How to get to the astral plane?

July 17, 2012 14:41

Encouraged such pursuits clear and dry weather, and atmospheric tension and harm grozy.Zheludok be pust.Luchshee time of the day-from 23 pm to 3 am.


Monroe advised to take a comfortable position lying like before zasnut.Opustoshit mind, that is, to fully control the thought processes will help you a simple tool called finger pokoem.Vozmite smooth stone, and holding between the middle and index finger of one hand, and rolling, repeating herself some mantra, such as your name.

Rasslableny.Smirites muscles so that the first time you can not preuspet.V this case, after ten attempts

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Spiritual practice in the Celtic Tradition

3 January 2012 14:42


Imagine that you are in a huge cave, the roof of which is bent over you huge arch and the walls extend to both sides, and disappear into the darkness. When you feel that the cave was real enough for you and the real, imagine yourself in a circle of light. It is necessary for your safety. Now, no matter what happens then, you will surely be left unharmed. Making sure that you are in no danger, consider your greatest fear. If you can, try to give it shape. Then, get ready,

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The magic of nature spirits

December 24, 2011 17:49

Every plant, animal, rock, and any other entity have the spirit (consciousness resonance matrix). These spirits can be combined in a "swarm" of minds, becoming the spirit of the area.

Nature spirits are real biological intelligence, mentally strong and much less abstract and controllable than the elementals are familiar with many magicians perform all of their rituals indoors. They can be extremely powerful allies. Possible to sense nature spirits, to determine if they are receptive to a ritual planned, and if so, have them actively participate in magical workings.

Some effects of the nature

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American relatives of the deceased receive a message from him on E-mail

March 16, 2012 15:56

Relatives of the deceased a few months ago, Americans receive from him an email, according to Reuters. 32-year-old Jack with Frozen Alaska in June 2011, died of arrhythmia. Five months after his death near Frozen started getting e-mails with his return address.


At the same time, the agency said, it is not a spam sent through compromised accounts, but of ordinary correspondence. One poluchatateley letters from the dead was the best friend of Jack, Tim Hart. In late November, has received from the first letter in your email. The theme of the

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Order schatlivy dream

November 5, 2011 18:31

Experts believe: our daily health and performance is directly related to the images in your dreams and tested at this time emotions. Let us forget our dreams, they remain in the subconscious effect on us, no less than those that are remembered. Hence the often unreasonably bad or good mood in the morning.

Journey to the worlds of color on the state of our energy, and hence the likelihood of good or bad events in life can be learned by dreams, dreams-called regeneration. They are three kinds: "black", "white", "red". In ancient

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Can I change my karma?


Man has always thought about whether it has its own freedom of choice or a toy in the hands of blind fate. Perhaps the Almighty God decides what will happen to each of us?

Many believe — all that has to happen will happen, as recorded in the Book of Destiny. But still like to think that we are not just puppets, which are pulling the strings invisible puppeteers.

The New Year, the thirtieth December 1984, the aircraft, the next flight from Moscow to Toronto, broke apart and crashed in the cold

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Effective Interviewing

Job Search — the situation today is not rare. Almost every one of us was interviewed at least once, after which we will either receive the coveted place, or begin a new search. The latter may not be our fault, for example, technical education is not related to the content of the job.

However, in order to ensure the effectiveness of the interview, that is, that you have gone through it quite successfully, it is necessary to know certain rules of conduct.

I. The main thing that you should remember: the interview — a meeting between two equal parties.

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Get rid of all bindings

October 16, 2011 11:26

Get rid of all bindings. Recalls his life, and find it an emotional anchor. Find their grievances to someone. Hatred, which is formed due to this and so on.

From all this it is necessary to get rid of soon. As I write this, a sense of guilt that our society is constantly trying to impose on us — very dangerous in terms of our karma. If a person would feel shame, guilt and similar manifestations in relation to something of a lifetime, it will play a trick on him. After death,

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Tantra together




There are five exercises in the style of tantra, and you will become clearer and closer to each other

Andrew Lapin, author and host of the first sexual training (Tantra) in Russia, will help you with this. Although this phenomenon has appeared with us ten years ago,

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Open letter to the Chairman of the Board Ivonka Survily to the Belarusian people

Society Chairman of the BNR Ivonka Survila about the holiday of Easter instead of congratulations sent an open letter to the people of Belarus.

Dear compatriots!

Easter holidays in This year, coincide with the anniversary of the great evils that had to go through to the Belarusian people in the late twentieth century. April 26 marks the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl crime. Therefore, I can not wish you happy holidays, dear compatriots! I just want to say today that the Belarusians and people of good will globally, who know that the Belarusian people are still living in the

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