Designers based on the cartoon Toy Story

Many children are fans of the movie "Toy Story," which chronicles the adventures of two friends — Base and Woody. They are the darlings boy named Andy. They live in his room. But after he left the camp, my parents decided to get rid of these toys, handing them junk. Woody Base became aware of this, and late at night to escape. They will have come a long way to be reunited with his master. LEGO company simply could not ignore the many popular cartoon. In this regard, published a series of lego toy story. In each set you will

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Science: Human

January 29, 2012 11:07

The location of the major organs of the brain


Inside, you are collected and stored abundance of knowledge. You — the key to the Living Library, and it was you — who needs the entity set to implement their programs. Humanity is involved in a very interesting process. With the help of imagination, you can send instructions to his own brain with the intention to activate those nerve centers that develop your imagination.

You can make your intention subtly adjust its structure and enhance the interaction between neurons.

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Ancestral Heritage

Ancestral Heritage — a series of unique films that help reveal the essence of the way of life. Acquainted with the customs and world Slavs Rosov, Russichey — people who have kept their original faith. This information for a long time is not covered, remained in the shadows, or presented in a distorted way. Night of Svarog will know and remember you knew your ancestors, and you will see a lot, and they come into your heart confidence, joy and peace.

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Anatoly Kashpirovsky psychics in the world has never been and never will


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On the eve of his 69th anniversary therapist told about why stopped using hypnosis as helping in the election for President Lech Walesa, that means to him number 13 and is the essence of his "method".

— What do you mean your birthday?

— Same as for the others. Still do not know how this event will be "global importance". Often my birthdays organized

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A resident of Turov starving for the right to work

Society January 14 began a hunger strike Michael Kozel, a resident of Turov (Zhitkovichi district of Gomel region), the former editor of a local independent newspaper "Free News". Thus he seeks removal of unofficial ban on employment in the community, which, he argues, have introduced power.

Under pressure from the KGB officers Zhitkovichy executive committee in 2008 Goat was forced to abandon the political and social activities. According to Michael Kozel BelaPAN, since 2007, he repeatedly tries to get a job, but always declines. The last failed attempt to get livestock to the farm was made on January 13 of

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What kind of protection for your PC choose?

Many computer users believe that free and paid programs work quite the same. A third of people do not understand the need for anti-virus programs, and only 17% of users are aware of the fact that paid programs include comprehensive PC protection.

How best to protect your computer from the dangers and eliminate the possibility of his acquaintance with malware? Put on your personal computer a good antivirus program. Even in the event that you have a most wonderful anti-virus, the risk of infection is immanent.

If you notice that your computer is slower, he reloaded, some programs may stop

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The best online translator for any person

Now the Internet is increasingly being used in English. Yes, of course, there are Russian-language sites, but basically even on those sites is the English text, which is difficult to translate, if you do not know English.

Today every school teach English, as well as additional, such as German or French. But not everyone remembers stuff from school, but who does not teach. So you should install on your personal computer translator, with which you can easily and quickly convert any text. But here we run into another problem. Many translators are now too small vocabulary. So it can not

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Lukashenko (Washington Post): Why did you destroy Iraq?

"Tell me, please, dear representative democracy, why have you destroyed Iraq? This is an international crime. Why did you not answer for it? About what then can speak of democracy, if not only killed thousands of Iraqi and other nationals, but died and thousands of Americans. And they have kids, families … What is happening now in Iraq, in Afghanistan, where the fiddle playing the "democratic" (I take in quotes), the country?

And how did you react to the fact that your colleague journalist raped right on the square in Cairo recently? You're afraid … because you

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UFO appears in the sky above the Earth October 14, 2008?


The fact of it or not, everyone decides for himself. Present to you the unusual message I accidentally discovered she finds interesting information …

Australian medium Gudchaeld Blossom (Blossom Goodchild) for many years is in contact with a certain entity that calls itself the 'Federation of Light'.

You can read the message in which the Federation announces that one of their spaceships will appear on Earth October 14, 2008, and will remain visible 3 days, dispelling all doubts about the existence of other intelligent life forms in the universe.

Blossom Federation

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Who are the Indigo Children?


Now the world is actively discussing a new phenomenon: the indigo children. So what is it?

Doctors, psychologists, teachers around the world are more likely to say that the children have changed. How do you know whether they were better or worse? A lot of you will say, your kids and teenagers have become more demanding, restless, active, unruly and, even more offensive to us as adults, on every issue have their own, absolutely unshakable opinion. And is it bad? No! Simply they are different.

If we do not take into account

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