Quantum Transition 2012 — 2013, and who we meet in the 4th Dimension

In the process of quantum transition Earth and mankind will undergo a process of transmutation, that is forced, the external transfer of vibration of the atoms of the body at a high level. Combined psychic energy Humanity will send a signal about the processes with him, into the space of its universe.

This energy will cause a wave of vibration, which will be perceived conscious beings of the universe and to shift in their consciousness. Experience the evolution, freedom of consciousness of the Earth must be positive! In 2012, many of the encoded (encrypted) objects (skulls, rocks) will

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The Great Shift. Mechanism.

Your transition into a new dimension will be multi-dimensional. We have been told that many will pass the threshold almost instantly, perhaps in a dream. During the transformation of fields of Gaia (Earth) will total co-tuning of all components of your system. To do this, construct a parade of planets to the center of the galaxy.

Signals will be transferred to the entire series of attunement. The signal will be born in the center of the galaxy and the chain will be transferred to Gaya and lead to transformation. Energy, or rather the energy pulse, which goes to

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Disclosure — 2012.

Among all the questions given to those of us who do you define as "extraterrestrial intelligence", often very emotional and sounds: "When you appear in our skies? When you land? When is the opening? "These questions we are asked so often that you might have started to get tired of our vague answers, or you gave up on the false promise of our arrival.

Now I want to clarify this issue. It is time to talk about it openly and honestly. No more room shyness. To solve this problem I will need your full attention, you need

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DNA changes in connection with the transition.

Since April, the human DNA began to pass his more intensive mutation under the influence of increasing solar activity. More precisely — transmuting the cells of all living things on the planet has been going on for decades. But I write this because many are scared, trying to find doctors, unable to recognize in his physical body the process of change at a deep level. A treatment does not work, government health proposals will not work: it does not meet all the challenges that offers man … Sun. These symptoms appear and disappear suddenly appear for no reason, go away.

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Channeling: The flow of 22. 11. 2012 — Cycle: Sozidanie Himself

11/22/12 A message from the Lord Buddha Vairochana!

I AM Buddha Vairocana! Hello dear! I AM come to you again with the flow of our energies. They need all of you. Our support for you today is in everything, so that you need at this time, which opens up new possibilities for you. Beloved, there are many problems in the world that has fallen to you. Education and training of your was, and continues all the time, and there is no time to waste it for nothing and relax. Today I will tell you the science of communication

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Channeling: The flow of 20. 11. 2012 — Cycle: The Forces of Light

20.11.12 Message from the Beloved Mother Mary

I AM Mother Mary. Hello, dear people! Today I open the stream, get our support, use it for the benefit of its improvement. Availability contact our worlds allows us to support you as much as you are willing to accept it. And now for the impending events. All we are looking for your business, your choice, the direction of your development. And always rejoice when we see that you have successfully passed the test to give you. Everything passes, and testing of this dense world will end at the time, but

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Channeling from the Akashic Records for December 2012

What will be the energy and feel of this month?

This month, there is a feeling suspense, as if everything is very easy. For some, it is a pleasant and relaxing feeling. Takes you up like a balloon. For others, this could easily be a loss of orientation, when you can not stop and hold to bring thoughts.

Hovering in a balloon, you will no longer act as before, when you were still on the ground, otherwise you all could end badly. This month, it's time to break free from everyday expectations. The hour when

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Channeling: The flow of 19. 11. 2012 — Cycle: The Forces of Light

11/19/12 A message from Lord Shiva

I AM the Lord Shiva! I have come! I AM of you! My counsel for all of you, dear people! Upcoming events of the Galactic importance, and your condition will determine the direction in which the process will change the world and yourself. We spent a lot of time, energy, and gave you the information flows to set you on the right state, to choose the right way forward. Darkness took up arms against you, but you have everything you need to pass the correct points in upcoming events. No matter how

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Channeling: Kryon — Hologram. Part 2

Dear people, the history of holograms, which I told you, clearly shows the situation in which humanity is. It serves as a metaphor for the real events. This metaphor is very close to reality, so I will continue to explain.

In all your myths of Creation has in common. No matter how they differ, they all agree on the fact that people do not just appear on the screen and not evolved from single-celled, according to your science, not, according to mythology, man was created! Have you ever thought about the consequences of this statement? If man was

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Channeling of RA. Predictions for 2012, 2013

You and your planet is now making a unique and beautiful transition in your spiritual evolution. You prepare for the quantum leap, unlike any of those that occurred earlier. You to better understand this, "I must first tell you about the orbit of the entire galaxy around the Great Central Sun of All That Is. Exactly the same as your "Sun Ring" — what we call the "solar system" — orbits around the galactic center, the very galaxy is moving through space in the huge space of the spiral.

At the end point of one loop around the

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