Oleg: RUSSIAN moderate. Site Sanity

Carefully look around yourself, brother, Ocean view their past, extending deep into the centuries, and you will realize that the only real truth of this so-called "civilization" — a genocide of Slavs. Consistent, and persistent covert destruction of our history, culture, traditions, our semey.I first we see endless attempts to destroy rusichej — descendants of the Rus, anciently existed on the vast lands of Asia and Europe.

No wonder the word "race" tune «Rasha». It is easy to see how our spaces in the native Russian quietly but relentlessly squeezed out all the key positions in the

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100 eyes of Lars von Trier’s Watch online

Our business with Bjork similar to marriage. It all begins with a mass of feelings, creative spirit, and so on, and ends the struggle for power. Prior to the beginning of this struggle seems you read thoughts friend friend. And you chuvstvuesh offended if your partner to read your mind "- Lars von Trier

Historical figures, people of destiny

Black ice mercilessly hurt the inhabitants of Kiev

Beware, sleet! More than five hundred people in Kiev for the past two days turned into tramvpunktiv with sprains, strains and fractures.

As reported podrobnosti.ua, doctors say that such a number of injured people on slippery roads for a quarter more than usual. The victims are mostly icy pensioners.

Doctors advise on the street to keep your hands in your pockets, wear comfortable shoes and be sure to keep on the stairs to the handrails. And if you have already fallen — not to delay and promptly contact the trauma center or call an ambulance.


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As bred Russian tourists abroad

This summer, not all travelers returning from abroad happy holiday. The fact that our tourists bitch in foreign exchange offices and stores, of course, is not news. Against the most common ways we even developed immunity. But the industry of deception is not in place: every year, "Grifters" invent something new …

CARDS Paid "plastic" — left penniless There are more than hundreds of swindle with plastic cards. Our brother is actively fool when paying by card in the shops. In the major tourist centers of entire stores are created only in order to establish there a

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Overalls by European standards

What is the image that appears in your head at the mention of the phrase work clothes? Most likely it is dirty pants, smeared with paint and ragged jacket. Such clothes are most often used when it comes time to harvest potatoes in the country. However, if you look at the modern versions of clothing, which is used by the workers, you will see that it looks not only correct, but also stylish! To understand what we mean you just look at the site http://www.spets-odezhda.ru/ and consider several options. To date, even the handyman in construction will not allow himself

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As trained advocates troll

Author:Yuri, Chelyabinsk

Do not have time to go first lecture bloggers School Patriots (http://nstarikov.ru/blog/9793), As it became clear that the trolls-advocates work is long and earnest. Here is the text Manuals for "trolls" on the forums. Where are clearly described, and what to do and say when communicating on the forums. Link to the material:http://informachina.ru/news/429-pamyatka-agentu-gosdepa.html BLOG where information was posted:http://www.movements.org/blog/ So, the actual material.

Memo troll (instructions for the soldier and the (work on the forums).


To convey to the audience thought the best way possible, you need to follow

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How to cheat Russian tourists abroad?

Not all the travelers returning from abroad happy holiday. And they can understand. Taxi drivers wring exorbitant fares to attractions, waiters in restaurants discharged astronomical bills, and staff accommodations "just in case" takes the collateral value for the towels and then stealing them. The fact that our visitors make a fool abroad — not news. But the industry of deception is not in place, and year after year, "Grifters" invent something new.

This article describes the most common ways of cheating Russian tourists.

Method one

Most scams involve credit cards.

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Mobile phones in Moscow

One of the major inventions of mankind in the last fifty years is the cell phone. Think of Russia in the nineties. At that time, afford to have a mobile phone was able only to wealthy people. Mobile phones then were a huge tube with retractable antenna, a phone in your pocket is not even put. But with the development of new technology mobile phones are getting smaller and the screen is bigger.

Also with time mobile phones have become not only perform functions for devices, but also players and cameras. Today, modern mobile phone is a high-tech thing about

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Seven conditions for victory over insomnia




Maria Ryakhovskaya correspondent PSDP.ru

Already dawn, and you still do not sleep. The sound of a passing trolley first morning for you — like iron on the glass. No, saw on the bare nerves. No sleeping pills have not helped, and the question is nowhere more acute:

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10 facts about the weight of the body


Science does not stand still, and the fact that we are considered true just a few years ago, now the scientists opinion could change radically. In addition, every now and then reveals all the new factors affecting the weight and the ability to lose weight. Now many scientists are looking for new ways to the relationship of weight to genetics, pregnancy and various chemical processes in our body.

1. It really genetics.

When scientists first discovered the gene responsible for predisposition to obesity and diabetes type 2, and so they

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