Sixth sense

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Feng Shui transform even a small apartment

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Fabulous stay in Finland

What first appears in your mind when you hear about Finland? Perhaps Santa Claus, reindeer and Arctic Circle. And yet — it is not all the wonders that can surprise this northern country. Finland is called the country of a thousand lakes. It is worth noting that about ten percent of the territory is covered by water: rivers and lakes. This is a real boon for fishermen, because in Finland cleanest lakes are stocked with trout, perch and other fish species.

The man who once rested in Finland will come back here again. Finland is good, both for summer

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Andrei Bondarenko: I hope that the prison has made me stronger

Society Minsk City Court acquitted the businessman, a member of the United Civil Party Andrei Bondarenko.

On charges of economic crimes, he served two years in prison. Now the court has recognized the lack of evidence, and Andrei Bondarenko was released from custody.

Andrei Bondarenko in the evening gave an interview to the liberation of Freedom.

Bushlyakov: What do you have time to do after his release?

Bondarenko: Meet with family and loved ones, and now meeting with friends.

Bushlyakov: How you met the daughter? If you put in jail, she was 7 months.

Bondarenko: For myself

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Vaclav Havel sent a letter Natalia Radina

Society Journalist Natalia Radin, who is accused of organizing mass riots and participating in them, received a letter from the former Czech President Vaclav Havel and friends of the Czech organization "Civil Belarus".

In a letter to the journalist on the occasion of the will expressed solidarity and support:

"We hope to keep track of your civil protest against the progress and results presidential election and were outraged by the brutal measures evidence against you by the police and the KGB. We carefully and anxiously read the news about the political Situation in Belarus and would like to assure you

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Tips when choosing a wristwatch

By purchasing a watch, we often think not only about that then using them to determine when, and how they will emphasize our style. Modern watch so diverse that sometimes give preference even in the presence of free money is not easy. Some of us seem very bolshennymi, others — very malehankih, and others — very pompous. Before you elect to use high-quality watches a few tips that posodeystvuyut navigate the world of changing numbers and running around the dial arrows.

Council 1. Clock should match the size of your wrist. If a narrow pen to put on women's

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The Bible — Scriptures

Fyodor Dostoevsky: "Lord! What the scriptures, what a miracle and what force, the data in it man! ..How many mysteries resolved and frank! I love the book, even! The death of the people without the Word of God … "

"The Brothers Karamazov"

The Bible — a book for all

"The Bible should not be taken seriously" — said one teacher institute during the lecture.

"Have you ever read the Bible?" — Asked him from the hall.

Teacher, caught off guard, I had to admit that he did not open the book. He realized that he can not speak

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Feng Shui Bedroom

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Feng Shui: How to bring into the house a success

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Prophecies of the Black Stars. Part 2

Russian clairvoyant Vasily of Monaco, the star appeared. The Prophet was born in Moscow in 1660. During the reign of Peter I the Great lived in an Orthodox monastery near the town of Klin. Predicting future events during the "divine ecstasy," which were written in prose. He died in 1722. Perhaps the manuscript Russian monk was taken abroad after his death. Found a copy of the prophecies Italian writer Renzo Basher and published in the book "Secrets of St. Petersburg — the future of Russia and the world prophecies Basil Monaco", 1992.


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