Zoe — Welcome to the virtual ozhivshuyu realnsot

Zoe — The newest emulator virtual head of the woman, who is not only able to hold a conversation, but also to express emotions.

Development of effective ways to communicate with computers — a priority. Although known voice assistant Siri, but it is quite impersonal. Therefore, researchers from the University of Cambridge (University of Cambridge) with Toshiba created Zoe — a virtual simulation of a human head that not only knows how to talk, but to express emotions.

Bjorn Stenger of Toshiba Research Laboratory, said: "In most cases,

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About Venus retrograde against the current eclipse, I wrote at length in his article "Retrograde Venus and eclipse season of May-June 2012" and in "The forecast for June 2012." And now I want to address a very important aspect that we have to experience and feel — the passage of Venus, or as it is called — "the eclipse of Venus." Want to address in any historical period there were such events in the past and what is the impact of "Eclipse" Venus on a personal psychological level. So, the lunar eclipse June 4, 2012 at 11:13 GMT coincides

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Changing dimensions and great change

Most of the prophets and indigenous peoples around the world are predicting <mighty change> expecting the Earth and humanity. We see this final and concrete change as a change in the measurement of the planet and a new level of existence, the change in human consciousness to Christ consciousness, or Unity Consciousness. In the last chapter we will look very great change and that understanding of what it is to us.

We will focus on the essence of inter-dimensional transition in order to learn from this and make our present life on Earth is the wisdom that will

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5 ways in which the brain fools us head


All around are busy in that show off our eyes and manipulate our poor minds. The fight for the main brain powder compact was played between marketers, politicians, magicians, advertisers.

We have learned to take it for granted, and take off the regular pasta products from their ears just to admire its exquisite form. However, there is someone who is able to control your mind, distracting him and maliciously deceiving. Someone who you trust with your life and do not expect the bases. Someone acting from within.

This is — your own

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Three days of darkness, or the great transition. Refinements KIRAEL

KIRAEL: I turn to this book chapter on the three days of darkness, I had no idea how this is all agog. I know that all the worry. Everyone asks me — my poor psychic asked about it a little more often than I do, as it is on Earth is much more than I do: when will the three days of darkness? When it was the three days of darkness?

Well, let me tell you about it as you can. Three days of hopeless gloom that's what you'll be so ready for this to happen, you will not

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About 2012, the Great Transition, Quantum Leap

This will be a frank discussion. The first step in any truly open conversation is your real willingness to put aside his disbelief as to what you will hear. And you will be asked to do it here. Please temporarily give up the old attitudes and beliefs that you have about God and life. You can go back to his old beliefs at any given time.

Here from you does not want to abandon them forever — no, just put them aside for a short time in order to afford to stay open to the possibility that maybe there

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Operational information about the transition

The transition process will be gradual. And it will happen as soon as available human consciousness. The very process of ascension is individual enough. Of course, there are common signs and stages.


The first step, as we have said — the inclusion of individual awareness in streaming. With the inclusion of a greater number of people will be ready for streaming consciousness, the more likely to include all those who, for various reasons, can not pass this barrier. As the candle is lit from the heat, and some people will be able to turn his mind under the influence

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Great transition. Inclusion Awareness.

Upcoming events, of course, take more than one day and one moment. Too many things to change in your mind, and in its corresponding reality.

Direction of the transition set, as well as many options for the development of each segment of the universe. You ask for specific information, and it will be sent to you as necessary. Why we try not to give you specific descriptions of scenarios. Because your brain's ability to cling to the concrete first, inhibits your ability to shift your awareness to the specification of external events, and second, the real picture of your

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So, what is the quantum transition?

In order to understand this phenomenon, we need to break away for a while thinking of our land and look at everything from the point of view, as if we were the Creator of all things.

If you've never played this game before — do not be afraid to try, it's very exciting. In the end, each of the 6 billion people on this planet came just then, to learn to be a Creator.

The cause of the manifested universe, to which is ours, was the desire to Prime Creator (Creator of all things) to know himself through the

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Like this

If Kohli and Oli asked that day: "What is the shortest month of the year?" — They would not hesitate to answer: "Honey." Only four months after it began, when Oli finally for the first time there is a need to dress (at least on the weekends), they came out with Nicky out of her room in a hostel, holding a segment of crepe de chine, bought the young to the wedding by clubbing all the students and native teachers college, and went to the ladies' tailor Perel'muter. On that day, Nick knew that his wife — the most beautiful

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