Channeling: Divine order

In the past few weeks, the Ascended Masters send us messages about how events may develop for a particular month, one way or another. And a common and frequent in them had information to the effect that many things will become clear, what was hidden from us, from the people.

This included policy, financial institutions, religious and legal structures. And, indeed, got out that it became impossible to hide, despite the vehement attempts to hide the obvious, and to continue to "feed" the people exemplary policies and their "caring" activities.

But, some people began to start

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Friends! I write in detail (at the request of one of the readers of the site) about their experiences. I rested in Lloret 29.05.2010 to 05.06.2010 at the hotel Rosamar &Spa. About the rest I will not write, I will describe only how someone stole my bag, because it will be very useful information to all travelers. On Saturday, at 9.20 am, I was standing at the entrance to the hotel Rosamar &Spa, next to me were two more Russian.

Our things were standing next to us. Almost no one around, it is sometimes passed

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Message to the teachers of the Galactic Federation of Light on October 14.

Message from Kuthumi!

Today we bring you the good and joy! So are the words, but they are completely different energy from the sound of words. They are multifaceted and multidimensional. Perhaps many will not be able to feel their full. You need to have an open heart and a generous soul. We brought unusually warm feelings of our love to soothe your fevered mind. For many it was heated, which is called "to red." You can not bring themselves to this state. Not your world is nothing to torment themselves so inquisitive mind to exhaustion. No matter how you

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Now at the moment we start to talk to you about this deployment and magical memories of their natural abilities in you.

Energy New Era promote that you possess sacred gifts that have initially cellular memory in DNA.

To expand its multidimensional divine power, you must:

— Sense of purpose. Why do you need to remember how to use your primal magical gifts? Be honest with yourself: Do you want fame? You are involved with a sense of power, of superiority over people? This will allow you to gain position in society? This is a tempting means of enrichment? You


Message from the Galactic Federation through SaLuSa from October 12.

Like you, we have to deal with the delays, but as long as we can still meet our objectives as planned, that's not really our concern. We can easily adapt to any circumstances, but for you it means more frustrating because we can not give you anything other than that until dry information about events.

Looking at your business, we can see how so many groups get a free hand and do a good job, which accelerates the inevitable end of the last remnants of a secret elite. We will be ready at the right time finally throw them

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Sanat Kumara. People about future events.

The events that will soon begin to happen in human society, and the world at large, will be unusual in the sense that they have not previously occurred and are not clear if they are not explained in advance.

        The fact that people, living their lives in linear time, become accustomed to the fact that the past is what has already happened, and the future — what will happen. But now, before going into the fourth and fifth dimension, the planet and people are almost close to this critical point, so to speak, can occur and will occur events

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Information from aliens about 2012. Anunnaki, the Sirians and the Pleiades program

Barbara Hand book Klau — channeled messages from an entity calling itself the Sathya with Alcyone. " Satya, according to her, is the custodian of the library system Alcyone, the central star of the Pleiades.

I'm here to help you decode the main reason of your planet, to prepare you to the Cosmic Party ", which begins on the day of the winter soltsestoyaniya December 21, 2012.

With your entry into the Photon Belt form an alliance between the Pleiadians and the Sirians, and this alliance creates all sorts of new possibilities. From 1992 to 1994 my channel (Barbara)

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The official dismantling of the planetary grid of the Earth 3D.

Today, I salute you.I — Archangel Michael.

Today emergency call contactee to announce some very important news that has spread throughout your galaxy, and that our hearts are filled with joy. Because, for the last two days there have been important changes in your grid, which you call "grating 3D», which you call "lattice of duality." In the lattice, in which many of you have lived for the past thousands of years, and which was, if I may say so — dismantled. Officially dismantled because it currently exists and is maintained only for the emotions that manifest you — people,

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Channeled by Sergei Kanashevskogo — ROOTS Pete SUN

Who created the world of the future of humanity and a single portal TO GO SHOWER

Heart of the Planet of the Golden Hall of Shambhala, greet their children and tenderly embrace each of you, my angels!

Lord Maitreya, Melchizedek Planetary Christ, sends you his energy on a thin silver thread. Look how thin silver bells overflow sound now your sacred Lotus Life, revealing eight-petals rainbow. This is — a rainbow of Holy Fire, hurrying to the planet. And anyone who feels the arrival of the fire, feels the greatest joy that the Holy Fire

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Channeling: Thought Patterns

Get out of the patterns of thinking. Try to think unconventionally, you will continue to have to break the foundations, you're going Astral Masters. When you come as a Teacher of the Soul of the astral plane, then it will break stereotypes.

Be aware of these patterns of thinking, and above all, inside. They are very strong in every person, they are put on the school and the parents, society and life. Often, we remind the bar that breaks the gate and did not see that next door. Mankind is blind, it does not see quite simple

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