Earth, Omni-Earth develops an amazing way to expand, called Ascension. This is — an amazing time, and 2012 will mark the amazing changes your perception of reality and the opportunities around you that used to take it harder. You will not admire the splendor of your

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The brain does not understand Russian. Yardstick your can not be measured. Well, there you have a yard.

Our homeland — all the same awesomeness country. It defies analysis and forecasts. More precisely. And analyzes, and forecasts are made in virtually unlimited quantities, and even at the outlet actually show "Iron" result. However, once you try on the basis of these analyzes and forecasts to build at least some practical policy or even a separate company, as here everything is upside down, giving quite the reverse, if not completely unworkable on the theory of the total.

Take, for our "orange" revolution, precisely, to arrange her trial. The Arabs ran like clockwork, in Central Asia, has gone virtually without

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Manuals activists from all sides of the fence

I looked on the internet, which only metodichek not found. And to expose the "agents of the State Department-navalnintsev" and "how ruthless expose" totalitarian sect. "The most fun I decided to collect specimens. They write with humor, fun and fun. Suggest assessed not in terms of political intrigue, and easier. As literary opus. Enjoy.


lecturer, activist, the hawks in the vast headings with the totalitarian regime of Putin


More and more often fall into a dead end at professional online resources? Ridiculed by your one true position — Once again you could not answer the question of

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How did you create the universe

June 10, 2012 13:26

"The esoteric doctrine, like Buddhism and Brahmanism, and even Kabbalah teaches that the one, infinite and unknowable Essence [You — MJ] exists from all eternity, either passive or active in regular and harmonious sequence. In the poetical phraseology of Manu these states are called the Days and Nights of Brahma [Manvantara and Pralaya — MZ]. The last "awake" or "asleep." …

At the beginning of the period, says the Secret Doctrine, by obedience to eternal and immutable law, is made for distribution of the Divine Essence from outside to the inside and from the

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Precautions in Prague

Pickpocketing — One of the most common crimes in Prague. We are very sorry whenever we hear another story about the stolen money, documents, photos, video cameras or mobile phones.

First of all, we would like to give two quite opposite to each other advice:

1) Do not tempt Prague pickpockets and do not think you can outsmart them. Many of them — the "professionals" upper class.

2) Do not become paranoid. First of all, have fun on your trip. Although pickpocketing — Prague is a problem (as, indeed, and many

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Appliances: what and where to radiate?

Few people think about that quite ordinary things to which we are accustomed, can harm our health.

Creating comfort in your home, we will not spare money for a miracle technique that helps to quickly cook food, to store food, to communicate with each other. By purchasing a particular product, we usually are interested in the benefits of the model, the warranty period. But we do not even think to ask if this comes the question of his health safety. But authoritative experts, doctors and scientists are increasingly anxiously said that in the six most unsafe for our health

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5 products that can not eat when you are sick with a cold or fight.

While there are many natural remedies that can help colds (garlic, ginger, etc.), also good to know what foods to avoid when you're sick with a cold or fight. Rejecting these products, and by using the immunity, you can recover faster and reduce the severity of symptoms.

1. Alcohol

Alcohol weakens the immune system and dehydrate you. Both factors may prolong your illness or aggravate it. Hot grandma punch can remove any symptoms for a short time, but it is important not to overdo it. If you fell ill with a cold, stay away from alcohol. Keep

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