Age-old recipes of Russian healers to protect children

Age-old recipes of Russian healers to protect children from the evil eye damage, witchcraft slander

From olden times to protect children from evil healers used all sorts of rituals, which were a kind of action and mandatory recitation conspiracy. Can we use them today? That was the question asked by many readers. For the answer, we turned to several healers and magicians and heard the following:

If you do not believe in the power of magic, it is better not to try to apply it means — most likely, they will not help your child. After all, your inner

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Soul and Astral

All souls are applied in the astral world. If the deceased was burdened by these qualities, in the vibrations of the soul remains grim, dark note. Many will agree to include it in the sphere of perception? And it may be that such a soul is left alone, suffering immensely from the cold loneliness without getting energy support without contact with someone who was dear.

Many people know that in the world of any negative message generates (or causes, it is difficult to say) energy-entity, a black veil that envelops your emotional body, it may see some people with

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Home spirit

Perhaps there is no more controversial figure in the pantheon of the Old Slavonic than houses. Water all there, goblins, Kikimora — ancestral enemies of man, only wizards and witches can of something to negotiate with them, mere mortals better with these entities do not meet. But the houses … You can not ever be afraid of the unseen, who lives behind your stove?

Someone who lives behind the stove?

Legends describe how Brownie squat peasant rise up to half, how big, black cat, or simply as a cluster of dark energy. Well, talk to the energy cloud little-hunting

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In the House of Writers Andrew Khodanovich and Danuta Bichel



Andrew Khadanovich, "when the poet GOES TO favorites, he thinks of his readers of tomorrow"

Andrew Khadanovich

December 19 at the Independence Square, the capital's song sounded "Walls" — a hymn to the Polish "Solidarity" movement. By re-creating in Belarusian and performed this song poet and translator, chairman of the Belarusian PEN Center Andrew Khodanovich. He's talking Valentine Aksak.

Valentine Aksak"Our new channel radio" Verse of freedom "started your" wall "- the famous hymn" Solidarity. " Please tell us briefly the history of the anthem. And why did you decide to translate this work? "

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Divination OBI

Obi — fortune-telling system is all-powerful priests of voodoo, to obey the will of evil spirits rising from the graves of the dead and turn them into zombies, etc. Like all wizards, they are good at guessing, guessing their methods are very popular in Latin American countries such as Brazil, Haiti and Cuba. In America, the ancient methods of predicting the fate of African negros brought slaves. Among them was the Obi.

Obi — four flat objects, which are easily stirred. You can successfully use a flat smooth roundels of wood or plastic the size of a ruble coin,

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8 principles of effective online banner

To put up his own website to make a banner, you will need to create this very site, and of course, you need a host to place itself offspring. And after all the necessary operations can start making money, big and small. If you do not need a server rental in Moscow and you are not going to engage in the creation of a site, and just want to put your banner with any partner, then you just need our advice to create it and not just a banner, a product with a high response. Many of the tips presented

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Fasting, sleep and astral

Fasting increases the flow of cosmic energy. Of the three sources of energy (food, breath, sleep) sleep is the most important: it is easy to see that with proper breathing and nutrition sleep decreases and vice versa. In the beginning of fasting during sleep increases. And this is one of the reasons why the post helps astral projection. While fasting is one of the secondary sources is disabled.

In order to keep the system the necessary amount of energy, the astral body departs from the physical to the "farther away" and thus receives more energy. That's why people

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Electric wizard

Once real shaman told me, "In your head is not enough air. And your heart is "breathing" the left. " Later, a real doctor confirmed cerebral hypoxia and cardioneurosis.

I was born left-handed, on the heart and "breathes the left." "Lefty — wrong soul" — they say. To tweak your soul, often resort to the procedures can not be explained by science. For example, I go to sorcerers. Now, when the era made a leapfrog, mixed up, pretending to urban modernity, when the science is so developed that was falling into obscurantism, when to turn to cheaper grandmother than

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Pavel Morozov — about the best books of 2010


Your sun shall no zakotsitstsa, and your moon will not disappear. Compiled by Irina Dubenetsky. Minsk, "technology", 2010

My list is headed by the book "The sun is not your zakotsitstsa, and your moon will not disappear." Moreover, I am ready to give her all along, that was published in 2010. In other words, I believe without a shadow of a doubt its Book of the Year. The hero of this gorgeous, richly illustrated and tastefully aformlennaga folio — Greek Catholic priest, father of the famous Alexander Knudson, where all sites and not list the night before. Although the

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Room Air Purifier removes from depression

Do you feel that every day or a day to live for you is getting heavier? Challenges await you at every turn, all life ceases in the most gloomy colors? — Perhaps you are standing on the threshold of depression. And almost hunt for you to fall into its very deep To wallow in this state for several months. The earlier you take action to overcome the disease state, the easier it will be for you to get out of it. So, put your bad thoughts away, begin healing.

If you would like to raise as much as

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