KRYON by Sergei Kanashevskogo. What happened at the equator?

Hello, my dear. With you — Kryon of Magnetic Service. I am here, in your heart to speak to you.

To talk with you in these great days when unity is knocking at your door …

Now I see a man … He's standing at the window, watching the pigeons flying in the cold, winter sky. He often looks out the window and thinks that the pigeons in the street during the winter cold, not enough food and heat. He always wanted to go out and feed the pigeons. But things were forced to move faster and faster. Work,

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Archangel Michael through Marina Schulz

                        Dear people of Earth! Do not you know what's coming up wonderful in your life? My Host — is not only heavenly warriors of different ranks, but many Lightworkers, now working for the good of planetary transformation and obschegalakticheskih. Yes, so far you have moved! I am happy to report that my Host is all you are reading right now my message. And so we say from the inside of our one shining space of Blue Flame. Blue Flame order in that rises every warrior of the light, searching for the good of

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9 of the most original ways in which people could get rich in todays economy


Service on lease friends

We all grew up chimi-nibud friends, but very few people ever occur in this to make money. Unfortunately or fortunately, today we live in a completely different era, where earning friendship and good. To do this, just something to have an account on, specify the hourly rate for which you are willing to "make friends" and wait until someone is interested. A win-win situation.

Register online "Friend for rent" free and you can earn up to $ 50 per hour. You can hire, for example,

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According to statistics, the level of competition in today headed for the peak. Many marketing companies are at a loss about how to come up with another method to advertise one or the other product. Often, we are mistaken in thinking that an old advertising methods no longer fit — old, not modern.

Yet psychologists confirmed that more often than man sees the same object, the faster it begins to recognize him. Nowadays, manufacturers are wasting huge amounts of money to buy advertising that contains Banners, advertising in the media, etc. But it is worth considering that the marketing

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Vladimir Khalip: We're only talking about everyday

Society Sous: Are Irina about the decision of the Foreign Ministers of the EU visa ban to restore 158 representatives of the Belarusian regime in response to the post-election crackdown and arrests in Belarus? How she reacts?

Khalip: It still does not have this information, but I think that it does not really hopes so.

Sous: What was your first reaction to Danica, when his mother returned? How do you explain to him the presence of strangers in the house, that the mother can not go out with him on the street?

KhalipIrina and Danica not be separated

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Promotion of a Web site in Yandex

At least some progress today web site in the search engines is the same stock, that can be used for kutsee time increment demand for a variety of types of products and services. For at least some of us actually need a web site. To increase its profitability and efficiency is best let's turn our attention to the promotion of at least some website in the Yandex.

Why we chose to spin a web site specific search engine Yandex

Since, according to statistics, Yandex is the most popular and well-known search engine in the Russian web. When it comes to

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Feng Shui: A trap for guests

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Witches Pyramid

September 23, 2012 13:32

Pyramid witch — a basic knowledge for all beginner mystics. It is the basis of the so-called foundation of morals and principles of any magician and sorcerer. Pyramid witches or magical pyramid — four basic rules, observing that the magician gains power, the four cornerstones of magic, upon which the art of witchcraft. Each rule alone is not magic, just use all four together will give a magical effect. They should be used carefully, understanding that it is necessary to show all his will to a desired output.

Spellbound pyramid based on the following four

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Discredited legend

Just published in the British book "Afghans" (Afgantsy) — not about the Pashtuns and Hazaras. It — about our fighter.

After all, that's how turned out. Another two decades of Western creators called back our military presence is not Amu on the other as the occupation and genocide of the Afghan people. Now one by one published book, in which an attempt is made to study the experience of "limited contingent" and realize why those fighting with the Mujahideen were better than today's fight against the Taliban.

Sir Rodric Braithwaite comes to the elite of English society. He has an

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The radio Russian man-of-wars man during exercise

Here came the Web, can somebody to be curious:

I Yankee, but grew up in the Soviet Union, my father served as a naval attache at the embassy in Moscow. After living 12 years in the Moscow children's leaving, I read in Russian rather than in English. But not in this case, we are not too long ago moved to another house, and I found their logs, which led to the serving radio exploration in the Pacific. My opportunities in the Russian language were necessary intelligence Navy and I serve with them from 1979 to 1984. On duty, and so,

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