Year of the Snake, Be wise!

December 28, 2012 14:47

Once every twelve years, each person on Earth has a unique opportunity to warm the snake on his chest: in fact, according to the Eastern horoscope mistress in 2013 would become the snake — a symbol of extraordinary and legendary. However, in their right Black Water Snake enters only February 10, 2013, but no one will disturb us celebrate the New Year twice — on the night of December 31 to January 1, and then again — after a month and a few days.

Components of success

Endless legends, fairy tales,

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Face-lift with Galina Dubinin (facial gymnastics) watch online

Are you concerned that your face looks are not as young as you would like to? You are thinking about the need to change something? On the horizon loomed the plastic face? But where will the money for such expensive beauty … Believe me, things are even simpler and recover the lost youth face is painfully simple! And to help you in this common and effective method developed Galina Dubinin. Just a few minutes of training a day, and your clock zavertyatsya in the back side! A unique set of exercises to help you get rid of wrinkles on

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Slavic calendar for May

Slavic calendar for the month of May.

May— Not just once a month this year, and one of the most crucial. This is a month of growing financial capacity, material goods. Also, this month is directly related to a love affair, and magic, and the connection you put on 1 January, its programming year. Now recall or update your records, you've spent the day, are correlated to the current month and the current situation. Need to plan a month so that the wealthy have become wealthier hours days and trouble — out of hours turned into minutes.

In general,

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The stability we have only one thing — the constant rise in prices …

Society I will start today's conversation from a letter Alexei Padsvilskaga of Gluboksky district. Student describes the realities of today's ordinary Belarusian village, which is recorded in the power of agro-towns — and so in theory it should be in a much better position than other similar towns. However, in reality? Alexei Padsvilski writes:

"In the past it was common Padsville urban village, it is now considered to be agricultural towns. But the problem of not diminished. Status of the agro-town, like decoration, but turned down the old problems: bad roads, which are periodically padlatvayuts in any weather on the

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The Ministry of Information does not intend to withdraw the lawsuits to close independent newspapers

Society The Ministry of Information does not intend to withdraw the legal action to close the "Nasha Niva" and "Narodnaya Volya", ignoring the protests and requests from readers these days come to the Ministry and published in the newspapers.

This was in response to the question of "Freedom", said at a press briefing Deputy Information Minister Liliya Ananich:

"I think our relationship with the" People's Will "and" Our Niwa "Dealt with in the courts. On today the trial started, and each side has the right to express their opinions. And the power of the court — to take only the

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Predictions of alien civilizations




Compared with others, has repeatedly described the case in this episode was a lot of unusual. First, the mode of transportation to the ship Oliveira: aliens took him right out of bed, one bedroom, located on the second floor of the house. But he, maintaining a supine position, rose to the ceiling, and, inexplicably,

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Lending services tender

While on the career you will encounter with the tender lending. Tender loan is a financial service that enables organizations to confirm their ability to pay in the course of the competition, with no withdrawal of money from circulation. As you know, even a small part of the output current assets can lead to significant losses. This type of loan is generally granted for a period not exceeding three months. Note that about twenty percent of all loans that have been made in Russia, designed for competitive actions.

Thanks to the "Tender-Finance" all your questions will be addressed. The activities

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Take a picture of your aura …




I'll take your photo album, showing friends. Those are looking at one of the pictures, and there — some bright colored spots. "What is it?" — Ask. And I tell them, "Do not what, but who? I do this and my aura! ".

…In our new column,

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Your conscience — you say — rebels against being a "straw man, a puppet for two or more dozen Pinger the rope." What do you know about us, once you see us? What do you know about our goals, about us, about whom you can not judge? You need a strange evidence. And do you really believe that you "know" to us or any infiltrated our "intent and purpose", if you saw me in person? I'm afraid that without such experience in the past, even your natural observational skills, no matter how they were sharp, must be acknowledged as more

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Aliens and mind control

If you think that all the mind control experiments are conducted under the auspices of the CIA and other organizations of the earth, you are wrong. It should be noted that implants are often placed in the body of the people during their abduction by aliens. This is confirmed by the stories of many of the abducted, and I described my own experience in this regard, the book "The X-Files Komandyyuschego."

Broadcast, manipulate minds

Here are some new information concerning another method of mind control. They gave the director of the Institute of UFO research in Canada Lorne M.Goldfeyder:


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