The church said a word to Metropolitan Filaret of prisoners

Society "Church the word" placed on their pages article on the basis of letters from readers who return to the events of December 19 at the Independence Square in Minsk. The letters — concern about the fate of prisoners, caring for the physical and moral health of the victims, a request to Metropolitan Filaret commit peacekeeping mission of unity in Belarusian society.

On behalf of the young Michael's Orthodox believers Tatiana asks the Lord to intercede for all the detained students and workers that they were not expelled from school and were not deprived of their jobs, "it is

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How to attract money into your wallet

Even in ancient times, people wondered why some people are lucky with money, and others — not? The answer was given most often the simplest: money has magical powers, and many of the wealthy are able to lure them to him with various magical tricks. The existence of a special, money, magic, and no doubt many of today's magicians and psychics …

Bill as an energy facility

Money has, like all of those things, which focused attention of many people, has its own power. And quite high. This means that the money does have magical properties. Here we are

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Trap Facebook

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg Harvard student: "The number of users is growing!"

During the seven years of its existence, Facebook has evolved from a brilliant student ideas into dubious empire lure users in the network security services that are invested in the company a lot of money. Blindly trusting users post their personal data, without even knowing that will never be able to remove this information from the web.

All for free!

What? You do not know what is Facebook? It's time to get acquainted with the most popular social network on the Internet. It is time to

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Business Ideas

In this article you will learn about a simple business idea, which will require a little time and patience. This idea is to build your business in the paintings of dried flowers and plants. These "works of art" are a kind of unique.

Have you ever seen a picture in the sale of dried flowers? Probably not. This is not strange. This kind of business is almost not developed in the countries of the former Soviet Union.

How is this kind of looks like art from dried flowers and plants? It is a composition made of dried flowers and plants,

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Clairvoyant Nastya: the future of each depends on itself

Clairvoyant Nastya — winner of the Estonian Battle of psychics, and author of «Selgeltnagija Nastja» and «Nastja hea tervise kokaraamat» especially for told about the secrets and mysteries of his life and his abilities.

Nastya, about you so much written in Estonian-language media, and Russian in this country about you do not know much. Tell us a little about yourself. When find yourself the gift of clairvoyance?

As a child I was very serious and obedient because he felt and knew that my mother thinks and therefore does not cause her any discomfort. It was only a desire

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The charm of the flame

It does not matter who you are — the banker or financier, politician or businessman, teacher, or an actor — after a hard day there is nothing more wonderful than to sit by the fireplace with a cup of tea and relax, let the dream to carry you far, far away. Contemplation of an open fire will make you forget about the financial crisis, the problems in their personal lives, breathes in and give you the energy of spiritual forces. From time immemorial, the fireplace was like a family, a symbol of warmth, home comfort and well-being of the family.

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Today the crisis, the financial problems worsened, it's time to think about money with unusual side — the esoteric.

Big Money: Can they help you find happiness? Esoteric believe the money special kind of energy (strong and rough), to tame that can not everyone. It depends on your mental abilities, and of your karma, and from many others. Do you think it's you "make" money? No — it is they go or do not go to you. Want to know whether you love the money and how much? Work with our test. You may open it, which you have

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Feng Shui for Your Home

A home should be a space in which it is possible and necessary to restore power, feeling their security. However, the film is not so rare to be with us from the outside, from the "big world", in the household of any errors we make on their own, making the house dangerous.

The guards at the door

In the tradition of Feng Shui in the hall should be a pair of combat "Unicorn" — rhino, with the horns pointing toward the front door. This dual mascot (the guard most of the world's peoples, cultures and traditions walking in pairs)

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Energy Vampires


The case was related to me a few years ago, my good friend. With his energetic abilities I am fairly familiar, and therefore does not trust his story, I have no reason to.

"I'm going on the subway this morning — I sit — I read. Suddenly, I feel a strange discomfort, looked around — everything seems to be fine. Listen to the inner feelings — and suddenly realized that the energy circulating in the body is not as usual, but a little drained at one point on the right thigh, just

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Predict the fate of snow

Our ancestors Slavs believed that the most reliable way to know the future — on the mirror to tell fortunes.

However, if the New Year you will want to look to the future, not necessarily through the night to look in the mirror, to plant in the flat spiders, dirty paint or burning tar. There are simpler methods of divination. Afloat

New Year's Eve set the small plate on the balcony with the water, and in the morning, carefully inspect the ice. If the ice is frozen tubercle — year will be successful, you will find peace and tranquility in

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