Evil Spirit in the Church

Often the church is a place where people suggest the witches spell. "Calculate" in their holy place is quite simple: the witches try to cross your fingers or arms themselves to the left hand on the right hand

When they get to his knees, then try in a position to cross the back foot.

Some witches start very quickly baptized with his left hand, that is, make the neighborhood: first baptized stomach, then the left shoulder, then right, and finally the forehead.

Can they be baptized and his right hand, but when completing a cross fingers applied

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As corporations make money: 5 frightening ways

We have long been resigned to the fact that we are from morning till night, stuffed with advertising crisps and dandruff shampoo. We understand that the "motor trade" are now part of our life. Everyone wants to get their piece of bread, nowhere on it anywhere.

But sometimes corporations in the pursuit of profit is used far more radical methods than writing idiotic slogans. And here it is becoming not joking.

1. Private military companies

We understand that the risk of incurring the wrath of the public, if you allow yourself

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Yes retreat darkness!

On the night of Halloween is not only magicians, but everyone is able to put a defense against the Dark Arts, purify negativity and attract into your life good and light. To do this, a quarter of an hour before midnight, 23 hours and 45 minutes in your local time, perform a special rite.

You will need: Four new crystal glass, four candles, cutting red cloth, a handful of dirt, a handful of salt and a handful of wheat grains.

All set? Proceed. Cups half-filled with water and arrange on the table. Behind each glass upside down on the

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Astrology and Daily Life

One of the attractions of astrology is for many people is that to find with the help of their innate strengths and weaknesses, they know how to take the best out of life. Like all occultists with magical thinking, astrologers appreciate the balance and harmony.

They condemn all sorts of excesses and extremes, extravagant and eccentric behavior. Some people because of unbalanced allocation of disharmonious planets in their horoscope. Even if you are full of enthusiasm and energy, you will not succeed in life without the harmonious aspects of Saturn, which give realistic and orderly thinking. For

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Hitext reliable partner for advertisers and webmasters

Business development is expensive and time consuming. Forces are required not only to have to create it and start promoting, but also to function. Even the most interesting business, with a successful idea may never develop because it is moving properly. Promoting your business can be started in several ways, but one of the most promising is to promote the network. In the computer age, almost every company just need to have your own website. Content System Hitext.ru — a tool for SEO-specialists. As webmasters and advertisers in promoting their sites are in need of such a tool. Now becoming

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Energy dirt in the house

Most of his life we spend in the walls of his doma.Tam we sleep, relax, eat, keep your property, home to members of our semi.Dom is not just a roof, walls and furniture vnutri.Dom is a workshop in which people daily restores their energy, their protective field.

The invisible world is made up of clusters of white, positive energy and bunches of black, with a white energii.Soprikasayas negative energy, a person experiences a pleasant feeling in the face of a black man feels the energy of anxiety, fear, nervousness rasstroystvo.Esli person is resting in your own home, as

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On the magic pendulum

Pendulum and its role in the development of magic and the impact on the lives and destiny of man, wrote many great scientists and philosophers: Aristotle, Plutarch, Plato, Socrates, Archimedes. The latter used a pendulum, with the calculations.

The famous psychic Uri Geller used a pendulum in the first stage mineral prospecting in the jungles of Brazil. And the search results proved to be excellent. And a fee of one million dollars was he well deserved.

Million Uri Geller

It was used by the high priests in ancient Rome. Priest (augur) became the center of a circle with a

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Human memory — an amazing work of nature

Human memory — an amazing work of nature. Without it, people would not be able to recognize each other, to communicate. We would not have to remember the past, could not imagine that it can exist, and eventually would live only in the present. By its ability to preserve, classify information, it instantly navigate with memory can not match even a modern supercomputer.

Riddle memory of old people cared. What does it represent? The ancient Greeks, it was seen as a set of wax tablets on which were written the news. In the Middle Ages it drew in a

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Power egg

While people will not clean as saints, they will always be consciously or unconsciously doing evil — send negative energy to others. And so it is always in the household magic will exist multiple techniques removal of damage. Here is one of the simplest ways.

Centuries of experience has shown that there are substances and objects that are easier to endure damage than others. And carrying it, to destroy. Most easily absorb negative energy wax, tin, salt and egg.

We offer you "work" with egg, tasted the power of magic on yourself or your family or friends. The rite

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How to call his double

Counterpart is in each person. Just not everyone experienced this, and does not attach importance. People who are not interested and engaged in parapsychology have little confidence in the fact that a link between the twins. To get there, where there is this man, you need through the astral plane, but since most people do not know how to do it, did not meet with their counterparts. To be assertive and a lot of training, you can meet with an astral double. After you can and ask for her help, which you need at this time. Before you call your

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