Q and A With Timmy B.

I have had the awesome pleasure of interviewing one of the best tattooists on the scene today, Timmy B. This guy is not only a very talented artist, but he is an amazingly genuine person, as well. I see his work being emulated and reproduced all the time. I wanted to know his thoughts on that subject as well as ask him some technical questions about his brilliant tattoos. I feel like his work ethic should be the standard for any up-and-coming tattooist. He has become a renewed inspiration for me to strive for

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Talk to Your Mac More!

Discover the power of speech by converting your voice to words

Everybody has heard of Siri, Apple’s powerful voice system for iOS that can be used to control apps, answer questions, tell jokes, and dictate messages, emails, and notes. Fewer Mac fans know that you can also perform dictation in OS X. It’s an incredibly useful feature to become familiar with. Although you can’t control a Mac using your voice like Siri, you can dictate emails, messages, and documents using the built-in Dictation feature. Many people overlook Dictation because it’s not switched on by default, and it doesn’t talk back

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Enrich your ballpark trip with these home-run apps

We’re well into the Major League Baseball season, and the dog days of summer will soon give way to some truly thrilling divisional races. As someone who watches most of my games on TV (or streaming online), it’s amazing how much being at a game in person can make me feel so oddly disconnected. Where’s the commentary and the constant array of stats and trivia bits? I crave that extra layer atop the game when it’s absent.

An iPhone or iPad can really come in handy in these moments. As much as


Tackling your foundations

Solid foundations are the basis of a successful self-build project.

When it comes to a domestic building, the type of foundation required is often referred to as a ‘shallow’ foundation. Traditionally, this consists of a trench filled with concrete, usually around one metre into the earth. The house then rests on the concrete inserted into the earth and the weight of the walls and columns is transferred to the soil or bedrock.


If you are approaching a self-build project, it’s vital that before even beginning the first phase of construction work, you ensure you have done your research. Make

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Video Scrubber in Photoshop

In the October 2012 issue of Photoshop User (p. 92), I briefly mentioned that you can turn the Touch Ring on your tablet into a video scrub wheel when working in a video editor or QuickTime, but what about Photoshop? Photoshop handles video, so can the tablet be set up for that, too?

Of course! It’s true that both the Standard and Extended versions of Photoshop CS6 now allow you to edit video clips and, with so many people shooting videos, it’s becoming a common need to edit video quickly and easily. This is where the

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Surfs Up

Although we’re not in Hawaii that’s no excuse to not search out some pretty sweet surfing spots and challenge your photography skills, here’s our advice to get you started

If there’s a life bucket list for the adventurous and the action fuelled individuals then surfing the coast is without a doubt in the top five.

Setting Up for the Surf

So you’ve hit the sand, gear in hand, ready to plunge into the big blue to capture those spectacular waves and the surfers graciously gliding on them, so a camera with a decent frame rate is a must to catch

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Sunsets and Sun Rises.

If there is one thing I don’t photograph much, it’s sunsets.

Don’t get me wrong, I have seen and enjoyed some stunning sunsets in my time, it is the boring uninteresting ones I see displayed on various photographic sites, magazines or newspapers — the total lack of imagination — that really irks me.

There will be the sun going down over the sea and it is titled, ‘Sunset, Bloubergstrand». Good grief, it’s the sun going down over a blank sea and a featureless horizon (oh, and it’s skew!) — I’ll have to take their word for it that it’s Bloubergstrand,

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When your working week finishes, your beauty regime should be just getting started, whether you prefer time-saving marvels or luxurious, drawn-out rituals. By Nicola Moulton

Carving out a bit of weekend beautifying time has never offered more enduring rewards. Vinylux is a new “weekly polish” from CND, the maker of Shellac. There are 60 colours (30 match Shellac’s salon shades) and the secret is in the pro-light top coat that hardens in natural light to provide the protective “shell” which, according to CND, should keep you going for seven days. (Mine lasted six, but as a frustrated former nail-biter I

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From mezze to the rituals of the hammam, you’ll taste the best of what Turkey has to offer at a racking new resort on the Mediterranean coast.

Here are many things to love about Turkey. The romance of its history and culture; its architectural wonders; the food — and what glorious food it is. For spa fans it’ll probably be the traditional hammam ritual, which is said to have kept the harems of the Ottoman Empire happily occupied when off duty and which is still a favourite pastime for modern Turkish women and men. Before even arriving in the country

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ROMANCE IS DEFINITELY IN THE AIR at The Oberoi, Mauritius in Turtle Bay on the north-west coast of the island. This hotel is elegance personified, but you’ll be as impressed by the lush landscape as you are by your suite. As well as the 20 acres of fragrant tropical gardens, the resort is surrounded by a turquoise lagoon, and a series of open-sided pavilions are carefully positioned to ensure drop-dead gorgeous views across the Indian Ocean panorama fringed by silver-white beaches.

Inside and

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