Letters to Miłosz. Peter writes Gulava

Society New opus century literary project to Czeslaw Milosz. With the support of the International Network of Literary Centres "Halma" and the European Cultural Foundation.

Dear Mr. Milos

was a summer morning, the fourth or fifth hour. Air as e-mail inside the shell — play pink and gray, you write in 1958 in his essay "Native Europe." DO NOT e-mail, and enamel, I know. We are from different eras. I imagine, like you, with a white napkin on your lap, just like a native Parisian, one by one, open shells in a small cozy restaurant in Montmartre. Almost thirty years

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Revelation dzetiantsev

Bashar: Let me welcome you! As you know, the theme of the evening — star system Zeta Network. Race, coming out of this system, with your consent continues to implement its findings. And they've made a few discoveries. They grow, they learn, and part of their mind wants to share their discoveries with you.

Tonight, in your time scale, you will speak of the civilization of Zeta Reticuli. Channel will take some time to digest the energy of this creature. Zeta representative will talk at once, as soon as the energy will be absorbed. He will answer your questions

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Questions and answers about the abductions and visits by aliens

Visits and abductions by aliens — this is an important issue related to UFOs. Quite a lot of people have experienced them myself. There are two types of contactors: The first group are people who have been "abducted" in the unconscious and find it frightening incident, the second type are those who are constantly visited by friendly aliens. Many of us would like to avoid the first type of contact, but gladly accepted to the second. following session Bashar answers to questions about alien visits and abductions. Responses received through channeling.

This material is divided into three parts.

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Orion Empire

Many literary sources on esoterica, UFOs, extraterrestrial civilizations established residents Orion extremely negative reputation. In the books it is because they have been involved in many conflicts and devastating wars with the other representatives of extraterrestrial intelligence of the universe.

Other esoteric sources report that gray, which for the last thirty years, probably more than any other contact with the people, using them for their experiments, live in a star system Zeta constellation network that is not so far away in the constellation of Orion. Although there is evidence that many of the gray civilization for centuries visited

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Mysterious interview with Reptilians LASERTOY. Extension

Q: First of all, who are you? Are you — an extraterrestrial species or can your origin be found on this planet?

Answer: As you can see with your own eyes, I — not people (!) Like you, and if the end to be honest I'm not a mammal — despite my partly mammal-like features of the body that are the result of a kind of evolution I — female reptile belonging to a very old reptilian race (reptilians).

We — native earthlings, and we live on the planet for millions of years. We have mentioned in your

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Mysterious interview with Reptilians LASERTOY

Q: What happened with alien species?

A: We do not know exactly. The surviving humanoids on earth obviously died in the years after the bomb and others of their kind and the reptilians never came back to Earth (as far as we know). Relatively reptilian aliens, there is a possibility that it was physically impossible for them — to return, because the issue between bubbles — sometimes in rapid motion. Current theory, it is fact that both species had ceased to exist for millions of years.

Q: You mentioned skeletons of your kind. How can this be,

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Why do yogis teeth do not hurt?

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Are you a seer? Prompt cards

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People search on the Internet is faster and easier!

Among the diversity of modern mobile devices occupy a worthy place devices with Android and IOS. On the merits and shortcomings of each of them, a lot to say, but there is one fact that they share this application. Every owner of a smart phone and PDA, "fills" your machine, the most essential and attractive applications for themselves. A list of these applications is largely dependent on the age of the owner and his activities, whether school or work, this is not important. But there are programs that will benefit almost everyone. Such applications include finding people on the Internet

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Confrontation watch online

In a series of broadcasts of "Confrontation" will bring you the latest real stories of ordinary people who fate set before most important, the decisive goal. On what they decide to have their current situation in life, depends on all of their upcoming fate.

Sometimes life throws us unexpected and difficult challenges, which are difficult to solve, and the solution has an effect on our subsequent fate. Heroes of this transfer will have to go through a variety of actions: some are scary and disturbing, some — fascinating and exciting, some — dramatic. And all the action

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