If you decide to have a baby

Try first to pass these simple tests and then you decide whether you are ready for it. 1. Take the supermarket with you to the store a couple of small animals, such as goat and pig. All the time keep them in sight. Before leaving, pay for everything they ate or broken. 2. Dress Up Take a live octopus, big and angry. Shove it into the net marketplace, making sure that the fact that all the tentacles were inside. [Cut] 3. Breakfast Take a large plastic bottle. Fill halfway with water and hang from the ceiling. Swing the bottle. Now

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If you were a kid in the 60’s, 70’s or 80’s

If you were a kid in the 60's, 70's or 80's, looking back, it's hard to believe that we have managed to survive to the present day. As children we were driving in cars without seat belts and airbags. A trip on a cart pulled by a horse on a warm summer day was indescribable pleasure. Our beds were painted in bright colors with a high content of lead. There was no secret caps on the bottle, the doors are often locked and not locked cabinets ever. We drinking water from the column at the corner instead of the plastic

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If our kids had a forum, which would have been the theme in it?

"Try to feed me cauliflower: how to react?" "Kaka is not just 2 days, how to escape from the tube, Duphalac, enemas, etc.?" "SOS!! Mom sleeps through the night!" "How do you chair Chico Polly?" "I do not give a tear wallpaper!" "How to sneak up on a cat?" "Going to the district hospital. Boiling" "Do not give scatter cat filler. How to respond?" [Cut] "put to bed at 9 pm. How to deal?" "My golopopye photos online. How to deal with these?" "Staying abroad. Is it worth it to take with your parents?" "What has to be able to

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Sun-sentient being.

Sun — dominant celestial body. It is an intelligent being, managing the solar system-the part of the space you occupy.

The sun enters the space of your existence and reads vibration, touching your skin. It is intimately interconnected with all aspects of life, what you imagined them. This field is the mind, which "charges" and allows your very existence. The sun creates around you environments where a fact of your development. Sun is interested in your spiritual development. As your spiritual growth you are providing new information to the sun when it touches you. In many cultures speak of

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Timely legal aid

In our lives there are moments when you just need a high-quality help a qualified lawyer. This is a very fundamentally — feel the support and protection when you have severe prepyadstviya. But how often do we think about it in daily life? Usually remember about legal advice and attorney work only when get into trouble. In this case, most likely in the first, the most important development for the upcoming events, the moments are in disarray, sign documents and give evidence of what is called "on the machine" under the influence of feelings or pressure from interested parties.

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Before the war, robots still far away, and the battle of gadgets will start in September.

The specialists of "APIT Group" developed a unique, socially active service for users of all mobile devices. Agency of advanced information technology in the study of the audience market for mobile gadgets created a new development — the project «JETR» («Jethro"), which will be launched at the end of September 2011. "Jethro" looks like a technological social network where users are busy creating ratings, discuss, sell, buy, change, update all existing mobile devices: smart phones, players, laptops, tablets. In fact, the role of the user, an not even a man and his gadget. — One of the main advantages of

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End of the World 2013

Message from Earthlings: "It is the end of the World, not with bullets, but with tears, — Elliot. Humanity has already come close to the end of the time period in 26,000 Earth years, which completely covers the next cycle on a huge scale dynamic space of the "constellation of the Pleiades — the sun — the planet Earth." Now your Sun or as we call it "Sun Ring" revolves around Alcyone, the central star in the constellation of the Pleiades.

The uniqueness of the forthcoming evolutionary quantum leap is that constellation of the Pleiades, which

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Online casino Volcano

Online casino "Volcano" — what you've been looking for. Real games room, equipped with the best slot machines in your computer, is not it wonderful? Casinos available online http://club-vulkan.com/gamehall is the only one of its kind online casino of this type. Choosing the games room automaton interested you more than the others, you can start to play slot machines Vulcan without registration and, more importantly, completely free! This casino is known for its reliability and ease of use. Its creators have taken into account all the wishes and advice gamers on the machines, which is why it can be considered

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Parable of wealth, happiness and freedom

It just so happened that in our time the happiness and freedom is associated with wealth, as many people believe that wealth and provide freedom and happiness. A little parable about this.

Near the small village held a small caravan, and a wealthy merchant, owner of the camels and upsell decided to stop for the night nearby.

Seeing the sage, sitting in the shade of a huge tree, a merchant came up and sat beside her. Struck up a conversation. Merchant and then spoke of happiness and freedom, alluding to his wealth and opportunities, thus subconsciously trying

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Unusual mirror

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